Assam TET 2019 Educational Qualifications || Exam Date || Official Notification & Online Apply Link

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23 thoughts on “Assam TET 2019 Educational Qualifications || Exam Date || Official Notification & Online Apply Link”

  1. dada graduate holeu % or kotha ahibo nki lp tet or babe…… mur graduation ot 43.11 ase moi parim nai baru jonabo sun dei.

  2. Der. Sir. Mur d.el.ed or b.ed aku ny. Kin2 moi jdi lp tet exm ps koru, tr past moi d.el.ed kore ako tet dibo lagebo nki, ne d.el.ed cmplt kore 2yr past join korebo parm.. … PLZ RPLY ME

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