Austin Homeless Man Shares Powerful Prophecy and on Criminalizing Homelessness

– [Interviewer] Teach? – Yes. – [Interviewer] We’re here in Austin. – Yes we are. – [Interviewer] You’ve
been out here four years. – Yep, about that, four years. – [Interviewer] Tell me about it. – Oh. It’s kind of an up and down thing. I mean, I came here to restart my career. Took a three year hiatus,
had a mental break. So I did construction, mostly
drain tiles, stuff like that. Running a jackhammer. Working with concrete, just mindless work. But, I put 20 years into my career, I didn’t want to give it up, so I decided to, try to jump start it again. – [Interviewer] You were a chef? – Yeah, yeah I started
out, I left Nebraska, I started out in New
Orleans for a little bit. That didn’t work out too well. So I came to Austin. And I’ve been here ever since. – [Interviewer] You said
you were able to get a job, but you weren’t able to keep it, ’cause you’re homeless. People don’t notice– – I mean I there was a
lot of factors in there. I suffer from rapid
cycling bipolar and PTSD, that doesn’t help, (chuckles),
that doesn’t help at all. Blew out one of my knees, ended up blowing out both of my knees. And they won’t work on it. They won’t work on it
’cause of my insurance, ’cause I was homeless, and
don’t have a place of cover. So I ended up losing both
knees because of that. So I had a broken collar bone, that I’ve had for two years now. Yeah, they run you
through the system here. They’re not making money out of you, it ain’t gonna help you. And I’ve been through all of them. I been through all, I
literally I went through all of my, kept the
paperwork for four years. I got, you wouldn’t believe. – [Interviewer] All of
them is service providers? – My lawyer called me today. She goes, uh listen, I have one, ’cause I been requesting
all my medical records, and she says, well I got
one, with 400 pages long. I go, yeah? (laughs) I go, that’s just one. (chuckles) ‘Cause literally, I really
did, I kept all the paperwork. – [Interviewer] Trying to
get SSI, trying to get– – Oh no, no, I did that,
I’m getting SSI right now. I should be getting SSDI, I
couldn’t understand that part. I seen the doctor more
for that then anything, but this looks like it’s another thing I got fucked with, I don’t know. – [Interviewer] Well, if
you’re getting disability, and I know disability doesn’t
even cover rent anymore, pretty much anywhere in this country. – No, no. They should, homeless service providers, fast track you into housing. – Well they’re doing that
now, they’re actually, they’re kinda, it’s like almost like they’re trying to cover up something. They’re going quick, there’s
a lot of people I knew that have been out here,
are getting housing. Some of them are getting housing now. But there’s still a
lot of people out here. Still a lot of people
out here, people I know that have been out here for years. – [Interviewer] I met
somebody today, 34 years. A lot of people, 10 years,
six years, 20 years. And whenever I share that,
homeless service providers always say, I don’t believe
it, I don’t believe it. But they know, they look
at the data and they see all the people, so they
know that there’s people out here that long, but when
they’re faced with it, they– – I saw somebody yesterday,
this is the funny part you know, all these people around here, all these people walking around, got the guy who makes a 100,000 a year, got the cop, who knows
how much he fucking makes. You got the city worker over there man, making minimum wage. Now everybody, doesn’t matter, everybody. All it takes is one frikking disaster, manmade, natural, unnatural, and those guys are gonna be
standing right next to us out here, and this gonna
be the fucked up part, we’re gonna sit there,
we’re gonna look at them, look at the guy that makes
a 100,000, we’ll look at the cop, we’ll look at
the person, we’ll remember everything they frikking did. Remember everything they did, everything. And then you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna end up helping them. Because we’re out here,
and we already know what it’s like to be out here. – [Interviewer] I love and hate that. I love, ’cause you’re spot on, and I hate that you’re also spot on, that there’s gonna be more people out here. – Yeah, this is a manmade
problem, it’s not going away. It can be unmade, but they
don’t want to unmake it. – [Interviewer] Well
what’s interesting is, the leading cause of homelessness
is lack of affordable housing, but the public still wants to say it’s mental health and addiction. There’s been mental health
and addiction, since the beginning of time. And the homeless numbers we’re seeing now, is because of lack of affordable housing. – I hear housing shortage,
I hear over population, I hear a lot of shit like that. But literally, if you wanna
look at it, go look at it. In the past four years here,
I’ve seen frikking just unprecedented growth, it was unchecked. The city is still trying
to catch up with it. – [Interviewer] Growth
as in gentrification? – I see it up north, I see
it east, I see it south, see these old neighborhoods,
you see this fucking $170,000 monstrosity,
frikking in the middle of the fucking neighborhood
and you know that every single one of those persons
on that block is gonna end up losing their house within a frikking span of years, if that. So I mean, it’s fucked up. And I talk to people like that. I’ve had a person out
here that lost everything, ’cause of her health, including her life. – [Interviewer] Now why
are you still out here? – I literally had to
stay and see something. I didn’t want to, fuck I didn’t want to. I was trying to walk the fuck
out of here this first year. I mean I was literally
walking out this first year. Something said I had to
stay and see something, I had to observe something. So I stayed. – [Interviewer] What changes heart? We get used to whatever place. I mean, it’s interesting, I don’t wanna say it’s funny, because it’s absolutely not funny. But if I put up a video of somebody who’s homeless in
