Areej Mawasi: Strengthening STEM education with online games

The most recent project I was involved in, we designed a transmedia intervention to increase students’ self efficacy towards STEM. We designed an online game that engaged the student about ethics under the theme of Frankenstein.
My role as a research assistant was to collect data in classrooms as well as
collecting data in museums where we actually tested our intervention.
Going in the field and realizing what is the reality of the classroom,
what is the reality of museums made me understand that whenever we are working
on applied research or applied projects it’s very important to collaborate with
the stakeholders in the locations or the environments where we are designing our interventions for. And I think through my work on this project as well as being
involved in other projects at ASU I had the opportunity to work on ideas that are applicable not just within the lab settings, but also in the real world.

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