Augmented Reality in education

I am hey gun good and what grade are you in mu Emily brain three okay today we're gonna do some maths so we're going to look at this problem here Emily which is to do with area and I know you haven't done much area before a new three but you can use your iPad if you would like to help you okay so would you like to use your iPad to try and work out that first one okay so Amy when we look at this problem here this first one what do you think you have to do to the two sides what did the video say okay so what's the what's the length for this one in and the width is so could you do a little sum to work that out for me and at 16 fantastic and that was awesome work good job the next one looks a little bit harder to the triangle okay so could you have a look you can use your iPad to help you because working out the area for a triangle is a little bit harder so you can put it over the picture and see what the video says that was a bit different M wasn't it it said what did it say you have to do to the base harvard times the height do you want to do that for me so work out what's half of do the first one for me use your pen yeah and then what did the video say to do again that's a hard one isn't it I'm not sure if you've done that times table before four times four what did you go that's oh so you have done those times very good M oh wow good job Amy what did you like about the videos what did the videos do fantastic and I must say you're a brilliant mathematician good girl thanks M

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  1. Hi Paul, I am having trouble with this app but I may not have the correct one. Can you please send me a screen shot of the app?

  2. Just learned about Aurasma at TCEA in Austin Texas. I am looking forward to sharing this with all the librarians in Keller, TX.

  3. I love this! Is the student using Aurasma here? What app did you use to create the video tutorials?

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