Hey Jack this is Hannah's teacher, we met at the conference yesterday and i would like to get to know you better ๐Ÿ˜‰ Um..Mrs.Wells? Yes? ๐Ÿ™‚ This is hannah. But i thought you filled out your parents phone number on the sheet. Whoops… see you monday Mrs. Well's excuse me are you trying to hit up My father? Perks of your Dad dating your teacher you'll probably get an A, but if anything happens when they break up, good luck Passing that class no matter how Good, you're, doing she will take it out on you, well that's up guys, see, we are doing text from teachers i don't know like, this, day and age you text your teachers actually you know, what when i was in college the teachers would leave their personal Cell number like in the in the syllabus. -In the syllabus(อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ). you could text or call Them whatever personally i have never texted, my teachers, or called them i feel like that's so weird and me calling them would be like hey mr. Brown i really need help on the homework tonight. What teacher thinks i mean Mr. Brown, Can you help, me with, my homework tonight and by homework i mean~ I just want to pass my class okay, do you know Your biology grade yet, no but i nailed the teacher it better be an a or i'll be pissed OMG are you sleeping with him for a grade, oh, my, god that is nasty! Noo!!! I Emailed him, not nailed thank, god he's like 92 Actually, i didn't know you were like that. Hey mr. Jackson i really need an a on the test and i'll do anything anything. Anything??? Yes i'll do anything. you mean… even study? No, anything but that. this is so good hey mrs. Morgan, why are You, texting, me at 2:00 in the morning you can only text me for math homework. Oh Sorry, are you sleeping. Yes aren't you? nope i'm still doing the math homework you gave us. -.- Oh! Take, miss harris, you're the reason, you're the reason for this you brought this upon yourself, miss harris now help Me with this damn homework Oh, that sounds interesting i taught them about wind and solar and natural gas and geothermal and what i do to convert dirty girls into clean ones. I wish you came, by my, 8th grade class OMG autocorrect! Fuels not girls Convert dirty fuels into clean ones. I never learned that in biology. Biology was on my favorite classes We had a really, awkward, young teacher and we were learning about sex ed and she asked, do you guys have Any, questions for the class nobody Had any questions except one guy, he raised his hand and she was like yes what's the ph of a Vagina. [laughing] i Hate my teacher. school just started how Could you possibly hate a teacher already. he said, he would never give us a test, when he walked Through, the, door, so that's awesome you, don't have to take, any tests that's What i thought but the next thing i know the smartass is coming into the classroom through the window Waving the test in our faces. OH I see what you did there you got owned by an old man that sucks bro XD. The smart that's real smart No, test today! hold up let me hop, through this window Real quick, hey i need, your help, which one is the answer of the 5.2. On the biology quiz? Valerie, this is mrs. Ussher.. your biology teacher..? This is not how it looks like, no problem the answer is c Thanks? you're, welcome now you owe me 10 bucks What this is robbery that's one answer on a quiz it ain't even a test? You know, man i'm a Teacher, we don't get paid much i get it actually this is a really good way to make a money [laughing] Really, good way to get fired real quick to like, imagine all the money you can Make, imagine if you could buy yourself a good grade, oh? Hell, yeah, well the rich kids, would just have perfect Days i always thought that was how it worked because this one rich kid in my elementary school her mom was always Donating money to the school and always volunteering and of course she had like straight a's for being such a moron i didn't like her i didn't know What the, makeup brand maybelline was and she gave me so much shit like, [gasp] are you stupid You, don't know, what maybelline, is i'm like, bitch i never wore makeup in my, life, how am i supposed to know This, was like in sixth grade what kind of sixth grader wears makeup, okay, everybody now Hey, what was the homework for tonight? Oh hi Jess it's peach 13 in the workbook. Oh My, god Jason, that hot student of mine, jess just texted me [groan] i wanna Kiss her so badly [spooky music] Um.. This is still Jess.. Three hundred dollars if you won't tell. 400 and you can, kiss me [cha-ching noise] No, [laughing] This is so awkward. I mean let's be real here if you're texting the teacher "what Was the homework tonight" instead of your friend you got a thing for the teacher i'm sorry but if you're Gonna text him you got a thing and you should just wanna start up a conversation. Hey Mr. R, i already read Huck Fin over the summer do i have to read it again? Any book, worth reading once is worth reading again. Even twilight? I said it had to be worth reading once Hey, why is everybody, gonna come at twilight like it's a bad book I've been i've been possessed, by stephenie meyer stephenie meyer please please please stop it stop it please don't ever say Twilight is a good book Because she will take the contact out of your eye, and twist, it i'm probably gonna go blind tomorrow, so the teachers took Hannah's phone and then her friend texted her phone. Hannah the teacher has your phone! emily i want your phone as Well bring it to the front of the class. Honestly how Stupid Don't text in class, okay? Especially not a phone that the teacher already has. I think Hannah knows her phone is missing if the teacher took it yeah honestly How stupid. Hey, dad come pick, me up i'm suspended. What did you do this time? -.