Arvind Kejriwal on Education System in India | Latest Speech

35 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal on Education System in India | Latest Speech”

  1. He gave credit to people, teachers,students,common man but not a single time took his name that's the thing about a visionary leader.
    Thankyou sir …. A common man.

  2. Excellent work done by AAP but stop EVMs.
    Stop EVMs fraud otherwise AAP will loose deposits in next all forthcoming elections.
    AAP lost Lok Sabha elections only because of EVMs fraud.

  3. Kejriwal is Universal CM

    1. Rohit Vemula's Suicide in Hyderabad.

    Kejriwal offered Govt Job to his brother.

    2. Tabrez died in Jharkhand.

    Kejriwal to give 5 lakh & Job to his wife.

    3. Mob killed Bharat Yadav in Mathura, called him Kaafir.

    But Universal CM Kejriwal consumed Fevicol in this case. Why??

  4. Dehli govt Ko dekh kar eh sochen ton majboor ho chuke Han ke ham apni state vich istrah ke education, health, electricity, CCTV cameras,& now free travel to women kion nahi de sake. We should appreciate Dehli govt.

  5. Sir
    Evm me button to ham AAP ko hi dabayenge lekin vote bjp ko hi jayega
    Kya kare evm ki waja see apka patta saf ho jeyega 😂🤣😅

  6. भारत देश को फेकू जैसे झूठे मक्कार की जरुरत नही है।भारत को केजरीवाल की जरुरत है जो भारत में समान शिक्षा लागू कर सकें

  7. You guys have done so much work but have almost nothing to show on social media other than 4 or 2 pics per post. We have the power of YouTube so use it, 10 yrs even that was nonexistent. Even 2 yrs ago 4G was not widespread. But after all this what you guys put on YouTube is NOTHING but speeches and press conference 😔 Speeches are not required just post proof. 100 pics per project per post. Just do it.

  8. You guys have done great work, but make some social media content about school with at least 500 pictures. You guys have the people & power.

  9. Ghanta Kuch hua hai.BC jab tak teacher ki mansikta nhi badloge tab ghanta hone wala hai.kitne teacher aise hai jine computer on off karne nhi aata .

  10. 🌏🇮🇳🙏💓 Bharat Mata ki Jai. "Bharat Maa Ka Laal Shri Arvind Kejriwal" -Sunil Bharat 🇮🇳

  11. Sir why are you sending your own children in public school get their admission in Delhi and set an example for public.

  12. Arvind Kejriwal Ji is a very dynamic man. He speech valuable energetic regarding education system is going on in Delhi govt results game changer in education system.Jai Aam Aadmi party.

  13. Love and big support from Pakistan. I hope one day he becomes the Prime Minister of India. If Indian people just give him a chance to prove himself.

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