[ASMR] International First Class Flight Attendant (Soft Spoken)

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Gibi and I am your chief flight attendant. On behalf of the Captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard International Airlines flight 400 with non-Stop service. Our flight time will be of 6 hours and 30 minutes. You’ll be flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet at a ground speed of 600 miles per hour At this time make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened Also, your portable electronic devices must be set to airplane mode until an announcement is made upon arrival Thank you When the seatbelt sign illuminates you must fasten your seat belt Insert the metal fittings one into the other and tighten by pulling the loose end of the strap to release your seatbelt release the upper portion of the buckle We suggest that you keep your seatbelt fastened throughout the flight since we may experience turbulence there are several emergency exits on this aircraft Two forward and two over each wing as well as two in the rear Please take a few moments now to locate your nearest exit in some cases your nearest exit may be behind you If we need to evacuate the aircraft floor level lighting will guide you towards the exit Doors can be opened by moving the handle in the directions of the arrow Each door is equipped with an inflatable slide which may also be detached and used as a life raft Oxygen and the air pressure are always being monitored in the event of decompression an oxygen. Mask will automatically appear in front of you to start the flow of oxygen Pull the mask towards you place. It firmly over your nose mouth secure the elastic band behind your head and breath normally Most of the pack does not inflate oxygen is flowing to the mask If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance secure your mask on first and that assists the other person Keep your mask on until the uniformed crew member advises you to remove it A life vest is located in a pouch under your seat or between the arm rests When instructed to do so open the plastic pouch and remove the vest Slip it over your head back the straps around your waist and addressed at the front to inflate the vest pull firmly on the red Cord only when leaving the aircraft if you need to refill the best blow into the mouthpieces Use the results in light to attract attention At this time their portable electronic devices must be set to airplane mode until the announcement is made upon arrival We remind you that this is a non-smoking flight Tampering with, disabling or destroying the smoke detectors located in laboratories is prohibited You will find this and all the other safety information in the card located in the seat pocket in front of you We suggest you read it before takeoff If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our crew members We wish you all an enjoyable flight Flight attendants prepare for takeoff please Hello there How are you settling in? Good Well we have a very smooth takeoff And now you just get to relax for a few hours until our final descent And you’ll get to enjoy your trip Is this your first time visiting? That’s very exciting I’m sure you’ll love it. I think I’ve been there probably 20 times now. I take this flight quite frequently now. Oh No, it’s not too bad Can I get you anything? We have beverages and snacks available Okay, great. How does sparkling water sound? Good, okay. I’ll be right back with that Before we hand out the snacks and drinks, could it I offer you a hot towel? Here you go, and I’ll come back for that Here is your napkin. I will just place that on the tray in front of you and You’re all done with your towel Okay perfect Did you say sparkling water okay? We have still as well, but let me just show you what we have Here is the drink and snack tray. As you can see, we have multiple flavors of La Croix I highly recommend a passion fruit as well as the orange And then we have lime and mango as well other than that for snacks We have some packs of the Blue Diamond almonds that are lightly salted We have the Orchard Valley Omega-3 mix, and that’s with walnuts, dried and sweetened cranberries almonds and pistachios And we have the Santos roasted cashews and pretzels mix So you’ll take the passion fruit La Croix. And the Snack mix Okay I can also offer you some gum it might help with any clogged ears. This is the eclipse polar ice And we also have The eclipse Winter Frost I’ll leave this with you And would you like ice? Okay, great. I’ll be right back with that I’m just going to put this on your tray I think this is the best flavor as well You know they’re not kidding when they say in sparkling water Okay I will leave the rest of the can with you and here is your drink and There we go So while you enjoy that I will be prepping some of the first-class amenities Such as slippers, pillows anything you might need since this is an overnight flight Yes, I’ll be coming around with that in just a moment. Wonderful Could I interest you in a travel pillow? This is just the small size, it shouldn’t get in the way of your sleep too much. Put that, behind you and then Here are your pajamas Yes, we offer pajamas. This is the long sleeve T-Shirt. and we also have long Pants Now these are mostly one-size-fits-all but if you find them Too large or too small or anything at all just let me know we have additional sizes in the cabin Yeah, you know most passengers do choose to change into the pajamas If everyone’s doing it you don’t feel quite as strange Well Let me actually grab you slippers as well, I seem to have forgotten those but I have two Beauty/Self-Care kits for you The first being A shave and travel kit this is the shave cream, deodorant Two-in-one one shampoo twin blade razor Toothpaste, Toothbrush comb, dental flosses, TSA approved zip-top bag And a travel bag Yes, we do have a shower on this flight. So, you have the deodorant So, you can take this kit And we will also give you Our signature gift Which actually comes in a lovely bag. And this, Is actually designed by an artist named Jacob Learry, who works with our airline. So, we have a relax and hydrate, travel essentials kit inside your kit with the sweet orange and Che hand cream, ultra hydrating face moisturiser and sweet orange lip balm Yes, this one is So they just come in little tubes, like this. And they smell amazing, which is helpful after you’ve been on a flight after so many hours. And, I can also offer you some earplugs It doesn’t seem like we have too many Infants on the flight today and, um especially since your up in first-class It’s, uhh It’s nice and quiet up here Yes, I do like working the first class section quite a bit, I meet some great people And, uhh It’s a little bit Little bit more luxurious as you might be able to tell and we have basic necessities such as a comb, in this kit as well We have dental floss and anything else you might need. So i’ll zip that up Give that to you and let me see if I can track down some slippers for you. Okay So, here are a pair of slippers in your size These are sort of, towel fabric-y Which is great for the cabin. They have a grip. On the bottom. Plus the carpeted floors Should be just fine walking around We do not recommend walking around barefoot Or in socks. People spill things all the time and you don’t wanna end up with wet feet. so here’s your slippers And We are also handing out sleep phones on the flight today This is the fleece pair So these just go around your head like a headband And there are actually headphones on the inside So they’re a bit more comfortable than your regular on-the-ear, over-the-ear headphones Would you be interested in a pair? Yes, It’s on us. Great Well here you go, this should help a bit with the noise And you can plug them in while you’re watching a movie or anything like that on the entertainment system Very good Okay, Let me check on the other passengers, and I will be right back Okay Okay We will be handing out the forms for you to fill out upon your arrival This will make customs a lot easier Do you need help filling them out? It definitely can be a little confusing, especially if you’ve never been to this country before Can I see your passport? Ooh, very nice It was on sale? I think it’s very charming Okay So we just wanna flip to this page And you get your passport number right there? You just wanna fill that in on this line as well as your mailing address and any other information they ask for if you’re bringing anything into the country What you plan on doing there? How long you plan on staying for your vacation? I’ll give this back to you, cause you will need it to fill out that form Okay, so we are doing hot beverages now could I interest you in one of those while you’re filling it out? Some coffee. We can definitely do that. Do you take cream or sugar? Okay, let me go make that for you. I’ll be right back While we’re waiting for that to brew could I offer you with another hot towel? Very well, here you go perfect Here is your coffee Yes, It smells really good. I’ve already had two cups. I like to stay awake during the whole flight some flight attendants prefer to take their break early No. I’ve gotten very used to it, now. Here’s your coffee Perfect, and did you finish those forms? Okay, Yeah looks like you have them all set. Is this air a little bit too much for you? Let me turn that down just slightly and so you can just, adjust it here and that should be a little better Okay Perfect. I’m going to take your can for you. You’re all done? Okay So you should definitely get some rest now. If you’re worried about Jetlag We’re going to be turning the cabin lights off and sort of saying good night, so to speak I know you just got coffee, but Yeah, just relax a little bit and In the morning, we’ll be serving coffee and breakfast again, and we’ll be there before you know it Very good. Well if there’s anything at all I can get you a flight attendant button is right up there Okay, have a great flight! BEEP BEEP

