ASMR Torture [Headphones Recommended] – Ten Minute Power Hour

Game Grumps Presents [Intro theme] [Static noise] Arin: Hey. Arin: Hey, Dan. Dan: Hey, Arin. Arin: Uh… [Arin’s hand slamming onto the the table] Arin: We’re doing the Power Hour. [Dan’s hands slamming onto the table]
Dan: I’m very excited. Arin: Yeah. [upbeat music]
Dan: Welcome to the Ten Minute Power Hour! Arin: Welcome! Dan: It’s good to see you. Arin: Uhm, my name’s Arin. [in a soft voice]
Dan: And I’m Dan. Arin: And I’m…. Arin: Farin. Dan: —heit 451. [Arin laughs] [Typewriter clacking] [Paper zipping out of the keyboard] Dan: What do you think? Arin: Wow. Arin: Now that’s something. Dan: Thanks, I like to type. Dan: I can type a whole world of stories. Arin: Like what? … Arin: What’re we going to do today, Dan? Dan: That is exactly what I was gonna ask you. Dan: Because I have no idea. Arin: What? Really? Dan: Yeah, zero. Arin: But you do a little bit. Dan: A little bit. / Arin [overlapping]: Uh huh. Dan: It has something to do with the ear stuff. Arin: It’s an— It’s— It’s— Dan: It’s that. Arin: I didn’t want to smash it into the table
because it’s expensive. Dan: It does look expensive. Dan: What is this thing? Arin: It’s a pair of ears on a tripod. Dan: [jokingly wretches] [sparkles] Arin: It’s an asmr mic. (pronounced azmer) Dan: Wha— How does this work? Arin: ASMR. Arin: There’s two mics in here. Arin: One for each ear. Arin: And then you can… you can— Is it on? [off-screen]
Tucker: Uh… It’s not on right now. Arin: We’re gonna do—
This is a microphone. Two microphones. Arin: Good for the… the small volume.
Listen to this. [Arin taps a finger on the mic’s earlobe] Dan: Can they—Can the folks at home
hear what Ross is hearing? Arin: We haven’t even introduced Ross yet.
Tucker: [off-screen] Yes. Dan: Okay. Well, I mean… Yeah ’cause…
Tucker: [off-screen] Yeah, but we can set it up. Arin: We’ve got a guest with us today. Arin: It’s Ross O’Donovan.
Dan: It’s— Dan: Our friend, Ross. Ross: How’s it going guys?
[Dan laughs] Dan: I can’t believe we got him.
Ross: I know. [Dan & Arin laugh] Ross: I know. Crazy. Ross: I’ve been in a closet working on a cartoon
for, like, two years. Arin: We had to move around some schedules. Dan: Yeah, yeah. Arin: Then we had to kill a couple of people, but we got him. Dan: Weeks of— Weeks of red tape and management.
But here he is: Dan: Ross O’Donovan. Arin: We only have him for, like, thirty minutes
so we gotta make this snappy. Dan: That’s true. Arin: Ross is very prone to asmr’sers. Dan: Is that right? I— I get it too. Arin: So, he’s— he’s got a direct feed of our, of our… Arin: ear— ear microphone.
Dan: There’s some people who don’t get this reaction, right? Arin: Uh, no. I don’t.
Dan: Yeah. Dan: F-for— for people, in layman’s terms, it’s that
weird, tingly feeling you get Dan: from certain frequencies of sound. Dan: Some people don’t get it.
I definitely do. Dan: I used to feel this when I would watch Bob Ross,
uh, paint before it had, like, a name. Dan: So… I-I love this stuff. Arin: Alright.
Dan: Yeah Arin: Well, how does this sound, Ross? Arin: [whispery]
You like that shit? Ross: [Whispery] Make me tingle. Arin: You like that shit. [Dan laughs] Dan: This, like, got… Dan: …way too sexy Dan: like, right off the bat. Ross: It’s– it’s not sexual. Arin: [Whispery] You fuckin’ like that shit? Dan: I-It’s…that sounds sexual! Dan: The thing people, like, to do… Dan: uh…on ASMR… Arin: [Heavy breath] umm… Dan: …videos on Youtube is… Dan: …that they role play. Dan: So… Dan: They kinda take someone through an experience,
Arin: [kinda creepy inhale] but they Arin: [Heavy breath]
