ASMR [ ROLE PLAY ] DUTCH TEACHER LESSON 4 (soft spoken whispered)

hello good evening welcome to your Dutch class let's start this class with three kisses on the cheek because that's the way that people say hello so tonight we are going to revisit things that we have learned in previous lessons all right yes so we're going to count again which I know you can do very well the alpha man and the difficult letter combinations all right should we just get started yeah because we've done dance then we can move forward and tonight let me check yep tonight we are going to talk about burbs we're going to learn 10 different verbs and we're going to learn how to use them in present and future sounds exciting right all right what's first see if the homework imagination all right you know the drill this time I have a point and you'll say it I won't repeat it hey hey hey save him ah they hunt very good next line Emma's 13 14 15 16 17 Oh ding Nathan Dean tinta excellent job okay so let's do the last row all right a Nintendo danten danten fee on syndicate good alphabet all right same oh very good my point do you say I repeat they say good day hey hey hey hey was it very very good I'm so proud of you excellent we're going to visit the different combinations how do you pronounce this poor very good what does it mean farmer yeah very good what does it mean well excellent how good it means what yes oh very good it means yep pick up hi good and it means sweater excellent job we can move on in this class let me remove what's on the board and then we'll go on to alright so let's move on to the second part of this class and we're going to dig deeper into verbs all right exciting all right so I've written down ten different verbs we're going to walk them through see how you pronounce them and then we're going to see how you put them into a sentence all right let's start with the first try and pronounce this one open very good bloap bloap which is to walk so as you can see all the herbs in touch and with E and open it's just different I think just to do a second this one is tricky right he and a together his eat so how do you bounce this fits in feet feet which is two-bike third word how do you pronounce this is difficult right it is pronounced as spring spring spring very good spring in which is to jump or is the word very good excellent taking it take take and it means to draw this word how do you pronounce it that's difficult combinations right yep so this is um and he and he is hey so how do you pronounce this yeah Ivan Ivan Ivan which is 2 right then the next word how do you pronounce it huh so don't send bit to dance next word eaten very good 8 8 which is to eat next word slap slap slap very good which is to sleep this word drinking good thanks a lot thank thank alright then that very last word laser eye just to read alright so now that we know ten different herbs in Dutch obviously you want to know how to put them into a sentence right yeah so let's start at the present heck been on it and then you fill in any of these words on the red dotted line let's try you read first the sentence and then pick one of these the words good very good Nick been on it open take banana pizza he put on it's bringing Nick banana taking it Big Ben on it Savin hey banana don't slap losin all right so this is the present I am drunk jumping I'm drawing guys doing anything and the future so I'm going to shake shake and then then you have these words you can apply so you try it all right good excellent very good hey hand open I got feet soon they got swinging they got taking it because then they kept Thompson I can just laughing top Lincoln he got lazy very good now let's talk about the past it ain't off I'm hit and then any of these words all right you try it good very good yes no you're doing excellent hey close on it I'll open it goes on it defeats in hey cuz I'm swingin hey Kohana taken a go that's – hey goes on the don't goes on it – hate them who's gonna think it goes on the plate mmm-hmm I was drawing I was writing anyone biking I was walking so now that you know the three different ways that you can apply these birds you know you had some tools and it's good great alright let's wrap it up for tonight a lot of information right yeah okay so thank you so much for joining me in this touch of class you did an amazing job and I don't like to see you again soon okay okay say goodbye landed like that repo all right snob Becker sweet dream sleep stop like thank you to all my subscribers thank you for hitting the like button leaving a comment and thank you for clicking on the notification bell and a very special thanks to my patreon supporter click on the link in the description box if you also want to support me on patreon watching my youtube video on an app called tingles this way you avoid

47 thoughts on “ASMR [ ROLE PLAY ] DUTCH TEACHER LESSON 4 (soft spoken whispered)”

  1. I don't know if this is tedious for you Isabel, but thank you for doing it! I really enjoy these mini lessons!

  2. I'm really repeating and trying to pronounce the words… OMG I'm learning Dutch, thanks Isabel 🙂

  3. Very nice and interesting! I love these asmr Dutch lessons! Great as always Isabel, thank you for smiling!

  4. I love how you correctly make your Six’s and your Nine’s and vive versa. I hate when people mess up this simple rule. Their nine’s like retarded. But the Nine in Twenty-Nine looks like a g hehe

  5. IDK why am I getting Dutch videos in my recommendations today.
    Just came here after Nikkie Tutorials Dutch video!😅

  6. I am from Belgium and that betekend/meens it is easy for my. En dit is het zelfde als nr.3 wat op het bord staat

  7. Isabel you help me deal with stress and anxiety and when I watch your channel I can sleep and feel happy again 😍

  8. I’am Dutch and I can only wonder, where is the ‘eu’ in the difficult lettercombinations? Really nice video again Isabel!

  9. Isabel we want a personal attention video please, i miss your personal attention videos sooooooo much and you are the best at them

    And i want to say that you are the best teacher ever 🙏❤️

  10. My screen has a crack right at "trui", so I thought it said "trut" which means b*tch. I was confused why you would teach us that in lesson 4 hahaha. Wonderful video

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