22 thoughts on “Babies Are Master Learners: How Adults Can Stimulate Their Innate Learning Skills | Janet Lansbury”

  1. Oh dear. I respect her and read her blog, but this video is just painful to watch. The message (is there one?) gets lost among the linguistic fillers.

  2. I'm sorry for saying this. And it is meant as constructive criticism. Your presentation is too dry and will not keep people's attention. Video requires some interest for the viewer.

  3. It's called touch screens.
    Screens haven't been 'passive' for years, get with the times and stop peddling outdated ideas based on yesteryear technology.
    Babies with ipads are playing interactive games, not just watching Dora the Explorer.

    After a search -It seems she is an actress and her only qualification is having a uterus…

  4. Some moron decided to make a video stating the obvious. Does anyone NOT know a single thing she said? Not 999 out of a thousand know these things, to 1000 out of a 1000 people, this video will be a pointless waste of time. take it down so more people don't waste their time. Otherwise, a great channel!

  5. Listen to Berry Towers about the health effect on children with technology like cell phones. He is a specialist in microwave energy.

  6. So basically, for a baby to learn about causal relationships, which would later be helpful for logical thinking, you should not give them too mysterious devices such as a phone, which is hard to figure out how it works. If you do so, your baby is going to not become a logical thinker and just memorize the things instead of understanding the underlying principle. That's what I understood from this video; however, it is not connected to the title. I would say this is a clickbait.

  7. I came in expecting to be taught ways that I could learn new things and skills as fast as a baby can. I was disappointed.

  8. It's a huge cliche that screens are supposedly bad for children because it is artificial. People do need to remind themselves that absolutely everything I do during a day is not 'natural'. We live in a artificial environment from day one and the virtual space is just a continuation from that.

    People will just need to accept that in the future people will increasingly interact with each other via virtual means, and if that's a good or a bad thing is irrelevant. It's a fact.

  9. Title could have been better, a lot of comments seem to be about how people misunderstood what the title means and thinking it was about how adults could learn better by acting like babies but it's clearly not about that, it's about how adults can facilitate better learning in babies.

  10. One of my child's favourite things to play with is a tootbrush and a metal cup. She seems really engaged :))

  11. WOW Another click-bait title that has nothing to do with the actual content of the video. The video is about how children learn from being alone in space compared to not learning from screens. How this connects to adult learning is out of my understanding!!!

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