Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques

[Applause] stone by stone this deceptively simple tradition embodies that know-how and experience of countless generations with an artisan skill and deep knowledge of their environment men and women with only their hands as their tools use this dry stone technique – fashioned from the most humble to the most complex and spectacular constructions shaping ordering and ultimately creating in an exemplary and sustainable manner entire landscapes were agriculture and livestock farming have flourished dry stone is a prime example of the bonds between people and nature Lucic relative search system yes succedaneum a procedure mu a procedure lol what stone is typically collected from the fields and without any sort of binding material and often with no cutting is arranged and wedged together to form constructions that are resistant flexible and durable and always in perfect harmony with the environment [Applause] what refreshes the first karate karate I think I've got a pan walls dwellings of all kinds Wells roads enclosures bridges arches vaults the versatility and effectiveness of the traditional dry stone technique is astounding extraordinarily efficient and environmentally friendly no waste is produced nor is any foreign or processed material used only human toil and often group effort uh know how passed down through the ages this is an excellent example of popular architecture whose materials can be recycled as many times as necessary a paradigm of sustainability this class annuity and participation at Lima yet in a he synthetic elastomer you know Paris is very pointy neck Kobe record on year o modulus does not restore Driscoll Podesta kilometer and Assad guru caboose launch off hotelier syllabus room CC I forgot be sure don't bash on sound last question a del Moro a romantic salvo Vardar el pasad yama propio khmer terrazzo take a say to toe and a sense a mono canción a Homolka non non evasive you Resta tension a paramour e2 tava via traditional dry stone construction prevent soil erosion promotes rain water retention while ensuring efficient drainage and contributes to biodiversity shamoto rutila's related pathos to Olli CI importante proteome an ethical dilemma tamaño de votre sustainable a unit righto ethical naturally que el último de Christo topology de mujer a secret eMeter de la vista del pasado del agua Chisinau SAT anomalies de la vita Swinton no Yankee questo from important the lava lava sea food if you the traditional dry stone technique used to create buildings and landscapes also helps to build cohesive societies and reinforce the identity of the communities that practice around the walling the custodians of this traditional building technique continue to the presentator pass it on from generation to generation as a family tradition and through apprenticeships and workshops organized by associations and institutions that simultaneously promote social integration and respect for cultural diversity and gender divides God's own justice meet the TV's a young generation toys for indie Qatar letit dalta the school I'll be hung their meter goes to the guys they would leave after party the equidome okay technically Miriah cualquier gotten as Fidelio nato's Julio P genomic really carry through some a tuba Tara cave metal POTUS ara padronia Bruce Acuna this wanna do another movie so now Mia madrina fractal Pomona's most in here and throw home here on advice for try to go to your meeting the familiar the tip remove power stylish – – a loop apply from here can have supposed to be traveled at a time of great technological advances the traditional dry stone technique bears witness to its cultural importance by providing a long list of teachings for current and future generations his model as a source of inspiration and reflection on the landscape the habitat or the use of Natural Resources the traditional dry stone technique is a rich cultural link between tradition innovation and creativity transmission is essential if this technique is to be safeguarded for future generations

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