Attendance routines from prep

(Teacher): Harry has painted you all sitting around having
something to eat at the table. It’s obviously a special time for him. (Harry’s Mum): Yeah we try to eat dinner together but it doesn’t always happen. (Teacher): Yes life is busy isn’t it? (Harry’s Mum): Yes but even still we try to have routines
around tea and homework because it helps Harry
to know what comes next especially when he’s tired. I mean it helps me too! (Teacher): Yes, starting
school can be tiring. We have regular
routines in Prep too because all kids need
to know what to expect and what’s expected of them. And then they start
to feel more secure And then they start
to feel more secure in an environment especially if it’s new predictable routines help the children develop independence and confidence and when they have they’re even
happier about coming to school. (Harry’s Mum): Yeah we try to have good routines at home like getting
things ready the night before but lately it’s been really hard to
get him going in the mornings. (Teacher: Yes I’ve noticed Harry’s
been late a few times recently I know it’s hard when they’re tired and even worse if it’s cold and wet but it is important he
arrives at school on time. Children often fell distressed or anxious if they’re late and they
don’t understand why And even when they miss a day and they start to feel a bit
disconnected from the learning that’s going on in the classroom and from their friends. (Harry’s Mum): Yeah I can see how that could snowball and
affect their schoolwork and their friends and everything I think will be okay though because I don’t think it’s
going to take much to get us back on track track in the mornings at our place and he loves being at school I mean happy to come as often
as things aren’t too rushed. I think he’d be upset if he was sick
and had to stay home! So I think we just need to get
the morning routine sorted and get him here on time every day. (Teacher): Well it’s great that he enjoys it. and can see he is much happier when he’s here before the bell
goes in the mornings. He’s go so much energy. (Harry’s Mum): He sure does. Thanks it’s been really good
to come in and chat about him. (Teacher): Well don’t to follow up
with what we do in Prep in the school’s newsletter. we try to give parents an idea of what the children have been learning and also check out the virtual
classroom on the Learning Place. And you can always phone
or email me if you need to I’m always happy to hear from parents. (Mum): Thankyou, thanks
that’s really helpful. – (Teacher): Well thanks for coming in
– (Harry’s Mum): Thankyou. Bye.

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