Are Jehovah’s Witness Elders Qualified?

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today I want to start off with an apology for the fact that I have been
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thank you for coming back to the channel and watching my videos and okay so where
we left off last time was that I gave you guys a life update about what was
going on and it was just a really quick video but in the video I mentioned how
my dad had just been appointed an elder so that’s something that I’ve been
thinking about a lot more recently and I’ve just spent a lot of time lately
thinking about the elder arrangement and why I have a problem with it as a whole
there are different things within the organization that I take issue with and
one of the major problems that I have with being a Jehovah’s Witness was that I
never felt comfortable with the elder arrangement so I want to talk a little
bit today about what the elder arrangement is and I want to compare it
to pastors and priests and other denominations religious leaders because
I think that there isn’t a lot of conversation between people who
have never been Jehovah’s Witnesses and people who have only been Jehovah’s
Witnesses about how elders differ from pastors and priests so that’s what we’re
going to be talking about today if it sounds interesting to you please stay
tuned for the rest of the video okay so the past couple of days
I’ve spent with my sister’s and last night we kind of got into a conversation
about my dad being appointed an elder and we were talking about the whole
elder arrangement and through the course of the conversation I realized I guess I
was able to solidify a lot of the problems that I have with the elder
arrangement my sisters have only ever been Jehovah’s Witnesses so they’ve
never been any other religion so they were not aware of the qualifications
that it takes for someone to become a pastor or for someone to become a priest
or a minister or Reverend or anything like that so I kind of want to talk to
people because I realized that a lot of you are ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and you’ve
never been any other religion you’ve never been any other type of Christian
you’ve never dipped your toes in to any other church or anything like that
so I want to talk about first before I get into the elder arrangement what it
takes for someone to become a pastor or a priest okay so the different terms
that you hear pastor, priest, Reverend, preacher any of those terms usually the
difference is the denomination so if you’re Catholic you’re not going to be a
pastor that’s reserved for specific denominations priest is reserved for
a specific denomination as well but it also has to do with educational
requirements so what I did was I went online and I looked up the different
qualifications that you have to have to become a pastor or a preacher or priest
or a minister and what I found is that by and large every single pastor
has to have at least a bachelor’s degree that’s something that was across a lot
of different denominations for a congregation to hire you to become their
pastor you basically have to have a bachelor’s degree and you have to have
studied underneath another pastor for a certain amount of time in order to have
enough experience with a congregation to be able to lead your own congregation so
in the United States a bachelor’s degree is usually a four-year program that you
go through in order to become a pastor. The degree usually is in theology or
philosophy or another related field. And when you’re talking about priests, that’s
very similar, because you also have to start off with at a bachelor’s degree as
an education. It’s usually, you start off with a bachelor’s, which like I said is
four years, and then you go on to what they call a seminary school. So, a
seminary school is an advanced education school that you would go to, that you
have to apply to, if you don’t have secular education before you go to
seminary school it’s highly unlikely for you to get into seminary school, even
though it’s possible. But, seminary school usually lasts four years, and if you get
in without an education, which is very rare, they will require you to have more
years on top of that. Advanced years. So, instead of going to seminary for four
years you might go for six or eight years, instead of the regular four. So,
after you graduate from seminary school you’ll be known as a deacon. And you have
to be a deacon for at least six months to move on from being a deacon to being
a priest. And that’s usually studied underneath other priests. You do have
priestly duties, similar to being a ministerial servant, and you will be
expected to deal with the Congregation, council people, and you’ll be underneath
the direction of a priest in order to get some experience with the
congregation. So, basically, what it boils down to is in order to be a pastor you
usually have to have at least four years of education, secular education, and in
order to be a priest that usually requires at least eight years of
education. If you’re talking about moving on and becoming a reverend or a diocese
or something like that, that’s going to require even more
education on top of that. So, when we’re talking about these different degrees,
philosophy degrees and seminary schools, the types of courses that we’re talking
about are- You’re going to be required to have a lot of theology classes. So, you’re
going to be studying religion as a whole, not just Christianity, but other
religions, church history. You’re going to be studying language classes, like Greek
and Latin. They’re also going to make you take philosophy classes and psychology
classes. A lot of theology degrees and philosophy degrees will also require you
to take counseling classes on how to become a counselor. So, I know that a lot
of times Jehovah’s Witnesses will equate elders with pastors and priests but the
fact of the matter is that that is not something that you really can do because
elders don’t have an education. They pretty much do not hold degrees,
especially philosophy or theology degrees. So, all of the qualifications
that you would need to have to become a pastor or a preacher or priest fall by
the wayside when it comes to talking about being an elder. Because, the fact of
the matter is, you just don’t have to have an education in order to become an
elder. Okay, so, the second difference I found when I was researching what it
takes to become a priest and how that differs from being an elder, is that in
order to get accepted into seminary school or to become hired as a priest in
a church, you have to have a background check.
