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  2. This is a great video but I’m having trouble understanding graphing linear equations and absolute values.

  3. Definitely, prefer the examples and rules that are written on the board beforehand like the lady does.

  4. On adding and subtracting fraction part 2:00:30 how did you get the answer 1whole of 7/15 when dividing 22/15

  5. Went to a recruiter today and suggested I study this after my practice test! did VERY well in Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension but HORRIBLY in Math Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning! SO REVIEW this if you suck at Math like me!

  6. This video is great, but my only problem are the guys assuming we know what they are talking about. The only person who made sense in this video was the women, I understood everything she was talking about.

  7. did these videos end up helping anybody? i need to impove my score big time on all levels. just worries becasue these were made 3 years ago not sure if things changed just wondering , thankyou so much (:

  8. I have never had a math teacher to tell me that, in order to reduce fractions, you must reduce by the SAME number for both the numerator and the denominator. For years (decades) I have never been able to reduce fractions properly because no one told me how to do it, until I seen this video. The young man told me that to reduce fractions, the same number must be applied. Now, all morning, I've been practicing this for adding, subtracting, multiplying fractions, and even mixed numbers, and I'm rolling with it. Finally, after 3 decades, someone taught me how to do this, and I am ever so grateful! These video's make me love Mathematics all the more! Thank you so very much!!

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