Dan: whisper the whole time Dan: to give them the chilly chills. Dan: Arin? Arin: Huh? Dan: You, uh, you wanna test it out a little bit? Arin: Oh, I was- I was roleplaying, um… Dan: A guy creepily standing next to your ear, Arin: [laughing] Yeah. Dan: breathing? Arin: [smacks his lips] Arin: Um… Arin: He-Hello Ross… um… (many lip smacks) Dan: Ew! [laughs]
Ross: [groans with slight disgust] Arin: I’m– I’m– I’m roleplaying a guy with a really wet mouth. Arin: [deep breath, followed by more lip smacks] Arin: There’s too much liquid in my mouth [Dan laughs over the lip smacks] Arin: Just can’t– I just can’t– I can’t help but– (lip smack overload) [Ross truly representitive of how we as the listeners feel] Arin: Can’t help but slosh it around… Dan: Bad news, Ross, I’m feeling very gassy today [Ross becomes an elephant] Dan: [smol poot] [all laugh] Arin: wow, that was, um, (lip smacks) (Arin mumbles while Dan laughs) Arin: That’s really good Dan: That’s Disgusting… (arin giggles) (Arin, speaking normally): Does that do anything for ya, Ross? Ross: Yeah, that’s great! Dan: Yeah ok, super. Dan: Here, try the… try this fe- oh! We got q-tips. Arin: Ooh, yeah we gotta clean, clean those ears Dan: Don’t they do this in like certain… like a lot of ASMR Dan: videos will have like a spa treatment kinda thing, kinda roleplay… Dan: So they’re like Dan, whispering: We’ll just clean your ears. (sounds of q-tip brutally stabbing Ross’ ear) Arin: You fuckin’ like that? Arin: You fuckin’ like your ears getting cleaned? Dan, talking normally: Why does it gotta be so fucking sexual? Dan: Just clean his ears, man. Arin: There’s so much bacteria in here. ಠﭛಠ
~naughty bacteria~
ಠﭛಠ Arin: Fuck… (both laugh) Arin, off camera: Get it outta here… Dan: Gonna lightly dust it with a feather Arin: ooo 🙂 Dan: This do anything Ross? Ross: Dan’s a lot better than Arin Dan: really? Ross, off camera: Yeah Arin: I can fuckin’– i can fuckin’ activate your asmr
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Dan: heheHEHEHEHeheheheEHe Dan: I’m gonna make you fucking asmr so goddamn hard Arin: How’s about this – How’s about this Ross? Arin: take this shit for size (more mouth smacks) Arin: You’re drifting away off into a gentle sleep Dan: *fart noise* Ross, off screen: *laughing* Arin: No but that wasn’t me by the way, that was Dan Dan: heheHEHEhe Arin: So technically right now I’m better than Dan is Arin: at creating the asmr response Arin: um *small lip smacks* Arin: yo-you
Dan: *more fart noises* Arin: Imagine Ross: Arin could you please take this seriously? Arin: That wasn’t me that was Dan again Dan: *pbbt* Arin: That was also Dan Dan: no- uh *whispers* no it wasn’t Arin: It was totally Dan
Dan: Thats bullshit Arin: No it wasn’t, I would never fart in you ear
Dan: Arin was the one who farted in your ear Dan: He totally farted, um Arin farted right in your ear
Arin: I never would Dan: He saddled his butt right up to your ear and was like
Arin: I did not *pbbt* Arin: That is a complete and utter lie Dan: That’s- uh that’s what happened Arin: No it’s not, not at all what happened>:( Dan: Aw gross my fucking face made contact with the ear thing *laughter* Arin: Um you’re taking a journey in to a hair salon Arin: You’re opening the door, and you’re inside Arin: And now you’re sitting down and there’s – there’s the lather hold on Arin: I gotta lather up your- hair Arin: [making the grossest noises you could imagine, that sound nothing like lathering something] Dan: You could just get something to lather with [[???]] Dan: Like its just- Arin: ok, I got the l- Now i got to spray. Arin: I got to spray the fuck out of you. [All laugh] [spritz] [spritz] [spritz] Dan: Im Im gonna tap on some rocks cause we do it at the spa
