Anunnaki and the Tree of Life – Forbidden Knowledge That Will Surprise You

okay hi everyone this is Trisha weekend and welcome to the Anunnaki gods The Tree of Life and the way of the return and hopefully all our voice problems are now solved with this magical headset thank you for joining us on this Memorial Day weekend and we have about 300 slides to go through so hold on to your hats we're about to get going the tree of life is probably the most powerful universal symbol in the world certainly it shows up literally in virtually every culture of the world and we're just going to see a few examples here but this is a Sumerian perhaps the original tree of life and we're actually looking at a physical image of a carving of the original original physical tree so there are few things I want you to notice about it first it appears to be a vine like plant and this becomes very important because it's connected to things that some of the great avatars and masters have said including Osiris including Jesus I am the true vine he's literally referring to himself as an aspect of the Tree of Life the if you can notice the top of it it appears to have almost like palm leaves and there's seven of them seven is a very mystical number and as we're going to discover is very much connected with the path of mysticism and some of the codes and keys for creation itself one two three four five six seven same thing here one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven so the leaves always appear to have seven and all of these are let us say a holographic expressions of divine principles that permeate the universe and the course the Anunnaki gods who brought us the knowledge of the Tree of Life knew this and understood it this is an image of the Flower of Life now most of us know the Flower of Life as you know a circle with six circles around it like the seven days of creation that is certainly one of the major templates of sacred geometry and in itself but this is the original flower so we are literally looking at the earliest depictions here's the flower down here at the bottom many times there's 12 petals but sometimes there's more than 12 it's not always 12 these are sacred numbers as we will discover now this is the Norse version and this is the Tree of Life that's called Yad versal in the north tradition and it was believed that it connects all the worlds and all the planes together in Norse mythology or cosmology as the case may be it was believed that there were three worlds or three realms above three below and three in the middle earth sits in the middle as a planet or a realm called Midgard or middle-earth and this is probably one of the places that Tolkien because he was quite a very much a student of cosmology and mythology and history and all of that got it and that's because earth literally is the the point in the middle that has access to all of these various planes and we're going to just talk about how they're connected by this Rainbow Bridge and what the Rainbow Bridge might actually be so this is the Norse tree here's the Celtic tree I love the Celtic the Celtic is very beautiful because of course if you think about it it's creating the infinity symbol isn't it as above so below though is this the are these the branches or is this the root so these the branches or is this the roots and this is one of the conversations that that was has had with in cosmology is that the roots of the tree actually exist in the higher dimensions and the branches below but who can say because it's the foundation of the world this is the Scandinavian tree of life and here we have the great Eagle the father principle sitting at the top the mother and the daughter these are the two doves and here coming from the Great Central Sun is the Christ figure of course they've been many figures Christ figures or solar lords as we know of them that have come from the Great Central Sun throughout the thousands of years that our Earth history has been around Jesus is the one that we know about are the avatar for RA that came 2,000 years ago here are the sages who are pouring down the wisdom from the tree of life to the mortals and this is the world of mortality you can see kind of the death figure here so this is the human world down here these are the intermediaries or the medicine men or women or sages or saints or priests or priestesses however you want to look at it that are bringing this knowledge from the great avatars into the world so it's a Scandinavian tree this is the Egyptian very interesting here's the tree and they literally look like they're almost like plastic tubes that where they're squeezing the juice from the fruit of life down into these little containers these little vessels okay and that's actually what was happening and you see here with a the skirt that they're wearing the two serpents that are coming down in the panel in the center this is all every bit of this is hermetic symbology and we have to be able to to decode the hermetic emblems in order to penetrate what was being said now as time went on there were certain shorthand symbols that developed that represented the Tree of Life but they had multiple levels of meaning and this is perhaps one of the the best-known this is called the tete te T or DJ DJ edy and it is the pillar of regeneration like The Tree of Life when you drink it it doubles her lifespan it's literally regenerates you so this also came to be one with the spine of Osiris who in his age thousands of years ago was an incarnation of one of those great avatars or solar lords that came to help humanity and there are multiple levels of what this means but let us say in the Kabbalah the Jewish version there are four major let us say not just dimensions but separations of the plains the world of nation that would be in the New Age movement what we would call what the master is actually called the ocean of love and mercy before there's any form then there's the world of the world of creation this would be what we think of as the sixth of seventh dimension which is sacred geometry then there's the world of formation that would be what we think of as the fourth and fifth dimension were their houses and trees and plants and you know structures that we can identify even though they might be vibrating at a higher frequency than they are here on earth and then the third dimension that's where we are here which is called the world of action and and and that's because this is where we make a difference when we're up there in the fourth and fifth dimension we're more aware of our divine essence and so consequently we don't usually make errors in the third dimensional worlds we are constantly challenged by dark and