Azusa Pacific University Faculty Profile: Edgar D. Barron, Ed.D.

– When I look back over my own life, I think the biggest impacts,
the moments of discovery is when I had people that I respected speak into my life. When I had people I had
respected and admired, I was able to observe. One of the things I discovered is the importance of self-reflection, understanding who we are, and so I think my first
leadership opportunity came with me trying to lead me. As I begin to understand that more, then I begin to understand
also how important it is to be involved in that process
in the lives of others. My name is Edgar Barron, and I’m the chair of the
Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology. I’ve always been intrigued with the pieces and how pieces come together, and so coming out of the ability
to assess an organization, to assess the people in the organization, to understand the social
culture of organizations from an influential
standpoint to bring about a shift, a change, a move in
a direction you want to go is really what this
department’s all about, so it feels like I’ve grown
up with this proclivity, this inclination that’s always driven me, and now I have the honor
to lead a department where that is front and center. In my students, I want to
create a passion for inquiry, a passion for curiosity, a passion to want to see things better and not just to maintain the status quo. We want them to recognize
the levels of influence that they have, we want them
to be greater contributors to every aspect of their lives, whether that be in their
job, in their home, in their community, and in the church. We want leadership to be something that permeates their
interactions wherever they are. One of the foundational principles for us is really Christ-centered leadership, so Christ being the model, being the one with whom we reflect
our own lives against, our own authenticity, and
then measuring our outcomes in terms of these two ideas
of change and influence. So the Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology
will be a key source of preparing students
to be agents of change with this DNA of Christ, but with a thorough and
sincere understanding of the complexities of the
problems, the challenges that they will face. So in essence, we want
leaders that are equipped to impact their areas of influence.

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