ASU Students from Qatar | Arizona State University

My name is Mohammed. I’m from Doha, Qatar. I study chemical engineering, and I’m from Doha, Qatar. I study economics at ASU. My major is political science and international studies. And I’m studying urban planning. The reason why I picked ASU is because it’s the most innovative school. ASU is one of the top universities in the United States. I have a scholarship from back home. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs … they already have my job. They just wait for me until I finish my education outside, and then I come back home and serve the country. I knew it was a good place to go. It’s more of an interactive way of studying, which I like for myself, and in every class it’s not just a final that you have just to write down and that’s it. It’s more of a project, and the projects usually help to have an experience of actually working in your major, rather than just knowing the information. It’s the most diverse university in the U.S. They really celebrate different cultures. They were welcoming. It was so easy for me to make friends. If you go to other countries, you learn about the culture. It’s a good experience. You learn about yourself. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. For me, ASU feels just like home.

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