light love and fear unity or division and so this is the world where we come in with amnesia with one hand tied behind our backs and we can't remember who the heck we are and so this is the playing field upon which our spiritual evolution really takes place because this is the hardest game to play is the third dimension the fourth and fifth are easier because we have more of our memory intact so anyway this is one of the symbols that represents not only the spine of Osiris the pillar of regeneration but the Tree of Life so anytime you see it it's a shorthand symbol to hermetic symbol to tell us that and here we see also in the Egyptian that they were very aware that the path of the Tree of Life and this is the Kabbalah that was actually came out of Egypt before it became known as the Jewish Kabbalah or the Hebrew Kabbalah as a path between two pillars and we're going to be discussing what these two pillars mean because you can't get to the path unless you were able to take this middle path which of course is what Jesus taught the middle path those charters the ancient paths Buddha taught it as the middle path the ancient way and of course the ankh you may or may not realize also represents the Tree of Life here is the column of the tree itself and this is what's called the Tao cross the Tau cross looks like a tea basically and it has to do with the end of the cycles of time at the end of every age we have a graduation day who has awakened who is ready to graduate from Earth School on that one nameless day as they say when we stand before the two columns the elder columns of the of the elder tree and the male and the female tree basically and and we we wind up taking a look at our book of life what do we discover mm-hmm and of course this becomes the cosmic womb this is the merger of the male and female together as the physical Isis it's the eye of God from which everything is born so the ankh is a symbol again of eternal life but it's specifically linked to the Tree of Life with multiple levels of meaning and here we see Osiris this is a coffin a funeral coffin and here the two pillars being represented by the wings of Horus on either side the two eyes through jet and then through the middle we have the middle path and of course this is this is a headdress of Osiris these are the feathers of ma'at the feathers of the goddess of truth so to align with cosmic truth and to activate your halo or Solar Nimbus and to access these two serpent-like figures which we're going to be figuring out what those are just a little bit is to have climbed the tree of life back to heaven so all this is hermetics and her maddox is super fun I have to tell you I teach her medics in all my books and all my classes because the way that these wise ancient sages encoded all this information and once you know hermetics it's like the veils have been pulled back from your eyes it's pretty amazing so here we have it in the Buddhist culture many of you may remember that the stories of the great Buddha Siddhartha were that he was enlightened beneath the Bodhi tree after many many trials and tribulations you know who was born a rich Prince he gave it all up to become an ascetic he fasted and prayed he wound up at one point you know almost starving himself to death and he eventually realized that wasn't going to get him to heaven and so he went and sat underneath his tree and he said I won't move until I become enlightened and this is of course his place of enlightenment so the Bodhi tree is another one of those great symbols representing the Tree of Life the place of enlightenment here's the Mayan now this is a course a modern rendition of classic concepts found within the Mayan tradition but here's the tree here's this serpent we're gonna see this serpent again and again and of course we have to figure out what the serpent means that we we have to decode it and here's the Rainbow Bridge here of course is the you know let us say the firmament of heaven the dividing line between this dimension and the angelic Kingdom and the house of God appear and here's the arc of the Milky Way yeah pretty interesting so here is a less modern tradition showing the Tao cross and the towel crosses another one of those hermetic symbols that's really important and we have two little crazy figures over here look like little dwarf people this one's dark this one's light and at the top of the tree is a bird in their case it's not an eagle it's a macaw but it means the same thing symbolically at the top of the tree is the Divine Presence in order to climb the tree we must reconcile these two forces here's the Olmec now we see the column here this is really weird art to a lot of us but you know we have to be able to decode it and here we have these two serpentine energies that seem to be twisting up to the Tao cross yep the same Tao cross so what are those serpents and up here we have the same kind of thing some little figure that's made his way up to the top and he's free he's gotten free here's the Jewish and this is sort of a classic rendition of you know the Adam and Eve story with the tree where the serpent wrapped around it and of course it was sort of demonized in by the patriarchy when they wrote or rewrote or assembled the different books and fill the men of the Old Testament which by the way you may not know that that book was was not even codified until about a hundred BC about 60% of those books were written between a hundred BC and maybe 500 BC when the Jews are released from captivity and so they were very brilliant how they made it look like an unbroken history but in fact until they're capable learning in captivity for 50 years they didn't even have the story of the flood they didn't have the story of the Garden of Eden any of that and the original story which was the H Oasis and the Enuma Elish in the Sumerian said that men and women were created together by the gods by the Elohim plural and of course all that got changed where it became you know one God created man and then later on created woman and and then therefore she should be subservient and so all that kind of really got sideswiped the the real story so that we have sort of a twisted version of history that we've inherited in a lot of the Abrahamic religions including Christianity Judaism and of course the Moslem path now there are very wonderful Jewish mystics and their mystics and all those paths that maybe have transcended some of those lies that on to go into caves in the 800s and 900s and around 1000 ad and they you know Jews were largely being persecuted and they brought forth information some of it I have no doubt was passed down through the Egyptian lineage to Moses and Moses to the the