Apprendre le français grâce à des films français

Hello, how are you? Welcome again to French with Pierre, the channel who’s purpose is to learn French or improve your French. So today, a video that you asked me for a long time, a video that is going to answer your long-standing question, that is: “Pierre, what do you recommend me as French film? “. OK, so it sounds simple for video, but in fact I got quite a bit of a headache, as they say, because it’s it is not easy to advise movies to other people, simply because it’s my tastes is not necessarily going please you. But, as in my French classes at school, from time to time we put films in French, well I realize which appeals to the pupils in general, which generally pleases people. And so, in fact, I’ve put together a list – which I’m going to put right away – 10 fairly recent films, depending on that, that is to say things that have pleased my students in general. Okay ? So that seems to me the most interesting since if it pleased my students in general – and I’m talking about hundreds of people different – it’s quite likely that you like it, OK? Even if we can not please everyone, as we know! So I separated a first block, so the list will appear there on your screen of 10 fairly recent films. So it starts with a movie of 2014, so The Aries family, and it goes to the last movie of the list, that is to say The Dinner of Cons, of 1998. So quite new, good even if it’s a bit old, but this movie is not at all old fashioned. So it’s a comedy movie because it’s the comedies that students generally prefer. So here, the Aries family for example, I have not seen that one, but it seems that it’s very funny. The name is a movie we went to see at the cinema which is a very good movie, a very good comedy for dialogue and all that. So anyway. Most of them are comedies, except in this list, Persepolis, so that it is rather a drama. It’s about a girl who was born in Iran and who is going finally have to leave Iran to live in France, but that is a very good movie, so I put it in the list. Okay ? So I advise you if you can to see these films obviously in original version. If you can get them with … find them with subtitles in French, it’s the ideal. Okay ? It really is very good to watch a movie in French with subtitles in French. Now, I ll give you a second list of 10 older films, they are good French films but a little bit old. So I wanted to put you another 10 movies a little older. So it starts at A Taste of Family, I made a video about this movie, so you can watch it. Until Les Bronzés which is a classic of French comedy cinema. So now, it’s already old, 1978, but I assure you that it’s still very funny. So among all these films, you will find a lot of very well known French actors . You’ll see, it’s funny to see them often very young, especially Thierry Lhermitte for example in Les Bronzés who is very very young, it is very very funny. Well, finally we will finish on four movies for moviegoers. For moviegoers, that is to say that they are often films in black and white, but these are the four films that are usually still part of the 10 best films in the history of French cinema. Okay ? So I had to tell it that I quote them. So I put Pierrot the Fool with Jean-Paul Belmondo who is very very young, very beautiful. The Rule of the game by Jean Renoir. The four hundred hits François Truffaut. And the children of paradise who is often considered the most beautiful movie of all French cinema. So I wanted to put these four films, if you you are not movie buffs, I do not recommend them to you. Okay ? Good, here. If you want me to do the same video with books, books that I advise you to read in French, then you write in the comments under the video “book”. If I have a lot of comments, eh well it will mean that yes, you want a video like that with books and I will do it. Okay ? Well, we’ll start … so we’re in September, we will start a new French school year with Pierre, there are lots of interesting things for this year. I will continue my series interviews, there’s a series on the YouTube channel called “interviews I interview French people, including Cyrille in the last video. But in addition to that, I will have appointments with French celebrities, so it’s great, there are quite a few people who have agreed to give me an interview. Including Agathe Lecaron who is a presenter of French television, so who told me Ok, so I’ll have to go to Paris to take a quick hike to interview him. Also Étienne Chouard, someone very interesting, Étienne Chouard. So normally, I’m going can also interview him soon. Here. And then too, I will continue videos on the regions of France, so I did … this summer I did different videos, in Dordogne in particular. And then also soon will come out a new pack, where there will be in this pack normally 20 interviews. So I interviewed 20 French people and so there is the whole interview, about fifteen minutes per interview, with all the transcription and exercises on these documents. So there you are, so a lot of new things. Do not forget to subscribe to the French YouTube channel with Pierre to support me, it is very important for me. And follow me on Facebook French with Pierre to be aware of all the news. And do not forget that on the blog you will have the podcast of this video and then the whole transcript and the whole list of movies. Ok, we ll meet again in a next video. Bye. ***

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  1. 🖐🖐🖐 Vous pouvez nous aider en contribuant à la traduction de nos vidéos :

    Même un peu, c'est déjà super ! 🤝 😘

    Et on en profite pour remercier les personnes qui ont déjà contribué aux traductions, c'est fabuleux !! MERCIIIII ! 👏😘😘😘

    On vous embrasse fort !!!

    Pierre et Noemi 😉

  2. Bonjour pierre pour le premier film la famille bélier ,j'ai essayer de le voir mais il contient beacoup des sènes qu'on ne peut pas les voir surtout avec la famille c'est préférable de siter des films familier donc d'apres moi les films des contes francais sont idéale et plus amusant. Et merci

  3. Merci beaucoup, monsieur Pierre!

    je suis enseignante de français j'adore beaucoup votre chaîne. J'ai regardé le film "Jean de Florette" 1986, C'est un excellent film et je l'ai regardé en une respiration. J'ai acheté un livre et maintenant je veux le lire. J'ai aussi regardé un film "Belle et Sébastien" 2013. Je vous remercie pour vos leçons. Cordialement Olga

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