ENGLISH SPEAKERS activate the subtitles! Let’s go Salt Lake City in Utah I’m going to do a weekend class I am going to take the plane. I am waiting to embark I waited her five hours and now we are in the train it’s nice? the view is very industrial Ok we’re arrived at Orem Vallee we try to find the hotel jacuzzi session before starting these 4 days we arrived at the Utah University sabrina, we’re happy ? we have a badge with our names Are you ready to spend these 4 days with us? beautiful little folder with papers inside A very good meal J-DOG we will go to the first class. are you ready Sabrina? no. I want come home show us your drawing ? no the first day is over. it’s quite long but interesting. but long we’re super tired it’s 9 pm we’re going take a quick shower and sleep and we go back tomorrow morning at 9am we leave for the 2nd day. Sabrina, did you sleep well? not enough but yes but we slept well so it’s cool meeting this morning and we are going to dance. You all know my level of catastrophic dance but we will try to improve we’re going to see beauty and the beast MIAOU Day 3 we will go see a concert of the Mormons temple square. it’s catholic
finally, no, it’s a branch of Christianity. what do you think of the show? it’s ok it’s cool at the end they were all watching us because we were quoted in the thanks. it was so weird we’re at the college of high school musical. I’ll show you a little bit so we finished the 4 days it was cool We wait to catch the plane so we drink a little beer

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