California, everybody goes, damn democrats, California
is shit, you gotta move. And then I put up a video of
some place in North Carolina, and they’re like, North
Carolina, you gotta move. There’s no place to move to,
people, wherever they have some kind of connection,
whether it’s family, friends, community, we don’t like
change, you get used to it. People don’t just get up and move. And if you do, let’s say
if you got a bus fare, you’re still homeless some place else. The grass isn’t greener, on the other side of the tracks, ’cause there is no city that’s not getting slammed right now. – During the city council
meeting I went to, the people that were there, all represented a piece of the community. You had small business owners there, Oh heck, you had, UT was there,
representing the churches. The Interfaith coalition, or
whatever the hell they are. They were there. The head guy from Google was there. Nobody really realized it, I
even went over the transcripts on the on the step, I
was kinda going through, a couple of these people had
some ideas that had merit. They wanted to take care of the problem. Now I was saying earlier,
the whole meeting was about them rescinding these three laws, the no sit, no lie, the no camp law and the no panhandling law. Now they rescinded those for three months, and they did that to hand
us rope to hang ourselves. And we did exactly that. But at the city council meeting, it totally backfired on them. ‘Cause everybody felt the
same way, we were tired, we were angry, we’re just fed up. Not just the business owners
and them, but the homeless too. And we all wanted the same thing. We all wanted frikking,
safety and security, shelter and dignity, that’s it. We all wanted the same thing. All the citizens wanted the same thing. And I felt that, for the
longest time everybody was against us, and then I
realized that, frikking, those people against us, they didn’t like showing themselves. The people who are behind us though, they’re showing themselves. They’re out here. The community’s behind us. UT is behind us, churches are behind us, some of the small
businesses are behind us. I believe they came up
with an idea to sit there and literally, they came up with an idea to end homelessness here. They’re beginning to start– – [Interviewer] What’s the idea? – They have the basic infrastructure here, and stuff like that. They have all these frikking
empty buildings they can frikking convert into
frikking into just temporary frikking shelters. They can also have every
single frikking resource located in these buildings,
instead of having it fucking spread across town. That way, you have everything right there. – [Interviewer] From my
understanding, they’re moving the shelters out of town? – They’re moving one down south. And that’s the only one they have. Now that neighborhood, that
neighborhood’s complaining big time about it. And I don’t blame them. – [Interviewer] Well, I
mean, how we started talking with the governors complaining. Governors making noise. I saw a social media post, what do you feel about it, being that you’re sleeping
outside here tonight? – Our country’s hurting so bad right now. We’re hurting so bad, we’ve
never been this divided. Over something stupid like
this fucking skin color, fucking religion, social
status, how much money we make. It’s stupid. But it’s what they want. Exactly what they want. And they’re getting it. ‘Cause you’re letting them. See, that’s the funny part. We stay apart, they maintain control. We come together, we start solving problems. They get nervous. – [Interviewer] So is the
governor saying all noise, or, ’cause what you said, it
seems like Austin has a plan? – I will be here for that. I’ll be here to observe it. I’ve been here this long, I saw a bunch of stuff, and
I’m gonna see some more. I mean, you want a good
example of what I seen. This is like every week I
see something fucked up. This last Tuesday, just this last Tuesday, I was at this breakfast and saw a friend I haven’t seen for six months. I was like, man, thought you were dead. So we hung out, we talked and shit, and we were walking down
5th street, heading towards Republic Park, went over there
by the Chase parking garage. There was this girl, she
couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18 years old. She was having a mental breakdown. I mean she was breaking down,
I wanna die, I wanna die. So we sat there and we talked to her. We sat there for a good 30,
40 minutes talking to her. The people at the garage
saw we were talking to her. And they were bringing us cold sodas, so she could have something
to drink and stuff. And she’s crying the whole time, we’re just sitting there talking to her. I’m sitting in front of her. And I’m telling her everything’s okay, it’s another day. She pulls a knife out of
her pocket and she slits her wrists in front of me. I wrestled the knife away from her. I ripped my shirt off and
wrapped it around her wrist. Put pressure on it. And then I held her. I mean, she didn’t weigh
more that 80 pounds. I didn’t want her to hurt
herself, she was struggling– – [Interviewer] Was she homeless? – I imagine so, I imagine she was. I had never seen her before. Never met her before. But she was hurt and she needed help. So I’m sitting there holding
her, and there’s a lady there, and I go, please call 911, she said okay. She calls 911. I’m sitting there, I’m waiting
for an ambulance to show up. Well, 12 cops show up. Especially one, this one, I ain’t gonna fucking forget his ass either. He’s a 22 year veteran on the force here. 350 pound, fucking bald man, pushes me out of the way,
sits there frikking slams her to the ground, puts a knee to her back and frikking has her head there. I start screaming, I’m like
dude, she’s fucking hurt man, quit hurting her, she’s already
hurt, what are you doing? I’m ready to start throwing
punches and shouting, I got four cops in front of
