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(MUSIC, HAMMERING.)>>DR CHURCHILL: Currently we’re in the disused
Myer building in Fremantle. Last week there was nothing here — it was derelict. This
week, the Interior Architecture and Architecture students from Curtin University have moved
in with their best work and created this amazing exhibition. (MUSIC)>>DR NEILLE: This is their opportunity to
put that stuff on the wall in an open forum and display their thinking, their intelligence,
their discoveries. (MUSIC)>>LAUREN: It feels like quite an accomplishment
actually. It’s really nice to have the opportunity to show something that we’ve worked on so
hard.>>CAMDEN: You’re creating this really great
work and you’ve got to show it off, to not only in the future content your client, because
it’s not just for yourself and it’s not just like an essay, it’s really for a lot of people
to see.>>JADE: It’s such an achievement to have
gotten this far. It’s a very high intensity course, um, it’s a personal achievement that
I definitely won’t forget.>>BRETT: It’s good to get that feedback from
the public, whether they like it or not. And I guess that’s the measure of good architecture. (MUSIC)>>LAUREN: I’ve got a panelling system over
in the corner there. It’s a screen that sits in front of a forgotten or disused space.
And it opens and closes in response to the user, so it’s robotic. The concept came from a theory called third
space, which looks at perceived space which is the space we touch and interact with every
day. And conceive space which is the space of thought. And the idea of a third space
in between those two, that is a superory position, or some sort of strange relationship between
the two of them.>>KATRINA: I’m trying to see how a spacial
interior could provoke a sublime experience. The idea is that you’re supposed to just forget
your inhibitions and just feel the landscape and take off your shoes. Totally go into it. It’s darkness and there’s pebbles around.
A few close walls. I’m pretty excited to see what it’s going to bring. See how people react
to my space.>>JESSICA: You know when you’re in the industry
for a while you tend to get a bit, I think sometimes things can get a bit stale or you
get bogged down in the real life issues such as budgets, and you know, clients. But when you’re, obviously looking around
you can see that the students don’t have those kind of stresses and they’re really free in
their thinking and the way they actually approach design is really different.>>BRETT: I believe that the work should be
understood by the broader public. I don’t think it should just be academic or theoretical.>>CAMDEN: If you’re going to create a space
for someone to explore and to engage and create an experience in, you need to have that experience
as well to create that. So, you find yourself really immersed in what you’re doing and what
you’re testing.>>JADE: The way that it opened me up to my
creativity. I didn’t realise that I had certain skills before I started. I didn’t realise
that I could draw, I didn’t realise that I could articulate my ideas.>>KELISE: The way that you see the world,
it’s changed once you’ve kind of spend five years or six years, kind of developing taste
and learning about the built environment and everything around you and why it is the way
it is.>>JESSICA: My outlook and the way that I
react to the built environment — that’s completely changed. I can’t walk down a street
and not be looking in the air! (laughs)>>JADE: Always being able to test something,
and trial it, and push further. And never just kind of be comfortable with the first
idea.>>JESSICA: I actually think there’s a number
of superstars in the room tonight.>>DR NEILLE: It’s really not about the ordinary,
it’s about trying to make something special for everyone.>>JESSICA: I’ve come out knowing enough of
certain things to interject them into my design. And make sure that they’re workable and understandable
and they have the possibility to be built.>>CAMDEN: I feel like I’ve got enough within
myself to contribute to the field.>>KATRINA: Yeah, I’m hoping for big things,
yeah. (MUSIC)

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  1. Can Curtin please make this available to study via Curtin fully online- I don't like Open Universities very much 🙁 

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