Aquaman vs Ocean Master | Aquaman [4k, IMAX]

35 thoughts on “Aquaman vs Ocean Master | Aquaman [4k, IMAX]”

  1. 0:09 one of the most Epic entrances for the villain for a final battle. It was truly a wallpaper worthy scene

  2. I loved this movie, bought it as soon as it came out. Funny note about this fight (and various parts of the film), the CGI was great in some parts, and kinda bad in others. Look at 3:31 when Orm says "Mercy is not our way." That mouth looks CGI, and it doesn't even look like his mouth says "way" at the end of it. It looks more like he says "mercy is not our whoa" haha

  3. 4:12 The way Vulco looks. "WTF" is written all over his face.
    I can even read some "okay, this is the first in a very long time where I do not know what to say." in it.

  4. Who the fuck make that ship that they were fighting on. No safety anything on the three fucking blades

  5. This is dope. Only problem I have is he’s not ocean master. Other then that everything looks awesome

  6. I'm genuinely wondering if all of these comments are bot accounts or something, because I really don't think the CGI looks all that amazing…

    I mean…it's good, sure… but not so amazing to warrant all these ooohs and aaahs, y'know? Seems ingenuous to me.

  7. Does anyone realize Aquaman is the only other hero with Parents who are both alive? Like why is it that every hero has be an orphan? Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Superman, Flash, Spiderman, Captain America, even Kirito! Percy Jackson has both his parents, even is girlfriend too! Indiana Jones had his dad, at least until the 4th movie but who cares about that one?! Why do heroes have to be orphans?!

  8. I’m pretty sure everyone in the coment section is under the age of 8 cause this movie is a disaster

  9. You know what appears in most movies?

    The Sensei showed a epic movie Like in Kung fu Panda that snip or here the Water shield

    The student doesnt master the epic move but later in the movie he knows how the move works

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