So, that is like any other job that you have to have, that you might have to have
a background check in. They put a heavy emphasis on criminal sexual behaviors. So,
if you’ve ever been convicted of rape or sexual assault, it’s basically not
possible, in this day and age, for you to become a priest, because they heavily
regulate their background checks. And they just will not accept people into
priesthood that have problems with those. Because the Catholic Church, especially,
has had a lot of problems with that in recent years. So, the the third thing that
I wanted to talk about was that, in my own personal experiences, in my neck of
the woods, I have been a member of a few different churches. And the thing that
I’ve noticed about the churches that I’ve attended is that, by and large, most
churches, if they’re of a certain size, have on staff someone who is legally
qualified to be a counselor. So, they hold a certification or licensure to qualify
them to be a counselor. Sometimes the counselors are the pastors themselves.
Sometimes they’re counselors that are just a general counselor. But, if you go to a
church in my neck of the woods that’s of a certain size, what you’ll find is that
they have different counselors and different pastors that are for different
problems that you might have. So, one pastor might specialize in counseling in
marriage, one might have experience counseling in addiction, and they’re all
someone that has life experience in that area. So, you’re not going to find, in any
of the churches that are around me, marriage counseling pastors who aren’t
married or haven’t been married for a long period of time. You’re not gonna
find addiction counselors who haven’t dealt with addiction in their own
personal lives. So, a lot of times when you go to these different pastors you’ll
find someone who has life experience in whatever area you need it. There’s youth
pastors and addiction counselors and abuse
counselors and all different kinds of pastors and counselors within a lot of
different churches. Now, what I found is that in smaller churches, they are
affiliated with a larger church that has those available to you, or they’re
affiliated with a secular counselor who happens to be a Christian and
specializes in Christian counseling. So, they’ll point you towards a specific
counseling group that you can go to. I’ve noticed in my own personal experience
that when I’ve gone to pastors for advice,
they are by and large pretty good about knowing their own limits. And that they
don’t try to overstep their bounds of their own education. So, if they don’t
have any experience in marriage counseling they will point you towards
the pastor who does, or a counselor who does have experience in marriage
counseling. So, that’s something that I found that I really thought was much
different than being a Jehovah’s Witness. Because within Jehovah’s Witnesses, you might
go to a particular elder for marriage counseling and unbeknownst to you, he
might have a difficult marriage. So, that’s not really the case with pastors
outside of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that, in my
town specifically, they have of several churches that are affiliated with what
they call Celebrate Recovery. And, in my town, Celebrate Recovery is a program that,
like I said, is affiliated with multiple churches and multiple counselors and
therapists, that has to deal with recovering from abuse or addiction or
those kinds of things. So, within that group, you find a network of people who
have dealt with whatever problem you’re dealing with currently. So, if you’re a
member of a smaller Church in my town, they will point you towards the
Celebrate Recovery program. Which is not just citywide, it’s an area-wide program
that they have, that can get you in touch with rehabilitation facilities,
networks of people who have dealt with your problem, counselors, therapists, even
medical professionals, that can help you deal with that. So, within my town that’s
something that exists and I’m sure exists in other towns. So, the next thing
that I wanted to talk about is the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses are always really
big about talking about how everybody within their organization is volunteer.
And they say that in such a way that it makes you believe that there’s no way
people could have ulterior motives because they don’t have any reason
behind doing this, aside from they just do it in their spare time. So, I have
heard Jehovah’s Witnesses talk about how they don’t like that other churches pay
their pastors and priests in order to be head of that congregation. And I think
that that’s misguided, because what ends up happening is, with Jehovah’s Witnesses
specifically since they are on a volunteer basis, that means that they
have to have another way to support their families. So, these men that are
head of the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses- different elders and
ministerial servants- they all have jobs. They all have secular work that they
have to do- you know, 40-hour work weeks or maybe even more hours than that- they
work full-time jobs outside of being Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I think the reason
why that arrangement doesn’t work out is because that ends up meaning that they
have to split their focus. There’s no way that you can be an elder full-time and
do nothing but elder work. You have to be able to support your family. You have to
be able to pay your bills, and you know, you have rent or a mortgage, or you know-
you have to pay your electricity and feed your family. So, there’s no way that
you can not work as an elder. You have to have a job outside of the organization.
