40 thoughts on “Audio Push – Teach Me How To Jerk”

  1. The Jerk is one of the BEST set of dance moves Black people invented. It's too lit.

  2. I had my teacher play this on the class screen in 5th grade 😂 put my whole class on 💯 brings back memories.

  3. Bruh no way I had no idea these guys made this song😂 honestly just proves how people only follow mainstream cuz all of audio push songs now are wayyyy underplayed, go check them out seriously they are so fire now

  4. Went to a bar about a month ago and was grinding with a gorgeous chick all night…then the DJ put this song on with the video on screen and I pushed her to the side and about lost my mind. 🤪😎🤩

  5. Can anybody still do the jerk in 2019? I miss this dance. It was good, had multiple steps, and you gained more experience to do it the more you try. The reject was the most iconic step and a lot of ppl thought the reject was the jerk dance.

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