Arin: [snickers] Arin: [giggles] [A lot of rock tapping] Arin: Watch out that rock needs to get moistened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *spritz* Dan: [Whispering] Good, that’ll make- that’ll make it tappier Dan: (still whispering)Is- Dan: (ultimate whisper mode) What is ther- Is there urine in that bottle Dan: (whispering) It smells like pee Arin: I f- i feel like there might be Dan: i think there was Arin: i think he had a lot [[???]] Arin: I think there’s definitely urine in here Dan: Okay, I’m gonna tap two rocks together Dan: one covered in pee, and one without [little rock taps] Arin: That’s very sensual Dan: It’s pretty nice Arin: And so- and now it’s time for uh- Arin: us to Arin: now it’s time for us to cut your hair !!! Arin: here, you ready? Arin: We’re gonna s- we’re gonna snip some Arin: some of your hairs okay? Arin: here we go *snipping* Dan: Whoops It appears we took off a small chunk of your ear. But that’s fine, don’t even worry about it. Arin: Hold on- eh- Fuck. Arin: Hair’s gettin’ all over this fuckin’ shit Arin: One, two, three *chops off a small chunk of your fragile ear* Oh god Dan: [wheezing]
Arin: Oi Dan: Oh god, I’m sorry. Dan: I’m sorry
Arin: I cut off a little bit of your ear Both: I’m sorry Arin: Oh, that’s-
Dan: I’m so sorry
Arin: Oooooo Ooohh Arin: Let me try to put it back on. Dan: Just-
Arin: Sh- shit Dan: hold on, wait Arin: Yeah, OK
Dan: We’re gonna use the pee spray, just spray it here *two spritzes* Arin: Urine’s a natural adhesive Dan: *wheeze* Arin, off screen: And then there we go. There we go. Arin: Your ear’s back on Dan: Just look at the sheep Just look at your sheepy friend Arin: Wait, he can’t- Those are not eyes, they’re ears
Dan: Ok Dan: Well, listen to your sheepy friend Arin: laughing Sheep: *thump* *both laughing* Dan, off screen: Wait, hold on Ross, get ready *Dan inhales helium* Dan, high pitched: How’s it going? *arin and ross laughing* *2nd helium inhale* Dan, higher pitched: Are you getting sleepy? *all laughing* Dan: Hannah Arin: Hannah give me one! Hannah give me one! *everyone losing it* Arin: *inhaling helium* Arin: Hey Ross Dan: *laughing* Arin: You’re getting… Very relaxed *breath* And… Um… Arin: You’re my best friend, did you know that? Did you know that you’re my beeest friend? Relaxi- Close your eyes *Ross and Dan laughing* Arin: And imagine I’m rubbing your t h i g h s Dan: I’m going to open a tube of goo now *Arin and Dan laughing* *Arin coughing* Dan: Ok, ok, ok *lid noises* Dan: Shhhiiit! Arin: pfft Dan: It’s really- It’s really on there *goo opening noises* Arin: Oooh, that was… Dan: Sorry, that was loud Dan: But here’s- Here’s the goo. Here’s the goo *gross goo noises* Dan: It’s- It doesn’t really make a sound Arin: Hold on, you gotta like Arin: You gotta really go like Dan: Oh, okay, wait wait wait Dan: Can you hear this Ross? *sensual goo noises that sound like a dog shitting* Arin: You like that? Arin: You fuckin like that, you dirty bitch? *more sexy dog shit goo* Dan: Ew *this goo sounds so hot, guys* Arin: Sorry, I was just scratching my ass for a second *all laughing* Dan: Ross… We’re gonna put some beads IN the g- Shit Fuc- aw shit Alright, there’s um.. Ok *goo*
Okay *goo AND beads*
ah fuck okay okay
okay Dan: You’re getting very sleepy Dan: Oh, listen to this shit *bead goo* Arin: You gotta put more than that in there, dude. Arin: You gotta mix in like a thousand of ’em *beads rustling* Arin: There you go
Yeeeaaaah Arin: That’s how I like my ice cream Dan: *trying not to laugh* Dan: Whoa
They’re moving! Dan: They’re…
They’re moving against Dan: They’re moving against
