Anybody Can Learn – 60 sec teaser

ها هنا نحن، عام 2013. نعتمد جميعا على التكنولوجيا للتواصل، للعمليات البنكية، لا أحد منا يعرف كيفية قراءة وكتابة التعليمات البرمجية. أول برنامج كتبته كان يطلب أشياء مثل "ما هو اللون المفضل لديك؟ " أو" كم عمرك؟ "كتبت البرنامج الذي يلعب تيك تاك تو. تعلمت أولا كيف أظهر دائرة خضراء ومربع أحمر على الشاشة. أنت تحاول فقط أن تصنع شيء ما. كنت في محاولة لنقل شيء من عقلك إلى الكمبيوتر أو إلى اللوحة الرقمية. انها تجربة. الحد في هذا النظام هو أنه ليس هناك الكفاية من الناس المدربون ولهم هذه المهارات اليوم. مبرمجو الغد هم سحرة المستقبل. يبدو وكأنها لديك قوى سحرية بالمقارنة مع أي شخص آخر. المبرمجون الكبار هم مشاهير اليوم. هذا كل شيء! يمكن لأي شخص أن يتعلم!

39 thoughts on “Anybody Can Learn – 60 sec teaser”

  1. they forgot to tell you that you will spend your entire life swearing at a monitor wondering why your genius code is not working, to find out after 2 days of staring at jobberish, you put a letter in the wrong place. YEAY ROCK STARS.

  2. The fucking spectrum of talent in this video is broader than I can even comprehend. Take that as you will.

  3. HMMMMM….why are the elite and their henchmen, so obsessed with us and children learning how to code?  Is this a large aspect of being useful for the illuminati queen bee hive?

  4. In a decade or so, computers will be programming themselves, and over time, we will no longer understand how it is done.

  5. I teach Ruby programming on my channel. If you need any help or have questions just ask. I'll be teaching Javascript soon as well. 

  6. I am a journal editor for Connecticut Reading Association. I had to rework a citation from a Youtube video produced by announcing the hour of code.

    In this video President Obama used to say, "There is one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on and that is everyone should learn to code."

    It seems that quote has been stripped from the video. Am I correct? Was it a different video?

  7. If the whole world knew how to code it would be harder to get a decent pay. Problem is these days people dont want to take a long time too do something and yet coding takes years to learn and master. 

    Anyone can write the very basic's of code, I see on these videos that most of them are node based not typing the code yourself..also its the dedicated ones who coding or anything at that.

  8. Can anybody help me to get a decent subtitle of this video? I'm not so good in english, I want to show this video to my class, but I need subtitles. 

  9. Every body can and those that can must; some as professionals, some as teachers, some as educators and some as educated persons. We all learn to write not to become literary authors or journalists. Those who cannot write cannot sms and cannot comment here effectively. It is about time to understand that writing code is the only way to understand the medium that imbues us. Without understanding we will be the objects of the codes, not their drivers. Take the wheel!

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