11 thoughts on “Australia's Education System wide”

  1. In France the system is awfull and some children do not respect teacher and after teacher have depression, burn out and sometimes suicide!!

  2. Sorry you said some schools are open only to citizens and resident but are there any other type of people staying on Australia ? There are only citizen and residents right ?

  3. Online Assignments help


  4. Umm kindergarten is a complete different thing to prep. You start kindergarten when you are 4 and finish Year 12 when you are 18

  5. Our school system is screwed! Just because you shade a bubble won’t predict your future. I would rather move to Finland screw this system!

  6. Education system in Australia is a Bargain for people from overseas who are wishing to stay in the country as well as to achieve qualification as long as they can pay the fees. There are genuine students and there are also doubtful students. Watch Channel 9 Current Affair Exclusive report on the 7th May, 2018. Most of the time, the Australian System is disappointing & if not very soft. We don’t want to hear that the Australian System is failing!!!

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