Arvin Navarro: Welcome to my UniSA experience

Hi, I’m Arvin. Come see my university and this beautiful city The university’s reputation is more than enough to convince me to give up my career in Abu Dhabi and move to Adelaide to pursue my MBA degree. When thinking of Australia most think of the big cities. Little do they know there’s a hidden gem in the south. So what I really like about studying at UniSA is that most of the concepts being taught here are research based and in that way I’m really confident with what I’m learning here The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science is one of the world’s best and largest marketing research institutions Even though I already had experience working professionally in the marketing industry, I still get to learn new concepts every time I expected that studying in a foreign country would be really challenging But I never thought that it would be this engaging and fun as well UniSA has taught me a lot not just academically but on personal values as well. You’ll love it here Learn all you can, make new friends and just enjoy it all

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