Assistant Secretary Frank Brogan School on the Federal School Safety Commission

Everyone deserves to be safe on a school
campus. And, that was the the vision and the mission – I think – of the Federal
Commission on School Safety. In the aftermath of not only one, but a number
of the national tragedies surrounding school safety problems we’ve had on our
campuses – especially school shootings, obviously…Ultimately the Administration
formed a commission at the federal level to seriously look at the issue of school
safety to make recommendation on what sorts of initiatives could be undertaken
to make schools safer places for our students – be they physical changes or
procedural changes . To look at best practice and see around the country what
sorts of things were people already doing to enhance school safety on their
campuses and spread the word about that so that other people – if it’s successful –
might be able to follow suit. To look at and hear from not only issues but also
people, parents, teachers, administrators school board members, students themselves
about school safety – what issues needed to be undertaken and
what issues they believe they’ve undertaken already to make positive
change in terms of school safety initiatives. So all of this was put
together after multiple visits around the country and opportunities to hear
from, read about, and see how school safety was being implemented as a major
part of the important world and landscape of school safety and how we
could move forward. That was put together into a commission report that has now
been circulated – not only physically with copies but also online and available to
anyone who wants to take in the information that’s provided within it.

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