Against my will Arin: Here’s the sound of some beads. *sound of some beads* *sound of some beads*
Arin: do you like that *sound of some beads* *sound of some beads*
Dan: y-Oh no *sound of some beads*
Arin: It doesn’t seem like he likes it *sound of some beads*
Ross: Why are you dirty talking to me? Arin: I’m sorry Ross Dan: Ross, listen to this shit *beads rubbing in hands* Arin: That’s kinda nice, right? Dan: It’s nice, right? Arin: Yeah, it’s really nice Dan: *coughs* Oh, sorry Dan: *coughs* Oh, sorry
sorry Dan: Okay, Ross, Dan: Okay, Ross,
I’m going to gently crinkle a little bit of paper *REALLY LOUD PAPER RUSTLING* Dan, back to whispering: How was that? *laughter* Arin: Did it take you back to 3rd grade science? (Arin in a crinkly voice): Hahahahahahaha … (Dan does vocal warmups) mimimimimi (Arin shakily singing): “Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪…” “How I wonder what you are ♪” (Dan the chipmunk): “Up above the world so high ♪” (Dan and Arin harmonize): “Like a diamond in the sky! ♪” “Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪” “How I wonder what you ♪ aaaaaaaaaaare! ♪” ᵀ ʰ ᵉ ᴶ ᵉ ʷ ˢ ᶠ ᵃ ᵏ ᵉ ᵈ ᵗ ʰ ᵉ ᵐ ᵒ ᵒ ⁿ ˡ ᵃ ⁿ ᵈ ᶦ ⁿ ᵍ (everyone breaks out into hysterics) (back to lip smacks) (and some saliva action!) (Dan sneezes) Dan: Sorry Ross Arin: Bless you, bless you, Dan. (Dan laughs) Arin: Hold on, it’s like – it’s like an arrow going through your head, watch this, it’s like – Arin: It’s like… “Oh, no, here come the insurgents!” Arin: (imitates arrow flying) Arin and Dan: (laugh lightly) Dan: (deflates balloon) Dan: (squeak) Dan: (squeak) Dan: (squeak) Dan: (squeak squeak squeak squeak) Dan: (deflates balloon) Arin: (blows up balloon) (TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONES NOW!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)) Both: (deflate balloons irritatingly) (laugh) Arin: (deflates balloon irritatingly) SCREEEEEEEEEEEE Dan: (laughs) Both: (The most horrible sound your will ever hear) Dan’s balloon: (Earshattering screaming) All: (laugh hysterically) Ross: (laughing) That was the worst noise I’ve EVER heard. Dan: (still laughing) Arin: (deflates balloon in each ear) Balloon: (deflates rapidly) Arin: Shit! Dan: (laughs hard) (lovely outro music)

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  1. That harmony tho😆😆 I've never been more uncomfortable or laughed so hard 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂 and I never want to imagine helium Arin touching my thighs 😆😆😆😆

  2. Listening with headphones is like the angel and demon on your shoulder argue with each other except they’re both on medication

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    H⃝i⃝ s⃝t⃝r⃝a⃝n⃝g⃝e⃝r⃝.⃝.⃝.⃝.⃝i⃝t⃝’⃝s⃝ b⃝e⃝e⃝n⃝ a⃝w⃝h⃝i⃝l⃝e⃝

    Literally the first thing that popped in my head😂🤠

  4. I had to literally take my headphones off like 5 times because I was shaking and very uncomfortable but I think this is the hardest I've laughed in a while

  5. ASMR usually triggers my anxiety, especially when it's a man whispering (because of childhood trauma), but I love these buffoons so much and am so used to listening to them talk while I fall asleep that this was actually pleasing 😂

  6. This is the equivalent to when you’re at a sleepover as a kid and you’re trying to be quiet because you’re supposed to be sleeping

  7. This is it! The very first Game Grumps video I ever commented on, five months ago (i said Dan has such a beautiful face lol)

  8. 5:34 when all your personalities start arguing inside your head over who was responsible for the brain fart

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