- Nothing, my teacher, asked, me a simple question and i gave a. Simple answer What did she, ask, and what you say and you're grounded.. She said i had five bottles in one hand and six bottles in the other What do i have i said a drinking problem. Your ungrounded for learning my smartass talent Why, would you get suspended from that it's true. Did you just assume i have a drinking problem? 2017 you're the sensitive people hey school was awesome today a lot of laughs! =) Hey, what happened? Well my mate was hitting her calculator on the edge of the desk because it wasn't working. Soo Then the teacher shouted at her, "holly how would you like it if i banged you on the table?!" Yes mr. Brown i would like that Hey, that's pretty good that would be awesome wouldn't need to be like put on a disk or usb or could it just be emailed Through, can't email that format, way too big. Oh Good shall i send you a dick or a, usb to put it on. send me a what? How, about how, about you don't send me anything at all because i.. [inhale] No, this is illegal this is very frowned upon i meant disc your teacher called, me what have you done? There's this test today and i wanted to sit in the back of the room but the teacher, wouldn't let Me she said not in the back. So? I said "that's what she said" and she'll yelled, "get out" and i said that's what, "she said too!" (อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) You're, grounded for life, but that was good how. You gonna be grounded for life, what kind of punishment For you you didn't even do anything do people really get in trouble for this? Hey mr. Harris i just wanted to let You know that i am upset with, my last test grade can i sex it up with you
after school on monday? -Anna Anna.. This stays between you and me come later so no teacher sees us and is a B+ alright? i'm getting horny just thinking about you (อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) …[Silence] Um.. Mr. Harris i meant say "make it up with you" This is really Uncomfortable, well then i'll give you an A+ if you never repeat this to anyone. Okay! Thanks mr. Harris. after she gets her a+ she posted it all over the internet wow, okay i mean that's a better deal got you A+ instead of a B+. it sounds like he's haggling a craigslist deal is A B+ all right, i'll give you a B+ for it. Hey, mom i'm in detention. What Why? in class my teacher pointed a ruler at said "at the other end of the ruler is an idiot" And? I asked him which end he was referring to. That's my girl! That's too good it's too good you shouldn't get detention for outsmarting a teacher they? People too they're, not some supreme being to just regular people to just like you and me but they Don't get paid enough to deal with your shi- sir i really need to pass tomorrow's exam or, my, parents will kill me. Oh hello Cindy ๐Ÿ™‚ Sir i will do anything to pass and i mean anything (อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) I've got a naughty idea. okay sexy what should i do for you tomorrow? (อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) Would you.. study. [laughing] That's gonna be awkward when you go in tomorrow And he's gonna be "did this girl this girl really call me sexy and try to hook it up with Me?" i would transfer out of that class switch schools never see this dude again. This is the most awkward Position anybody could be in. I really need to get my grade up i'll do anything for extra credit! What would you do for an A+? [shows so called "sexy" picture] Anything,. Your gonna have to do much better than a, highly edited facetune selfie. also nice boobs But anyways that's all for today i hope you guys, enjoyed this video if you, did make sure to hit that like button in the [smash sound] face! And subscribe here the wolfpack! Awoo!! [wolf howl] Love, you guys so much thanks for watching bye guys!! <3

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  1. have you ever texted your teacher? uploaded OW vid earlier today for those that want ow… HOPE YOU'RE ALL ENJOYING THE WEEKEND ๐Ÿ˜€

    edit: also no i haven't done this vid before, several ppl have tho

  2. 4:44
    If a teacher sent you this

    What would you ask for

    Or would you march down to the police and the principal and get them fired

  3. One time I text my teacher and then I deleted her as one I did it and I got suspended I was getting yelled at I was trying not to laugh I'm a bad student LOL

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  6. Once my teacher was telling is about how before we say something we need to think long and hard about it and I yelled thats what shes said sice my teacher is cool she just laughed ๐Ÿ˜‚

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