APS Innovation – Department of Education’s Policy Toolkit

My name is Alexis Diamond I am in the Department of Education in the strategic capability branch. We identified that we needed to enhance our policy capability and particularly our ability to look into the medium to long term. We needed to find ways to help people in our department become more policy capable. What we have created is what we call a Policy Toolkit So it’s an online database essentially, of tools and techniques that people can use to apply to their policy work in the department. So, rather than duplicating effort by trying to work out or seek out materials to use for your work, you can go to the policy toolkit first. And one of the ways that we promote it is to link it to our blog site so that we blog about interesting development that we think might be fascinating to people who are working in policy. And we use that to kind of connect them to our policy toolkit. We had to look at the recourse that were currently available. So we have an intranet, and we are able to create across the department, people can nominate to create their own intranet pages. So we created the policy toolkit using a web page on our intranet. And we just used the existing template which was not as fancy and as beautifully designed as we would have otherwise liked but it enabled us to get it up quickly. You have got to be able to get the balance right between presenting information about a policy tool technique that enables people to understand weather it’s useful, and enough information that they might be able to use it or to know what they need do who they might need to approach to use it themselves without, kind of, spending enormous amounts of words and pages etcetera.. It’s enabled a lot more people in the department to have access to information that can support their policy development and policy work. I think perhaps the default in the past has been to find people outside the department who can support your policy work. But we want to say that we have got a lot of great resources in house that can be applied to your policy work.

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