Australia’s First In-School Archaeological Dig Site

For students who may not be engaged in class this is their chance to get their hands dirty. What archaeologists do is
quite boring from just a classroom, so we decided to change it by taking kids out of the classroom and make as a dig site itself. Welcome to the dig site! So we’re typically trying to bury things that kids will identify back to their classroom experience. They’ll be able to put it into it’s historical context. We’re looking at a pirate themed unit of work in elective history, we’re burying nautical themed items… Your next scrape might have something that’s a piece of history with it. So they’re approaching the site thinking about ‘what should I be doing when I
uncover specific objects?’ I didn’t know anything about how you had to map it out in the coordinates. Well it’s like – practical learning and we see like what archaeologists actually do at our school. If students can be thinking about;
‘why is that artifact there?’ then hopefully they can critically think; ‘where do we come from? Why did this happen?’ That will give them a better understanding of who they are and where they fit in the world.

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