13 thoughts on “ATMA Scam + Learning Ahead”

  1. So now will they again release a AI Rank sheet with the updated ranks excluding the fraud students ?!

  2. Sir, your statements have always turned out to be true, let it be about cut offs, holistic approach for exams etc …. I request you to be more aggressive with your youtube channel. Students desperately need your approach towards exams.

  3. Thanks for spreading the much needed awareness . I was totally unaware of this info so again hank you. and can you make videos on colleges like dfs,dse, srcc gbo and jamia islamia delhi . you can put them in a single video please sir

  4. Sir people like u doing good job some classes are here for only money they are making fool to student on basis of glamour of jbims . There is no shortcut for success but one night before exam they launch shortcut mocks, imp questions just for marketing purposes

  5. Thanks Ketan Sir, this means a lot to me and UOT. Indeed, students need more transparency with Coaching stuff and Entrance Exams.

  6. Today me and 2 other guys met the chairman, admissions,dte (Mr.mahajan).
    When we informed them about the scam and asked them what they are doing about it, they quickly went on the defensive and told us that they are doing everything they can.
    They had a list of all ATMA scores cross checked by their staff where they cross checked them with ATMA merit list and their individual scores. They also are in process in to obtain MAT scores for last 1 year by Monday to cross check all the MAT scores too. They are even checking all CMAT scores.
    They have clearly told me they would take legal action against all fake scores and make sure they are unable to take admission anywhere. The complete due diligence would be done before CAP-2 and all the fake scores in ATMA/MAT will be caught.
    The investigating officer showed us scorecard of one of the fraudsters who had a 99.99. It was incredibly easy to identify fake scores because the morons who forged their scores didn't even bother to change the font of the alterations made in text,so they were clearly visible.Plus they thought nobody would notice it if they remove authentication key.
    We met simsree admissions officer after this and saw the list of fraudsters who were stupid enough to attempt to take admission into their college. They said they have already cross verified their scores with their roll numbers and found them to be fake.Rank-23 in AI MERIT LIST was stupid enough to take admission into SIMSREE and will now deserve what's coming for him.
    KJ,Welingkar,dalmia,sies,pumba,etc have clear instructions from cetcell.The chairman showed me the mail sent to every college.
    I have full confidence these fraudsters will be destroyed and arrested if they are stupid enough to make an attempt to get admission.
    KJ has already warned all the 5 Fake AI students indirectly and prepared to take legal action if they approach them for admission.
    Now it would be fun to see how stupid these fraudsters really are.

  7. Avoid cetking better join Ketan sir and follow dis man i am dam sure u will be landing in top not MBA colleges.

  8. Thank you sir for supporting us ✌️

    And for future mba aspirants, please keep CET only for last moment. Better prepare for CAT

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