Apparently Kid Totally Schools Chris Pratt on Dinosaur Knowledge

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] who better to play against you that our own little dinosaur export Noah Ritter come on out let's go you know who that is this flat that's Chris fraud do you sit like dinosaurs good okay cuz it's a game about dinosaurs and you're a big fan of Jurassic Park right yep okay great alright wait to see the movie yeah it's gonna be good it's gonna like to see Jurassic world yeah it'll be really great so Noah all right here's where we're gonna ask questions and it's all about dinosaurs the first person to hit their button is gonna get a point no I know how much you love our PA Robbie and so he's gonna come out he's gonna be the host of this gameshow come on out Robbie all right your friends don't know yeah all right so the first person hit the button and answer correctly gets the point okay hands behind your backs gentlemen all right first question a person who studies dinosaurs is known as what paleontology yeah good job Noah all right second question what's the difference between an herbivore and a carnivore Noah is that there is that one of them is a meat-eater and the other is a plant eater that is correct look he's throwing it in your face dancing and stuff all right now Noah all right next question how many horns did a triceratops has no free that's correct look at that you're on fire all right all right all right come on Chris come that's why he's cheating when did the dinosaurs go extinct Chris 65 million years ago that's correct [Applause] let's see we'll see alrighty next question what came first the Jurassic or the Triassic period Triassic that's correct [Applause] go here's four to one and he says in your face so let's let's see all righty which is bigger a t-rex or a Brachiosaurus Noah Brachiosaurus yep all righty how big was a Stegosaurus his brain the size of a car or the size of a wall the size of a walnut that is correct five to two I can choose best of eleven true or false pterodactyls are dinosaurs oh they're not as correct flying reptile flying reptiles they're not guys as well impressive you get a consolation prize bring it up oh yes yes this is for my sweet friend Noah look at this buddy none of these toys are even out in the store yet Wow [Applause]

47 thoughts on “Apparently Kid Totally Schools Chris Pratt on Dinosaur Knowledge”

  1. Ohhh cmon lol are you guys foreal really he is just a 5 or 4 year old kid and you want to punch him in the face. And he was just having fun yeah he “insulted” Chris..he was just excited. And yeah he was a bit annoying but aren’t most of them are lol. It’s Chris Pratt of course the kid is gonna think he is winning even tho Chris was obviously not trying. So he was very proud that he beat Chris Pratt. I think they did the right thing even tho if he watches this 20 yrs from now he will realize Chris didn’t try. And who wouldn’t be excited that they beat Chris Pratt in a trivia game. Even tho it was conditional. I mean it’s pretty impressive he knew most of it.. Chris was trying to show us Noah’s knowledge. And not answer all of the questions. I bet you if Chris was really competitive hitting the buzzer the whole time first. Almost everyone would complain that Chris didn’t give the guy a chance. And that he was being a buzzer hog.

  2. Now, i think chris deserves it after what he did in avengers infinity war. Dont judge that im talking about him in avengers, its just my opinion 🙂

  3. This kid is so lucky he got to meet my celebrity crush. By the way I am a girl I just have a Yoshi account looking thing

  4. Guys stop calling the kid "annoying" yeah he did get a bit cocky and excited but he's a kid. Pretty much all kids acted somewhat like this

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