Arabic Lessons For Beginners | Basic Spoken Arabic Conversation

hi guys Susan was speaking and today I will teach you how to say busy in Arabic naxi yellow now say busy I say mesh wool mesh wool and this is for a man now make sure you pronounce the rain correctly rain is a throat letter in Arabic so mesh wool mesh wool and for a woman I say mush wooly mush wooly so what I did here I just added the ending air so mush rule mush wooly so the endings in Arabic refers to a feminine gender the mom okay now let's have an example I am busy tomorrow ana mushroom bakra Ana mush wool Buckra Ana I mush wool busy bakra tomorrow and this is for a man now for women I say an Amul a Bhakra anna-molly bucura now again I emission that our videos we don't have the verb to be in Arabic so um is our we don't have them so throw them from the window so what actually I'm sitting here I busy tomorrow the mom I hope guys you enjoyed this video and make sure to subscribe because from now on every Friday we will choose one winner and we will give him or her full access to our online training program the not so arabic method and you don't want to miss that so subscribe and I will see you

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  1. I'm an Arabic beginner. How can I find your online course? I'm currently studying at SOAS in London but need more practice

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  3. "Mounis & Mariam" Videos Series on YouTube To teach pronunciation and speak in Arabic

    It is the largest video series on YouTube to teach children pronunciation, and the series covers all the tools and daily needs of children who are late to speak, especially children with special needs, autism and Learning Disabilities

    Goal of the video series:
    Teaching speech to children as well as teaching Arabic language in the Egyptian dialect for non – Arabic speakers

    Level 1: fruits – vegetables – colors – food and drink – forest animals – farm animals – transportation –  professionals and technicians – body parts – home furniture – kitchen utensils – personal tools – natural features – marine organisms

  4. جميل جدا انا اريد ان اساعد الناس الاجانب في تعلم اللغة العربية

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