So, like I said, what that ends up meaning is that a lot of these elders have to
split their focus. The second problem is that since they don’t encourage secular
education, especially in theology or philosophy, that means that they don’t
have any idea about anything besides Jehovah’s Witnesses. And they’re not
educated in the world or how the world works. They’re not educated even within
their own organization’s history, because the organization doesn’t encourage
people to look back on publications that are beyond a certain number of years old.
So, they’re not even abreast of what’s happened, historically, within their own
organization. And they’re not educated in other organizations hierarchy or history,
either. So, what happens is that to get appointed an elder, there aren’t any
specific qualifications, like there are to be appointed as a priest. In order to
become a priest, there’s a physical number of years of education and
seminary school that you actually have to attend in order to even be considered
into priesthood. The same is not true of elders. There isn’t a set number of years
that you can become a Jehovah’s Witness and follow a certain timetable and become an
elder. That just doesn’t happen. What does happen is that, in order to become an
elder, you have to have been a Ministerial Servant. Which means, the
elders in your congregation have- you’ve expressed an interest in becoming a
ministerial servant- and they have decided that, through whatever course of
events, you are allowed to have the privilege of becoming a ministerial
servant. So, the elders in your congregation would elect you into that
position, you’d be appointed a ministerial servant and then the Circuit
Overseer for your area would appoint, from the ministerial pool, whoever he
deems worthy to become an elder. So, it’s really just down to one person to decide
if you’ve proven whether or not you fit the criteria for being an elder. There is
no physical number of years that you have to have been a
Jehovah’s Witness, there’s no certain number of years that you have to have
been baptized, and there are no certain number of years that you have to have
been a ministerial servant. It’s really all just up to the feeling of whoever is
in that position of circuit overseer as to who gets appointed as an elder. So,
what that means is that you can have somebody in the position that basically
has no life experience outside the organization. These people that are
appointed as elders, that are young brothers being appointed as elders- young
even, you know, 20-25 years old- which, I think is exceedingly young for an elder
position, but it’s not unheard of. It’s feasible that they have never had a
relationship with a woman. It’s feasible that they have never had an education. In
fact, it’s highly likely that young men, that are elected as elders, don’t have
any education outside the organization. Because that means that they have spent
most of their time focusing on goals within the congregation and not
education. If a young man was to go outside the organization and get a
secular education, he wouldn’t be considered into an elder position in the
first place. The kind of men that are considered into elder positions as young
men are the type of men who have spent a long time pioneering and not pursuing
secular professions or secular education. So, we’re talking about young men who
have basically no life experience, because they’ve dedicated their lives to
the organization, and also they’ve never had personal relationships outside of
the organization. They also don’t have any education or anything like that. So,
these young elders who are being appointed are instructing people about
marriage problems or abuse or addiction, when they have no basis for
understanding those on a fundamental level, and no education on how to counsel
people in the first place. So, that’s a big problem that I have. Young elders is
a major problem that I have. But even within middle-aged elders you still find
a similar problem, because you may have an elder who was appointed-
such as my father, who has a very dysfunctional marriage- counseling people
about how they should fix their marital issues, when his marriage is fraught with
issues. He has no business counseling people about what they should do with
their marriages, considering the state of his marriage. And yet, that’s exactly
what’s gonna happen. He’s going to end up counseling people about what they should
do with their marital problems and he basically doesn’t have any idea what a
healthy marriage looks like, because he has been in an unhealthy marriage for so
many years. So, that’s also a problem that I have. So, basically what happens when
you go to the elders for advice is that you’re gonna be counseled- basically just
to pray about something. You’re gonna be counseled about reading scriptures. But
you’re really not going to be given any advice. So, the problem that I have with
the elder arrangement is that, like I said, in other churches usually the
pastor’s know their limits, and they are quick to point you towards counselors or
therapists who do have more experience in the area that you’re talking about.
But, as far as elders are concerned, they will never point you towards therapy.
They will never point you towards secular counseling. And, so, what ends up
happening is that people who have no experience dealing with whatever problem
you’re dealing with could theoretically be counseling you on a problem that they
have no experience in. Another problem is that since medical information about
addiction and abuse is always changing- they know more about mental health now
than they did ten years ago so the advice has changed from 10 years ago,
therapists are using different techniques than they use 10 years ago-
but what’s happening with elders is that since they haven’t
kept abreast of things like that, because they’re not encouraged to seek secular
education in those matters, is that they may end up giving you poor advice, based
on the fact that they don’t know any better. So, sometimes the problem is, I
think, that elders have it out for people that they’re counseling. So, you may get
someone who’s really biased against you giving you life advice and they have no
loving-kindness for you, but even if you manage to find elders who are being
loving and kind and caring and do care about your situation and do have your
best interests at heart, the fact of the matter is, that since they’re not
qualified to tell you what you should be doing or to give you the proper advice,
they’re completely misguided. They give you advice that’s contrary to current
medical advice that they would be abreast of, if they were qualified to be
counseling people, but they’re not. They also won’t point you towards someone
who’s qualified. So, that becomes a huge problem. What it ends up being is, a lot
of blind-leading-the-blind and no one knowing what direction to go, and just
kind of circularly telling people that they need to pray more and that they
need to study more. And if it comes down to the fact that elders don’t know what
to do in your situation- if it’s complicated and multifaceted and they
don’t know what to do- instead of pointing you toward someone who’s
qualified, what they’ll end up doing is writing the branch, and the branch might
end up writing the governing body. But again- even the men within the governing
body are not highly educated men! They’re not men who hold theology degrees.
