Autism Educational Video – Educational Cartoon for Children – Kids with Autism – Meet Tyler – Bully

Marie: I just can’t get this stupid machine
to work. Will you come
on and on and work.
Mary: Marie what’s going on? You look really upset.
Marie: I’m okay girl. Its just this stupid printer keeps jamming up. I’m already behind
on my work from coming in late this morning and now I have to deal with our old office
equipment. Mary: Well just hold on girl. Let me see if
I can call IT down to get this thing fixed. Don’t stress out. You know I can help you
get caught up. Marie: I’m trying not to girl but I’m just
frustrated out of my mind. Mary: What’s going on Marie?
Marie: Girl it’s my son Tyler. It seems like the older he gets the worse he gets.
Mary: What’s going on with him? Is he okay? Marie: No not really. He has autism and the
older he gets its harder for me to handle him.
Mary: I’m sorry girl. I know it’s hard enough to raise kids alone, let alone to work with
a child who has special needs. Marie: Mary if I could just get a break it
would help so much, but that won’t happen anytime soon because his dad wants nothing
to do with us. Mary I’ll tell you what. It looks like you need a break. Why don’t you
bring him over and me and the kids can watch him for the afternoon.
Marie: You’d do that for me? Mary: Of course girl.
Marie: Mary I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Mary: Hey guys I want you to meet someone special.
Franky: Who is that? Mary: This is Tyler. Tyler is one of my friends
at works son. Franky: Hi Tyler.
Tyler: Laughs. Bird: Why didn’t he say anything? What’s wrong
with him? Mary: Well baby Tyler is a special boy. You
see he has something called autism that makes him unique. He doesn’t communicate like everyone
else. Franky: What is autism? Is he sick? Mary:
No baby he is not sick. It’s just that he’s special. Like you know Jess loves to play
sports and is an athlete and her sister Jo loves fashion and looking pretty.
Bird: Mom it’s the other way around. Jo loves sports and Jess is a fashionista.
Mary: Well you see how you had to fix that for me. Jo would have a hard time being a
fashionista and Jess wouldn’t be the greatest at sports. Both girls are special but they
would have a hard time doing the other things that their sister is good at. It’s just like
that for kids who are autistic. They are just as special as you guys but they have a hard
time doing things like communicating or learning. Franky: Oh I get it. So he’s going to hang
out with us for the day. Mary: yes baby I need you guys to hang out
and have fun with Tyler. Are you guys okay with that?
Bird: Yeah mom. Come on let’s take Tyler outside Franky.
Bird: He sure dies like playing with that basketball.
Franky: I know right. Maybe when he grows up he’ll be a basketball player. Bird: Yeah
that would be cool. Bernard: What are you 2 doing out here?
Bird: Why do you care Bernard? We’re just hanging out and here you come with that same
ol drama. Bernard: Ain’t nobody got no drama girl. You
always got bad a attitude. Bird: Don’t nobody have a bad attitude. We just don’t have time
to deal with you coming around being negative. Bernard: Girl ain’t nobody being negative.
You over there trying to show off in front of whoever that is. Who is he your new boyfriend.
He looks funny. Tyler: He looks funny.
Bernard: What did you say? Tyler: What did you say laughing. Bernard:
You better tell your boyfriend something before I get him. Frankie Bernard leave Tyler alone.
Bird: He’s a special kid. Bernard: special. I’ll show him special if
he keep talking about me. Bird: Do you have any sense boy? I mean really.
Tyler’s a special needs kid. He’s not making fun of you by repeating what you’re saying
Bernard. He just does that sometimes because he learns different.
Bernard: 0h. Why didn’t you let a brother know.
Bird: Bernard sometimes I have to really sit and think is Tyler the special one or is it
you. Bird and Franky laugh

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  2. I've learned a lot about autism. I've learned to include my autistic child in everything and I spend most of my time learning new stuff about my child and she loves chicken and she prefers shredded cheese.

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