It’s the Baby Shark Dance. What? Is this what kids are watching nowadays? Baby Shark doodoodoodoodoodoo That’s not even
a sentence. Kids need more substance! It should go like this! Baby sharks hatch from an egg case if they’re
a species that’s oviparous, otherwise they’re born from eggs within Mommy sharks, Mommy sharks are often bigger than daddy sharks
because they need the girth to carry their young inside for more baby sharks. Daddy sharks have pelvic fins which are modi”fied”
into intromittent organs called claspers which fertilize Mommy sharks. The oldest shark species documented are 450
million years old, before vertebrates appeared on land, there were sharks! Many sharks, over 500 species of sharks that
we know of today, belonging to Selachimorpha, clade of sharks. But don’t hunt these sharks because they can’t
cure cancer nor osteoperosis, stop illegal fishing for the fins of sharks! Don’t fear sharks cuz shark attacks are rare,
when they see a human they don’t care, we’re like rotten eggs, we’re yucky tasting to sharks. Yuck! We are safe, 10 people die from sharks yearly
but 25,000 actually die from dog attacks, way worse than sharks! So, in the end, sharks help ecology controlling
fish numbers in the sea, we’d have an unhealthy ocean life without sharks. I prefer the original!


  1. this is the best video I have ever seen on YouTube! you should do a video like this about global warming and destroying the earth. and aren't you the guy from ants Canada! im playing this to my cousin!

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  3. Thanks for this, Mikey! Kids and adults alike will now understand how important sharks are in marine ecosystems!!

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  5. Awesome! If you make a sequel, can it include this shark science?

  6. Thank you so much for making this version. I think it’s vital that kids understand how terrible shark finning is and how beautiful and amazing sharks truly are.

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  8. lets agree that 90 percent people watching it are corny facebook moms and the other 10 percent are children making fun of it like lets be honest nobody comments (i cant wait to show children) no children wants this as a gift its funny but yea i suck at math so i dont really know

  9. That original one is soo for babys and noobs.That is highly scientific if you agree everything you said was right sharks are pretty old especially crhytoxyrina I dont know how I spell it. like if u agree with me.

  10. My classmates like the original even though there are 2nd graders and this makes more sense

  11. Mikey bustos are reported because you are naked at the end of the song

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