Avigilon Case Study: University of Tennessee

Avigilon’s solutions is extremely important
for helping make sure that we safeguard our students and they have a safe and secure learning
environment. My name is Brian Browning, I’m the Director
of Administrative and Support Services and I’ve been with the University of Tennessee
for fourteen years. The University of Tennessee has over 230 buildings
and growing, situated on almost 550 acres, 27,500 graduate and undergraduate students. A typical day in general, there’s not a typical
day. In my opinion we focus on all areas of campus,
there’s no one area that gives us any problems or concerns over another. The University, in my opinion, invests only
in the best. And so what we did is we took the extra time
and effort to see what was out on the market, we talked to some of our peer institutions
and that’s what inevitably led us to the Avigilon product that we have now. I also never underestimate the power that
it has in terms of deterrents as well. People knowing that those cameras are out
there and watching, I think is a pretty good deterrent. If we do have a situation unfolding, like
an emergency situation, we want to have our law enforcement personnel to have the ability
to pull up live footage and be able to get that clarity that they need to see exactly
what’s going on so they can direct resources there. Before, when we were trying to look for a
suspect in one game, we could actually read the lettering on his shirt. That helped us make sure that, along with
the high-definition quality, we were easily able to identify that individual. With the analog solution it was the exact
opposite, you needed more cameras to get those close shots, to get certain aspects or dark
areas of the stadium underneath the overhang. With this, you can get into those really dark,
tight areas and the camera compensates for the light and brightens it up. My name is Joel Reeves, I’m the Assistant
Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer for the University of Tennessee and I’ve been
here for 28 years. By implementing the Avigilon solution, the
way it’s architected we are able to manage our network traffic much more efficiently
and what that means is much more reliability and availability. Again, specifically when you’re talking about
life safety being on the network, you want to make sure for those things there is no
latency. You minimize that and keep that stuff secure
from everything else. One of the many options that the Avigilon
solution provides us is their mobile app. They can go right through their phone, pull
up that particular site and then the camera, or cameras that are of interest at that particular
moment, can be pulled up and you can see live video footage on the mobile device. On a typical game day, such as today, we will
expect that there would be probably 120-130 thousand fans on campus. So the Avigilon solution also provides us
an opportunity to provide that extra layer of security and safeguard for the team, the
coaches and our fans on game day experience. So once the vol walk kicks off, we actually
can follow them and provide them logistical security support that’s needed and make sure
that they arrive at the stadium safe and sound, as well as our fans, and get ready for game
day festivities. So we want to make sure that the Avigilon
solution, which it does every game, provides us that ability to monitor the crowd, assist
us in directing law enforcement personnel where we need them if there is an incident
that does arise, we’re there, we’re ready and we’re on top of it. Avigilon is true in every sense of the word,
an end-to-end solution. We’re proud that the University of Tennessee
is one of the largest university partners with the Avigilon solution on our campus.

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