me, getting ready the same. I was like, okay, you guys ready. Reckon I’m sitting there going, fuck. I turned around and that lady was there, I was like lady, please, please, please, please, please record this. She sat and nodded her head
and started recording it. When that whole thing was
done, I ended up sitting there, facing off those guys, ’cause
I literally asked them, where is your officer with
mental health training? Well that was him right there. I said sorry, I didn’t see him do shit. Can I ask him some questions? What’s the basis of your training, how much training do you have? He tells me, 40 hours. Well, can you kinda give me
the outline of your training, I mean, what do they cover? Oh we don’t have to tell
you stuff like that. I go, why not? I may have to talk to this man, I may have to sit there and trust him. Oh no, you don’t have to trust any of us. And when he said that to me, I sat there, I looked them all down. They all looked at me
with murder in their eyes. I sat there and I looked at them. I stood, I stood there and I
just looked at all of them, I said, what the fuck
is wrong with you guys? When you see something is wrong, when a police officer is
no longer a police officer. What do you do? They’re no longer
upholding the public trust. They’re not protecting
the weak and the helpless. What do you do? Remember, this is all a manmade problem. Shit doesn’t just happen. Shit takes time. Shit’s planned out. This is all a part of some frikking plan. And when we start to stand together, when we start to finally
say, enough is enough. – [Interviewer] It’s
gotta happen, that’s– – No, guess what’s gonna happen then. They’re waiting for that. – [Interviewer] That’s why
they’ve been arming up. – That’s why cops have am
raps, and that’s why they have used body armor, from military. They’re ready to take on our own veterans, if that tells you anything. – [Interviewer] Did they take
care of the woman, the girl? – I have no idea. The medics were the only ones who were being responsive to her, they were the only ones
being cool about it. The lady asked me, what you
want me to do with the video. I was gonna have her send it to me. But I just told her, I
said do whatever you feel is right, she just nodded
her head, I left it at that. – [Interviewer] What would
you want, housed people to know about homelessness? That they don’t know, that
they don’t get from the media, they don’t get from non-profit, they don’t get from politicians. What do you want housed people
to know about homelessness? – You learn a lot about wants and needs. When you come out here,
frikking it’s all wants. But then after a while, you realize it’s about all needs. When you’re housed, it’s about both. I was there, I was housed, heck I even ran a small business, I had a profession. But you can build yourself
up to that certain point. And if you lose it all,
got what happened shit. You can make that all back. It happens, you can make it all back. I’ve seen people do it two or three times. Me myself, I was kinda
semi-homeless for over 10 years. It was part of my job. – [Interviewer] Well, you can’t make it, you gotta have boots to bootstrap. And we gotta help our neighbors. And everybody, when you read in the paper, from homeless to Harvard,
somebody helped them. You just don’t go from homeless to Harvard by yourself. And people detach from
that, the say, oh look we got one to Harvard, we
don’t have to do anything. No, you gotta help your neighbors. You gotta help your homeless neighbors, your housed neighbors. – See, now you’re talking
as a social problem. And it is a social problem,
just like drugs are. It can be solved, but it’s not gonna be solved by government. It’s gonna be solved by society. Society’s got to step in, literally. – [Interviewer] Well you are a smart man, I could talk to you all night. We’ve been rambling for a while. I was going to ask you,
if you had three wishes, what would they be? (laughs) – Three huh? Three wishes. That’s a good one. And since they’re wishes,
I imagine it’s gonna have to be something that,
you just can’t really get. I’d travel the world. I’m actually curious to see
what homelessness looks like in Europe, so I’d probably do that. – [Interviewer] It’s not much
different, maybe healthcare. That’s it. (laughs) Different language with better
healthcare, same old shit. – Societies, they all have
to look at it differently. I know they do. There’s gotta be a different way. – [Interviewer] We’re
humans, we mess it up. – There’s always a different
way they have to look at it. See, those are things we got to learn. We may be able to find something out. There’s a social stigma also,
that we need to get rid of. – [Interviewer] That’s
the point of this work. – If you wanna think about it, technically, I’m not homeless. I’m home, I’m native American,
I was born and raised here. Middle of the fucking United States, this is my home. I’m just houseless. I’m not homeless, I’m houseless. But it sucks, that I have to be
houseless, in my own home. – [Interviewer] So many
nuggets, third wish. – Third wish. I would like a war dog. – [Interviewer] A what? – A war dog. – [Interviewer] What’s a war dog? – A war dog, a war dog. You know a dog that goes to war. You know a military trained dog. Reason I say that, I was looking to get a service dog, I was looking into adoption and all that, how they stop the training. Somebody gave me an
idea, they’re like hey, they got all these dogs,
come back across seas, and some of them don’t get adopted. And I was just like, well that’s perfect, they have the training,
they already been out in the field, they’d be the perfect kind of dog to have out here. – [Interviewer] I agree. Somebody to watch your back. You watch their back,
they’re watching your back, they know– – [Interviewer] War dog, I also
know that they’re abandoned. – They know what’s going on. That’s what I’m talking about. – [Interviewer] Well, I
enjoyed talking to you. And I am glad you spent some time sharing, because you’re very knowledgeable. And thank you for spending a
bit of your evening with us. – Thank you for your time. (instrumental music)

