Assistant U.S. Education Secretary visits Tucson’s University High School

a national back-to-school tour stopped right here in Tucson and the assistant US Secretary of Education visited a high school to recognize its promising programs news for Toussaint’s Priscilla Kasper has the story it’s new at six assistant US Secretary of Education Scott Stumpf visiting the University High School in Tucson in 2019 the school was ranked in the top 40 high schools nationally he says during the tour he was able to see advanced placement classes for areas like chemistry engineering and computer science when we looked at the computer science classroom this morning which honestly from my background trying to create a skilled workforce and knowing that we’re about 7 million short of skilled workers to meet the needs of this economy current technical education is important and to see the computer science lab with the robotics competitions going on with the students solving complex problems using coding whether it be in Python or Java and actually being prepared for that next step into joining a workforce that has huge demands across this country you were absolutely meeting the needs of today’s generation but then also setting them up absolutely for success in the future he says now is the time to rethink the best way money can be used for students to have the biggest gain as well as coming up with more ways to invest in education his education freedom tour also includes schools in New Mexico Nevada and West Virginia priscilla Kasper news for Tucson

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