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male narrator: This is Earth.
Maybe you’ve heard of it. I sure hope so because you live on one of
its seven continents. This one’s most known
for its desert landscapes and unique animals. Australia is the smallest
of the seven continents, and it’s entirely surrounded
by water. It’s also the only country
in the world that covers
an entire continent. (dramatic music) At almost
3 million square miles, Australia is located
below Asia in the Southern Hemisphere That’s how it got
its nickname, the “land down under.” Life down under
is very unusual. It can go from
scorching dry temperatures to very subtropical. In the Southern Hemisphere, stars and constellations appear upside down
and reversed compared
to the Northern Hemisphere. This is because
the Earth turn on its axis from the North
to the South Pole. Even the seasons
are in reverse. So get out your winter parkas
in the summer and surf boards
during the holidays. (upbeat music) And you’ll definitely
need sunscreen if you visit one
of Australia’s many deserts. Like the Great Victoria
Desert, the largest desert
in the continent. Australia’s warm,
sunny climate and giant open spaces make for great
outdoor adventures. ♪ ♪ Ready to camp out
underneath the stars in the Australian Outback? On clear nights, you can see
almost 3,000 stars. Wanna take a dip in the ocean? There are
over 1,500 species of fish that live
in the Great Barrier Reef located in the Pacific Ocean. The largest coral reef
in the world. Another natural wonder can be found
in the heart of the continent, Uluru, a sacred rock formation that stands 1,100 feet tall. ♪ ♪ And, of course, there are some incredible
animals in Australia Like kangaroos and emus
that live on the coast. And the cute marsupials
like koalas and wombats. And unique animals like
the platypus and camels. ♪ ♪ Australia has almost 1,000
different reptile species, including some of
the most dangerous snakes. Even though
many of the world’s deadliest species live here, Australia is home
to over 24 million people. The continent’s first people,
the Aborigines, arrived in Australia
about 50,000 years ago. Australia is one of
the most ethnically and geographically
diverse nations in the world. What an incredible place. A beautiful island. I mean country. Wait.
Continent. Well, you know what I mean. All of the above. Australia. Captioned by Captionmax

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