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  1. What’s the difference between soda and flavoured fizzy water?

    Ëdît ßœrrŷ fœr pœßtįñg thrēē çœmmęñtß įñ thē ßæmē vįdēœ.

    Płēæßę fœrgįvē mę

  2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    -Was good other than her forcing nuts down my throat despite being allergic. Having a freakin nut attack. Other than that….four stars 👍

  3. I feel bad for the other people waiting 19 minutes for a snack and a drink

    19 minutes later,everyone’s asleep=gibi🤬

  4. I feel like my mom would be this flight attendant as you were like
    “You should definitely get some sleep”
    While it’s daytime

  5. GiBi aIrLineS:
    Show passport in the plane too

    Fill something out to Enter a country for some reason that is not realistic

    Gives you 1000000 hot Towels

    Tells you when to sleep

    Has no one in the plane but gets you to the middle seat

  6. Me: scrolling through comments not listening to the ASMR
    Gibi: how are you settling in
    Me: i don’t like coffee
    Gibi: good.

  7. What type of flight is this, they have a shower,they give you pajamas, and there's a TV.I know this is first class but still.If I could afford this I would so relaxing.😌

  8. Gibi: Is this your first time going there?
    Me: Yeah, I'm going to work in a factory and make porta-potties.
    Gibi: That's very exciting.

  9. I wanna be the first poleian dad!

    My son will be born in the North Pole and we’ll make up a language!

    Dûńtł ęßx jkñ łöè xdß

  10. Gibi: here is ur napkin and I will put that in the tray table in front of you

    Me: isn’t my tray table on my right?

    Gibi: moves on and starts giving me food

  11. So I can get pajamas, a pillow, slippers, snacks, drinks, hot towels, and special travel kits but I can only get a 5 inch wide and 3 inch tall video player screen in first class

  12. Gibi :”how are you settling in”
    Me : I’m gonna hijack this place with my ak47
    Gibi: “good”

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    Gibi: [Drops anything]
    Vedio Title: [Changes] from (First class) to (Air Koryo flight)

    Notice: Air Koryo is N.korean 1star airline

  14. Gibi:*explains all snacks*

    Me:Uhh….. I’m allergic to all tree nuts

    Gibi:So you’ll take the passion fruit la croix and the snack mix?


    Gibi:Ok I’ll set that right there for you

    Me:*eats and dies*

  15. There's so much wrong its day even tho its a overnight flight and we can see its a new Zealand airline first class cabin

  16. Review 4/5 Stars
    “Great service and very clean plane.
    The only downside was that the flight attendant was standing in my lap”

  17. to be real. I really enjoy flying and clicked on this today because I'm flying to the US in March next year and can't wait to get on that plane.

  18. anyone else live some where that has lots of planes nearby so the background noise kinda freaked them out at first because it stopped when they paused the video?
    just me
    okay then

  19. Found this video bc I saw somebody made a meme of you offering a towel! I've been a fan of yours for about a year now, thought the meme looked familiar lol.

  20. This is so unrealistic. Where's the crying baby, the guy constantly coughing, the lady listening to music thats too loud, the fidgety kid playing in the seat behind you, or the couple thats trying to quietly have an argument but we can all totally hear them!

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