Astounding Tiny House With Downstairs Master Bedroom

for a young family moving into a tiny house on wheels can be no small thing but here in Asheville North Carolina we've found a home that thanks to some really big design ideas has truly managed to make it work hey Andrew hey how's it going good nice to meet you mate hi Rachel Helia I absolutely love this tiny house what was it that actually made you want to build a tiny house on wheels just the freedom I don't want to be house broke and I'm tired of running and so we rented a cheap house and saved their money and built it in one year and now we're debt-free especially here in Asheville this is a city right now that it's in the middle of the housing crisis isn't it there's a lot of people that are really struggling to find affordable housing in this city and I think that's why we're seeing a bit of an explosion in the tiny homes that are being built here the rent is skyrocketed so expensive to rent a house here also or buy a house here the cost of living is up while our wages are down so building a tiny house and living tiny you can live on the little wages and actually Bank some money and I have to say this is a really nicely designed home you actually came up with the design to this yourself didn't you yes I watched the TV shows and YouTube shows and just came up with our own design would work for us and I want to tall man so we actually have a master bedroom downstairs and we also have loft for our son and extra loft and the other side so we can sleep quite a few people what are the dimensions of the Sun actually it is 8 foot wide by 24 foot long by a 13 foot six side to the highest point I really like the wood that you've used on us as well what's the semi exterior this is cedar beadboard and then we used the metal on the bottom well I would love to have a look on the inside can we take a page sugar all right after you oh this one is gorgeous okay now you're obviously no stranger to building at you you've done this before yes I haven't done it since I was young so with a background working as a builder what was the challenge like of taking on a tiny house on wheels was it very different to other kinds of projects that you've done in the past oh yes just trying to get everything into a smaller space because plumbing and electrical and even the storage coming up with storage for everything that we need day to day now I'm just going to go out on a limb here and have a guess is that a table that's hanging on the wall yes they will come up the wall and has foldable legs and that's our dining room table and if we would like to take it outside we can take it outside and move it around and I loved how you eventually created this as a true work of art this is truly beautiful how you've got the rhythm end lays there as well it's just such a wonderful feature and how cool and practical as well thank you really really nice couch you've got there thank you and then have you got storage which is built into this as well yes this is drawers that pull out and the back will fall down and make a bed for guests to sleep on and a really nice-sized kitchen you've got here as well yes I designed it almost like a normal kitchen we've got a full size range because I do a lot of baking and that was one sacrifice I didn't want to give up was a smaller range or a convection oven and not only that but it's gas instead of electric and our refrigerator is close to a full size as it can be and the washer/dryer is also in the kitchen and it's a washer/dryer combo so you just have to put your laundry in for a wash and when the wash cycle is done you just turn the little knob over to dry and it dries the clothes completely and the bedrooms through here yes it does go on in all right let's take a look all this is really great thank you and I can see how you made this decision as a bigger guy just walking in here it is so much more comfortable than going into a sleeping loft isn't it yes it's almost like a normal bedroom to me it really is gage really raised so you've obviously managed to get quite a lot of storage under here yes on that half of the bed we have open space for seasonal clothes and then when he was designing it also a side of him being so tall I also told him the few plans on being in this house a long time I'm not going to be sixty years old going up and down stairs or up and down a ladder I wanted the master downstairs if we could so that guests or the kids could be upstairs that's a brilliant idea and so on the other side we've got your bathroom right yes great here's the bathroom it looks like a really good sized shower you've got there yes it's a three point by three foot tower it's plenty of room can we move around in there and watch yourself having a really nice-sized shower it's something that often seems a little bit superfluous in the tiny house but it really can improve the experience of actually living in the space because people get home and you want to have a good challenge on you yes I'm a carpenter and I just I look forward to and I can always take a nice shower and get clean and it makes all the difference in the world and you've got the composting toilet there as well how are you finding that yes that part would feel odd to me this is like a normal toilet there's no water I mean and it's good for the environment you can compost everything and it's good so obviously you've made an unusual decision to actually have the master bedroom downstairs how have you used your loft spaces in one side is used for our seven-year-old son that's his bedroom and has cubbies in there for his clothes and his toys and so far he isn't loving it and then the other side will be used for a guest bedroom and office so you're really right you're actually able to comfortably sleep a good number of individuals in this home and it's really interesting to me as well but even though you have taken up quite a lot of physical space by having the master bedroom downstairs it doesn't really seem to have compromised on the the sense of spaciousness that you have in the central part of the house does it it still feels very open and livable the ceilings being and open in the space makes it feel a lot more comfortable and open how long have you actually lived in this space now I'm actually moved in her career has it been an adjustment already or is it quite a natural adaptation I feel like it has actually taken a load off of me and for example I clean the house today and I jokingly set the timer and where it would have taken me 2 to 3 hours or more to clean we move from a 900 square foot house to clean that house top to bottom it took me roughly I'll say I was being nitpicky so about an hour and 15 minutes to clean this out do you mind me asking what this project actually cost to complete around 30 to $35,000 I suppose the reason that you're able to actually construct a project of this kind of quality for such a good budget that all of your labor being poured into it as well as an F my weekends were taken by the finality and how long have essentially take you to build you can probably compact it down into less than my life I think this is a really beautiful home I'm so impressed with so many of the clever design features that you've managed to squeeze into this space I think the downstairs bedroom is a really fantastic idea and you thought that out so well for your future this is a hundred I'm sure you're both going to be really happy and thank you so much for showing me around thank you thank you mate for a lot of young families the idea of moving into a tiny house on wheels would be incredibly intimidating what this house has taught me though is that if you're willing just to take a little bit of extra time to get the design right you can really make it work with the house now taking care of this family gets to now concentrate on the things in life that really matter

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  1. I’m trying to plan a tiny house and it would be so helpful to know the dimensions , height, width, length total. Especially because I’m 6’4

  2. I love the way you present each home beautifully and energetically … I much appreciate you sharing innovative ideas… Love from Pakistan Bryce

  3. I'm hoping to save $25,000.00 in the next 5 years to buy some property in Cape Breton , build a tiny house or two and start my business….my dad owns 12 acres so if I can find Canadian prefab company that don't charge up the ass I can pull it off…. this guy's done an amazing job.

  4. Fabulous design. The dining table and the wooden surround to the kitchen sink are superb features.  The whole space is really fantastic.  Congratulations all round.

  5. I think your house would be more useful if you put your son's bedroom in the other loft, he's young enough to go up and down a ladder, then you wouldn't hesitate to go up into the office, &/or when you have a guest sleeping up there, they can manage the stairs better than a ladder.

  6. Born and raised in Asheville, NC. Moved to a small town in Florida in 2016 and one reason was because of the high rent in Asheville!

  7. Ok guys. We are gonna have to stop calling them tiny homes at some point coz this is not tiny by any stretch

  8. The cost per sf for a tiny home is more than an average size home, but they are more affordable. This one cost $183 per sf .

  9. Nothing like having the toilet bowl next to your pillow which is like swert dreams in prison for children

  10. I still think you're better off to buy or build a smaller home outside of town.
    Too many things to fail on a trailer. Being a trailer, it has to be registered as an R.V. In many places it's illegal to "reside" in an R.V. You may park it in some R.V. parks or place it on someone's land… You're never truly free from government over reach. That's why I mentioned to just bite the bullet! Buy a small house with utilities already there… They spent close to 40k for that trailer. Land, septic and utilities will probably cost another 30k. Are you really better off?

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