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The contribution that young people have
to society is vast and it's often hidden in kind of adult accounts of national life, culture, civic society so I think youth movements, volunteering is one
really cemented way in which we can see the contribution that they make to our
national life so my research has tried to explore that and excavate that from
the past. Today what you have is kind of
government-led schemes to encourage youth volunteering so my research is
focused on National Citizen Service a large youth volunteering social action
programme and really explored the contribution that the state is playing
in relation to the voluntary sector as well. It was that project that I was called to
give evidence on in the House of Lords recently as a witness to a select
committee on citizenship and civic engagement and that committee is really
trying to explore what does citizenship mean in the 21st century in the UK so
it's great to be able to feed into that process and research findings about the
contribution young people make as citizens. 2017 was a very special year I received a prestigious award from the Royal Geographical Society and became part of
a history that dates back to 1832 and it gave kind of external recognition to the
research that's been done here at Loughborough in our department just to get
that kind of international scholarly community, the peer recognition is
something really special and kind of exciting for the future. Loughborough is a very special
place to enthuse and excite undergraduate students and postgraduate
researchers about why geography matters and to really think about where
geography might take them. I think when you see a student have an idea, that
spark, and helping them to develop that as a research project whether that's an
undergraduate dissertation or a PhD proposal, there's something really
exciting about that moment and it's my job to try and help pursue that and to
help them develop and have some of the opportunities that Loughborough has given me
to pursue a research career.

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