They’re not men who hold philosophy degrees. They’re not counselors. They’re
not therapists. They’re not psychologists. They’re not medical doctors. So, you have
one uneducated group, writing another uneducated group, writing another
uneducated group, on what to do with people’s personal lives. And I take huge
issue with that, because it could be as simple as pointing you towards
therapy, someone who is qualified to deal with you medically and psychologically. So, again, even though they may have your best
interests at heart, and actually be trying to give you proper advice,
it’s very misguided the whole situation is just completely unhealthy, and it’s
just not a proper arrangement, I feel like. I feel like that the if it was
arranged differently it really could be a lot more beneficial to the members
within the congregation. But, I think that that’s something that you find within
high control groups. Like I said, when you go to regular, everyday Christian
congregations- whether it’s Presbyterian or Catholic or whatever- those are not
normally high control groups. So, you do get a lot of pastors and priests and
preachers pointing you towards the direction of someone who is more
qualified than they are, because they know their limits.
But within a high control group, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, they don’t want you
seeking out information aside from what their organization puts out. So, they
aren’t going to send you out into the world to help with your addiction or
your abuse or your mental health issue. So the way that I want to wrap up this
video is by telling people who do have issues with mental health or addiction
or abuse to please seek help from the proper channels. I know that a lot of
people who have left the organization may still have some residual guilt about
going outside the organization for help, even if they might not be part of the
organization anymore, so I do want to encourage you to seek out the proper
channels for whatever problem that you have. There are a lot of resources out in
the world. If you’re an alcoholic, look for Alcoholics Anonymous. If you’re
addicted to another type of drug, seek out rehab. It’s not something that you
can do on your own. Like I said before, there’s a lot of medical research that’s
being done now about addiction and other mental health issues,
and a lot of things are coming to light. There’s a lot more understanding than
there used to be, so seek out help. Go to a medical doctor. They may be able to
point you in the right direction. Go to a counselor or a therapist. Seek
help for whatever problem you have. You aren’t limited to dealing with all of
your problems on your own. A lot of problems you can’t deal with on your own,
because you have been a member of a high control group for so long. So, please, I
highly encourage you to seek help if you have a problem. So, I guess that’s all I
really wanted to say about the elder arrangement. That is one of the major reasons why I have not gone back to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of the major issues
that I take with the organization of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. It’s
one of the things that keeps me from going back to being a Jehovah’s Witness.
Because I know that I won’t be encouraged to seek help for the mental
health problems that I do have. In fact, I think a lot of the problems that people
have come from the organization itself. So, in my next few videos I want to talk
about mental health within the organization. So, if you have any specific
points that you want me to talk about, please feel free to comment below and
let me know how you feel about something. And also, if you- if there’s anything that
you want me to talk about, please let me know. Also, if there’s any issues with the
lighting or the sound quality or something like that, please comment and
let me know down below. Because, like I said before, I have all new equipment. So,
if there’s any technical issues, comment those down below and let me know that, as
well. So, in conclusion, I just want to say
thank you so much for watching my video. Thank you for subscribing and staying
tuned and I hope to be putting out content a lot more regularly, so thank
you guys so much for watching, and thank you for subscribing, and I’ll catch you
guys next time.

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    My son passed away at 39 of cancer. He also left this world awake of who jws are. It was one of the reasons he just couldn’t heal! Succubus population of jws!

  20. I’m enjoying your videos very much. You’re the first woman I am subscribed to when it comes to JW information or news. It’s always refreshing to listen to a woman’s perspective. I am very thankful for you. Keep it going Sis.

  21. This is a fantastic video. Very informative. It turns Witness thinking on its head. The only help witness elders can give is "do more. More ministry, more meetings" This helps no one but the watchtower in that they spend more exhausting hours recruiting people to push watchtower publications. Now they push them to build property for watchtower to sell. Watchtower dislike education because it opens people's eyes. Also people with issues they also shun and disfellowship rather than help.

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