Articles: Finding Full Text of Articles for Distance Education

Hi – this video will cover the steps for
requesting an electronic copy of an article if you aren’t able to get one right off the
library website. So if you’re searching a database, like this one, which is EBSCOHost, you’re either gonna see HTML or Full-Text PDF, and that means you have immediate access
to the article. On the other hand, if you find an article
that looks interesting, and you see “Article Linker – Check for full
text access or print availability” if you click that
link ideally you’ll be directed to the PDF of the
article if it’s available electronically. The
other thing that might happen when you click on Article Linker is that
you’ll be redirected to this page where it tells
you “Article is Not Available Online Please Proceed to Step 2,” in which case
you would search our library catalog. However, if you are
taking classes through regional campuses or distance education, and you live outside Cache Valley, you
can just skip down to Step 3 and request it via InterLibrary Loan.

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