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  42. Cheech is a very intelligent man yes. A lot of us have been saying similar things. When people startted flipping houses, renovating boarding houses (cheap rental room with share bathroom and kitchen) and turning them into luxury houses which would only house one middle class family, that is when I realised that the working class poor would eventually end up on the streets. They were literally being spat out. It started with the 'ending' of affordable housing. This is not a big secret.
    Then just as affordable housing ended due to greed, big business started letting their employees go. As computers and robots and overseas cheap labour became more inviting to these greedy businesses, people were left without jobs. Homes were reposessed and then you add natural disasters like bush fires, floods, snow storms, tornadoes etc and you have some states declaring a national disaster and these people all end up homeless and the bough breaks ….
    Please America realise it's not just your country it's global. Look outside of America for a second ….we are all hurting…we share this planet. Homelesness is everywhere…It just worries me when one country talks as if noone else exists outside its borders. Do you not learn about geography in your schools? You dismiss other cultures as if they dont exist and then talk about needing unity yet other countries around the world acknowledge you guys exist.

  43. Something is not right with America right now. We all feel it regardless of our gender, age, social status, etc. No matter how decorated and pretty(superficial) we make our cities, it's not going to fix what is happening sociologically to America and the psychological implications that implies for individuals within society. This interview with Cheech is eye opening.

  44. With the homeless crisis…why dont people start thinking about co housing, communes, eco villages? It's a mindset…? Look up intentional communities and be giving…pray to jesus Christ for help…and don't steal…unless of course u have absolutely no food I believe that is forgiven. Has anyone thought of that? It all comes down to trust, hope, and imagination. Check out intentional communities on Google.

  45. A lot of homeless people who look physically fit, aren't. Bad knees, bad backs, broken collarbones, all sorts of problems that in a first-world nation they'd have help for.

  46. lack of affordable housing for disabled, lack of jobs or refusing to hire for the EXISTING non-addict non-disabled homeless.. All these "influencers" like IP are really PC and nice about it, but the American culture is really producing things at break neck speed that are going to bite the country is the arse in the near future.. Both the "right" and the "left" are denying these people jobs or proportionate disability..

  47. Man so true words spoken houseless not homeless. We have criminalized a situation which financially is out of their control for many people. I used to live in California but moved overseas in 2004 and haven't looked back. Housing prices have gotten so out of control even if u have enough money coming in it's hard to just at least find a rpof over your head. I'm lucky to be able to afford a roof over my head overseas and have the ability to travel. It's crazy how Westernized Asia has become also people would be suprised how cheap life is over here. Thanks for showing the human side to the forgotten souls on the street.

  48. "OUR COUNTY IS HURTING SO BAD RIGHT NOW, SKIN COLOUR, RELIGION, SOCIAL STATUS"….wake up America. Most unequal and most aggressive country on planet Earth…by far

  49. The entire system is rigged to serve the corrupt and evil banking and finance industry and ironically commercial and apartment developers! #THENEWECONOMY

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