Anymore Guitar Lesson – Travis Tritt

hello there Tony Baker from six-string country back for another guitar lesson and today we're gonna look at anymore by Travis Tritt who co-wrote the song along with Jill Colucci on the acoustic will be using finger picking through most of the song and we'll do a little strumming as well over the bridge in the louder parts in the middle and then we'll finger pick the outro and on the electric guitar we've got a really nice support line that's going to use on some chords some tremolo as in effect some reverb and delay and then we've got a really nice country guitar solo over the bridge perfume huh we happy about you anymore I can hold inside you shuuyu hour about you thanks to you that is the introduction for anymore very nice finger-picking part the first section of the song is all finger picked and then when it gets louder we're gonna strum – if you're just looking to strum this song I'm gonna do a really quick tutorial in its own video that will tell you how to just strum through the entire song following the chord chart okay so if that's what you're looking for go there if you want to learn the part that I just played let's dive right in okay and that will do this we're gonna just go measure by measure get our fingers on it then we're gonna put it together so the first measure is this all right you can kind of get set up like this with your fingers get your thumb which is in general gonna cover the sixth fifth and fourth string and then pointer finger will cover G the G string or the third string middle finger will cover the second string or the B string and ring finger on your right hand will cover this high E string on the first string okay if we get set up there and then get your left hand set up with your ring finger on your left hand three frets above the capo which is on the fourth fret of the sixth string and your pinky finger on the third fret of the first string okay and then we just this first little thing which is just picking through it okay we're going six string– for three and then your middle finger on your left hand reaches back to the second fret okay and you're gonna pick that and then you're gonna go back to your thumb and do six and four and then you've got that third fret of the B string and then open g string okay and then we're gonna get our fingers on a standard C chord which is just starting on the a string three to open one open and we're gonna pick the fifth string the 3rd string and the 2nd string all at the same time like this and then third fret of B open high E string and then the hammer on on the B string one two three then we go thumb pointer finger and then on the D string open to hammer run and then open g string again all right in this tutorial we're gonna be doing the rhythm electric part will have a different tutorial that covers the lead solo and what the guitar does after the lead guitar does after the solo okay this is the support part that's gonna come in half way through verse one we want some tremolo on there it's an eighth note triplet speed and it's pretty deep alright I've also got some delay on there and a little bit of chorus and a little bit of reverb right that that tremolo is pretty prominent the recording so if you have access to do that throw a little tremolo on there and let's start right when you this electric guitar part comes in on that jam along video we're starting with just an open E string and we slide up for and go back to two we do that again and then we're new volume swells we've got a Telecaster style guitar I do it with my pinky and roll up halfway down pick the second fret of D roll it back in you could also do that with a volume pedal if you don't have a kind of guitar you in this tutorial we're covering a really cool solo in the bridge and then we kind of do some riffs pretty much till the end of the song we're gonna start right at the beginning of the solo I'm gonna demonstrate a section play nice and slow we'll talk about it a note by note and then at the very end I'll demonstrate the whole thing at full tempo alright so here's the first section we're gonna learn it we'll come in after the downbeat of the first measure of the solo so one let's learn just that much so I always like to go over some of the theory to were in the key of B

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