Arts Education Teaching Sequence (AETS) in the VAPAE Program

The arts education teaching sequence is
the core of the VAPAE program. It’s where a student can go from theory to
observation to practice where they get to implement a completely unique and
original arts based lesson plan in a K through 12 classroom in LAUSD. M102 is
the first of three courses in the arts education teaching sequence and this
course provides an overview of arts education for multiple publics in
inner-city settings through the lens of social justice. Students learn basic
theories of arts education and artistic development. Students are also creating
team micro teaching experiences for their peers and receiving feedback. In
micro teaching we all the groups are assigned to a lesson plan and we have to
implement that lesson plan in 25 minutes and so it could be on anything one group
did shadow puppets for digital media it was super cool. Before I take this class
I uh I kind of felt like art wasn’t as important as like math or English like
my core classes that I need and taking this class made me realize that is not a
separate discipline that you need art to do on English to do a Math to do on
Science because I’m a visual and a kinetic learner and when we do projects
we’re doing art. So M192 is the second course and a three course sequence.
This is the course in which students are really beginning to commit and are well
on their way towards a minor in arts education. We work to pair students with
different arts disciplines different classes and guiding teachers all across
Los Angeles. You’re becoming the artists teaching artist that you want to be so
like when you create your teaching philosophy paper and everything that you
want to do as a teacher you’re able to actually implement that in the second
quarter I really, I’m teaching music and I want that to be hands-on and I want
that to be accessible. I craft my lessons so that it can be just that.
I’m looking forward to teaching children about developing visual literacy skills
through the arts and this kind of looking around our visual culture around
us and kind of okay well what does this mean if we’re only seeing a lot of extra
a lot of wide. Working towards service learning in M192 SL, students are actually
in the classrooms implementing all of the theories and ideas and lessons that
they’ve developed over the two earlier courses. VAPAE teaching sequence has
helped me become a stronger teaching artist by enlightening me in terms of
which ways to approach teaching starting being in public school growing up I
always thought there was kind of one way to teach. Joining VAPAE kind of blew
my mind and expanded my way of understanding how education could
actually be in doing that that I feel like I could actually grow even further
now than I could have before. Some of the challenges that I’ve overcome as a
teaching artist has been how to manage a classroom of 37 students and being one
teacher in the room because in my head it was always going to be a smaller
group of students that I was going to teach to so when I walk into the
classroom it’s not a very big space but it feels big in the sense that they’re
these beautiful bold personalities and of 37 students and I want to tend to
each one of them. In my experience the three main takeaways that students
achieve as a result of the sequence are confidence, adaptability, community.

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