32 thoughts on “Avengers, Thanos & Mysterio Uniform Skills Rework – Uniform Skill Improvement – MARVEL Future Fight”

  1. OMG this is the best update they ever done!!! If they do rework on all the characters it would be perfect!!! like the defenders, agents of shield characters, venom green goblin falcon…. Rework is the way to make this game's older characters playable again. Please Netmarble!

  2. oн..тнe нydro мan ιѕ тнe only ѕυммon on мyѕтerιo'ѕ 4тн ѕĸιll.., ιт woυld вe aweѕoмe ιғ нe can pιcĸ and ѕυммon all 4 eleмenтalѕ :3

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