Anushkha Sen and Saloni !!!! At Ryan Teen social service Camp 2017,Daman.

good morning from Domon we're almost done with camp number two and I have some special celebrity students of ours and they have a message for you all they just want to share how they enjoy teen camp and maybe a message for the next set of campus first of all we have the Salone are all Gangubai and she has something to say my experience was amazing you make am the best of my life before 10 and I also won the princes and princesses so it was amazing thank you so much sir but a scam I was eating with Jackie Aikido people dying in my cleaver whatta Karma for competition which is Nakumatt Disick illness hey thank you thank you again goodbye thank you for that message and we have a fish person with us she is a your Louis Mahan and she was very busy in her schedule she went back for a dish with Tony and she's back again because she didn't want to miss camp because she loves it so much and she has something to say I first of all want to say that that shoot was possible only because of Bryan's are and rays window madam they have you know manage both the things my camp and my Thank You Samantha and this campus amazing the four days when I like the three days were awesome and the completions were really amazing the days and everything will really awesome so next time whoever's got all the people who are coming all the best read the rules and regulations and enjoy thank you thank you very much and

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