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  1. Social work pays well if you have experience. Different areas and countries pay differently but I would say independent Fostering teams pay more than government teams.

  2. Hi
    I just got the diploma offer of social service worker from Canadian college. I would like to stay in Canada and I am not sure this job will be able to help me to get jobs easily and immigrate. Can you advise me? Thank you!

  3. hi jasmine,..I would like to ask you something…When you say that social workers are put at risk, I wanted to know if your safety is taken into consideration at your place of work when you are working with people that are mentally unstable…is there any law enforced to protect social workers?…thanks

  4. I’m depressed I found out with a masters social work degree most people that just graduate only make 36k 🙁 in Massachusetts

  5. Ma'am, I'm looking to pursue a career in Social Work. I have a considerable amount of doubts regarding the course. If you could provide me with your email address that would've been really helpful. 😊

  6. Being black did you face racism in Australia I have heard many things about racism and are not friendly people!!! Please answer

  7. Hi Jasmine Ama Im planning to do my masters in Social work in Australia I have a Degree in Community Resource Management and Extension from Kenya can I become a social worker with this back ground? Would we exchange emails for more professional guide please.

  8. https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/08/29/the-most-and-least-profitable-professions-massachusetts/A90tpuSvjz3fFFr7a5okMN/story.html
    Health care social workers make $56,570 (mean annual in MA)
    $52, 520 (annual salary in U.S) these are considered positions in middle class careers

  9. To break it down a bit better. BSW pay is very low for someone with a Bachelors Degree. Even with a Masters the pay still doesn't equal out unless you have your own private practice. I have a friend who graduated with a degree is logistics management and he got a job starting off at 80K a year. And they are paying for his masters degree.

  10. For u to say the salery is low u need to tell us the cost of livin where u are. How much is rent n fuel n food. N how much left over u would have etc

  11. Hi jasmine, i'm from India and I really enjoyed your videos your content is very clear and unique, i want little suggestion from you I'm also MSW from India and I want to move to other contries could you please giude me regarding this. Thanks

  12. Im a highschool senior, and i really consider this career. But how im i suppose to know this career is for me? Alot of the comments are sooo negative😥😥😥😥

  13. bet like here in england they get more to rip familys apart taking kids for nothing they are all scum making it look so nice and warm they just take kids from folks scum

  14. Hello Jasmine, İm from Holland and studying social work (bachelor). I can tell you only one thing that we as social workers we dont do this job because we earn much money with it. We are social workers because we like to help people with their problems! We love to do our job because helping people is in our blood! Good luck with your carreer! Greatz from Holland!

  15. I'm in the US and I am an LBSW and my husband who is a factory worker and not college educated makes more than me but I think I'm happier and more fulfilled.

  16. I have an SSW in The USA and I have only been doing it for 2 years I don’t make a lot at all but I’m thinking of going back to school for my masters so I can make at least 50K that would be ideal

  17. With a bachelor's degree I didn't think you could do much except being a case worker? At least here in the U.S
    I would need a masters and a clinical license to do therapies right?

  18. Hi Jasmine, i would like to know about the use of self and the use of emotional intelligence. Being a social work student i can see that your videos are helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  19. Hi Jasmine, could you make a video about the difference between voluntary and professional social work practice please, thank you

  20. I've just recently discovered your videos. I really appreciate your perspective on social work. Great questions with succinct answers. Thank you very much!

  21. Since being a MSW my salary increased over 20,000. That is a big jump in my income that allowed me to move to the suburbs. I am also planning on becoming licensed early next year; therefore, it will allow me to earn more.

  22. U can make ok money starting off like 45 to 50. But if u become a supervisor or a director u can easily make 75k and over My ex gf worked at acs NYC as a program director and was making close to 97 thousand with 9 years experience

  23. I have my MSW and became licensed. I recommend going that route if you want to make decent money. I also really enjoy your videos!!

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