Australian Training Awards – How To Apply

(upbeat music) – I would never have
thought I would have won a national award. And that’s quite truthful. But I did want to see where I stood. So the journey for me ended very well. (upbeat music) – The Australian Training Awards are the national awards for the Australian national training system. They were established in 1994. And they work through
work through the states and territories so we collaborate with the states and territories
on presenting the awards each year. – Representing my state in
the Australian Training Awards is great. Being a proud Victorian myself and being from country Victoria I really sort of felt proud
that I could talk about our piece of Australia but also represent the vocational education
and training down here in Victoria and how
beneficial it was to me and my family but also my community. – I think the awards process
of the Australian Training Awards gives you a really
good chance to reflect on who you are as a practitioner
and what that means in the wider world. – One of the big lessons
I learned, and certainly it was unanticipated was
the fact that we could have so much networking
opportunities open up to us. Suddenly I was able to talk
to companies with the same sort of approach of us to
work towards development that I’d never knew were prepared to talk. And we just swapped ideas
and we’re on equal planes and that I think was just (mumbles). – Some of the work that
I’d already been doing through our industry
association, and policy work around vocational education and training, all of a sudden the fact
that we had an award gave more weight to those
projects that we were already involved in. So, I’ve been able to advance
some of these policy areas in other forums that I’m
involved in just by word of having won an award. – The benefits of applying
for the Australian Training Award are definitely about the recognition for the staff, the hard
work that the staff put in. It’s also great to
validate some of the work that we do with our learners. The cost associated with applying, the time and the effort
which don’t compare with the benefits in total. – The process is very easy,
but I won’t deny that it does take resources and time to pull together an award winning application. But the rewards are more than worth it. And if for no other reason
then to give yourself a health check, it’s
a worthwhile exercise. – Once you’ve become a part
of the Australian Training Awards process you can
become a VET alumni. It’s a great experience and ongoing. It helps us remember to
keep our standards up and to be recognized as
a VET alumni is fantastic to know that you’re still working hard to be the best you can be. – Being a member of the
Australian VET alumni community has opened so many doors for me. It has allowed me to not
only speak to school students about their pathways after high school but also senior executives
within organizations and how the VET sector in apprenticeships and (mumbles) could
change their organizations and would help them into the future. – I wish that I’d had someone come to me when I was 16, 17 trying to decide what I wanted to do out of high school. Come to me and say, look
there’s this training avenue where you can actually
learn in a hands on way week after week, rather
than siting in a big old lecture hall which
might be a way of learning that doesn’t suit you. So, being a part of sharing that message is really, really fun. – It’s important that the
broad Australian community realize that people who
do vocational education and training and are
excellent at it are making such a difference to our economy. So not just in terms of the economics that we need to go forward with but in terms of teamwork,
of collaboration, the skills that they learn and the friends that they make while their in the training are really important things for the whole Australian community. I think it’s also important to recognize that not everybody needs
a University degree. Learning vocational education and skills can help you achieve your dreams. Whether their a new job, a new career, something you want to
do in your private life, this is the place to
go to get those skills. (upbeat music)

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