Assignment: Media Literacy (high school intro)

in a culture saturated with media messages children need a set of skills to enable them to ask important questions about what they see watch and read media messages come in so many forms newspapers and magazines photography and film radio the internet and television billboards bumper stickers and more when we expand the concept of illiteracy to include analyzing and evaluating the information coming at us daily from the world around us we make learning relevant and we strengthen the connection between the classroom and the culture it's really speaking to what we those of us in education are regarding as the literacy of the future the literacy of the 21st century that we are talking about the ability to access information that's coming to us an increasing number of ways and the ability to make sense of it in our lives and to step beyond it to make it meaningful and so the definition of media literacy in a sense is a richer deeper view of literacy media literacy in the classroom can be a strategy to help students build reading and writing skills while making important connections across the subject areas of language arts social studies math science and health education across the curriculum teachers and administrators are finding ways to engage and motivate students by using their natural interest in the media what media literacy does is allow teachers to bring popular texts that kids are so very interested in into the classroom so that kids are highly motivated to to learn in there in the various content areas like social studies in history and literature it's a very powerful tool to bridge that to bridge the popular culture with the educational culture in this high school class students are doing a reality check on television shows debating what is realistic and what is not everything with TVs real what it has real footage and car chases to happen why I happen to put it under realistic okay what type of technique did they use to get your attention they take on the complex task of analyzing a television news magazine asking critical questions without purpose point of view and production technique they used a lot of graphic descriptions of what happens in surgical room in order to get your attention and they consider the complex issue of the culture of celebrity exploring such questions as how media celebrities may shape our expectations of ourselves and the world and distinctions between celebrity and hero sometimes when people think about media literacy they think it's just about teaching television and it's clearly not it's it's teaching all forms of media and we explore that early on as to what media really is but I've found that students reading and writing skills are greatly improved through through working with media literacy because it actively engages them they they need to read and write in every unit that we work on so because they're highly motivated with the text that we're dealing with or the form that we're dealing with they want to read and write media literacy once again that helps them ask the right questions about what is important for them to become responsible citizens the important skills of citizenship like critical thinking public speaking writing and reading can take on fresh meanings for students when textbooks are supplemented with lessons and activities drawn from contemporary culture teachers recognize that when students are engaged and interested in learning anything is possible I think the media literacy is a very important tool for reinvigorating teachers I've seen tremendous changes in my classrooms in terms of motivation and student learning by bringing these media texts to instruction kids are so highly motivated and they are so extremely interested in media today and know so much that it clearly enriches teaching because you learn from your students media literacy education can be the spark that stimulates a student's imagination curiosity and willingness to invest the effort to build knowledge and skills in the classroom assignment media literacy is a set of classroom activities and student production projects please refer to the print materials for guidance on the use of these clips

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  1. Are the videos for the Secondary Unit 1 still available? The Ben Franklin documentary , Hanes Underwear Ad, and the scene from Dangerous Minds TVshow.

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