AU’s Master of Social Work Program

I'm a licensed clinical social worker and an equine specialist in mental health and learning my passion has always been working with women especially women struggling sometimes to find passion and purpose so I knew that I wanted to do something that was important something that broke God's heart before I knew it I was enrolled in a Sperry and MSW program Charlotte is an example of the great students that graduate from this program she came with a passion she came with a heart to serve she came with a gifting and creativity and using equine Assisted Therapy and is now using that therapy to help many people who are dealing with trauma and other issues in their life I do traditional in-office therapy and we also work with horses as part of the therapeutic process horses are just incredibly in tune to what people are feeling and so then that's the opportunity for me as a therapist to say what does happen what's going on with your horse right now we can use them to learn a lot about our relationships every student that comes in to become a social worker comes in because something is stirred in their heart and they want to make a difference in the lives of people ahead the life experiences and I had the passion but Asbury gave me the skills of how to do this we have graduates who are using every skill every value that they learned in this program they're prepared they begin to make it an impact from Dave lives are changed here and I think it's pretty powerful to be able to sit with someone while they rewrite their story you know it's never too late to pursue God's call and I'm really living proof of that if you're somebody who has a passion for serving Christ and for serving God's people then the master of Social Work program at Asbury University is the program for you you'll have an opportunity to integrate you're faced with what you learn in the classroom and what you do in the field of Social Work and that is a very exciting thing as Berry's MSW program gave me everything that I needed to be able to do the work that I do it has changed my life and hopefully lies about opening you

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