wisdom keepers within the Jewish lineage and they created they came out with this incredible Kabbalah and the Kabbalah acts as a ladder to heaven and there's a lot to say about the Kabbalah and we're going to return to the subject a little bit later but what I want you to notice about this is that this is Mel couth this is actually us down here in the third dimension you can't even get onto the tree unless you get into your sod the Assad is the emotional it's the astral plane so unless you can feel your feelings you don't have an a chance to connect with compassion with empathy or love and in order to climb the tree up the middle path the way as Jesus called it or the middle way as buddha called it we have to reconcile these two sides of the path and each of these symbols represent our title energies are called Sephiroth that's what they're called and the Sephiroth represent our title energies that live in the cosmos they live in the mind of God they live inside of you and me their Ark types and so we have to balance the ark types in order to climb the middle path and for just to give you one example this is the mental path this is mercury this is like the scholar hermit in the library this is Venus she's like the you know haba haba gorgeous babe aroma eating bonbons and getting a massage on silk cushions so she's definitely all about beauty and shopping and and you know sensuality and he's very much about the mind we have to balance these two in all to climb this middle path so there's a lot to be said about the Kabbalah but again this is a deeper level of the Hebrew teaching which Bravo that is there this is the Christian version we inherited of course from the Old Testament and in that version of reality as we all know you know there was a tree of life and a tree of knowledge and Eve supposedly ate from the tree of knowledge and knowledge was supposed to be a bad thing and so she was punished and Adam was punished and consequently she's been blamed for all the trials of the world and women should be punished forever and ever which of course is you know not not only is it not true but that's silly knowledge is a good thing and so of course the question becomes what was that tree and what was that serpent and we're going to hopefully decode some of that for us in this presentation now just to emphasize how important the tree is every single Christmas you may have not really realized this because you know we've become accustomed to it we want my Christmas tree what is the tree why are we buying this Christmas tree it's the tree of life that's what we're putting in our in our homes whether I love the Fraser firs they smell so yummy and the balls represent the planets the planetary spheres and the bright and shining star at the top actually represents we can say that eagle that God the Father or God the mother energy well we can say it represents our ability to climb the tree and to awaken that light within us so this is how fundamental of the Tree of Life is and in the ancient world they used to go out and decorate the trees where they stood they didn't cut them down and pull them up and put them in their house for three weeks and then they died they decorated them and they they put presents to one another in the trees which is I think a really beautiful custom now here's the Freemason tree and this is an interesting one because here from heaven is the hand of God pretty beautiful hand huh and so the roots of the tree are said to be in heaven and that the branches come and that the manifest worlds the physical world of form the astral world the mental world and the spiritual realms this would be you know the sixth and seventh dimension this would be the fifth dimension this would be the fourth and this would be the third dimension you know all actually are connected to the Tree of Life without them existence wouldn't wouldn't be here and so in other words the third dimension can only be created if the fourth dimension came before it and that can only be created if the fifth dimension so it's literally top-down so what informs our world behind the scenes are all the higher dimensional worlds but we densify we slow our vibration and so we slow our consciousness and our ability to truly remember who we are so where did the Tree of Life first come from and what the heck really is it okay this is the big mystery we're going to talk about what it is first and then we're going to get into where it came from so what do we know about the tree as a cosmic symbol and this is a very beautiful image from a movie called the fountain and I'll show you a couple of other images from it later but I don't know how many of you saw that movie at the time I saw it I really didn't understand it it wasn't until years later when I really plunged into my understanding of the Tree of Life that I came to understand what this movie was really about but it's a very powerful movie that takes place in three time periods our current modern time where Hugh Jackman who we love him he's such a wonderful actor is married to Rachel Weisz and she's dying of cancer and we love Rachel Weisz she's marvelous and then there's the same couple five hundred years earlier where rachel weisz is the queen of spain and she's sending Hugh Jackman as her conquistador to the new world to find the tree of life and of course who's breathing down the neck her neck is the patriarchy it's the Catholic Church and the the Inquisition and you know a very difficult time for her so she's counting on him and then there's this time in the future where they are floating through space in a bubble with the Tree of Life and it's a gigantic bubble and he has been seeking her all of his life and they are going towards what's called Sebulba and in this case it's meant to sort of mean part of creation and so it's a really really interesting movie once you understand the cosmology behind the Tree of Life so the tree acts as a bridge between our world and the higher worlds and of course we the this image is the cross but the cross of course was a symbol of the Tree of Life with most of us don't know I mean if you ask most Christians while they're wearing a cross they'll say oh it's because you know Jesus was killed on a cross that's their understanding but actually the cross predates Jesus by thousands of years it was on the garments of the road no priest of ancient Egypt who were studying the heavens it was sacred to to Meuse the first shepherd king it was actually made as a symbol on the forehead in the Greek mysteries long before Christianity and so it's actually you know connected to the ankh as we as we've talked about so the tree is acts like a rainbow bridge that we can cross as a soul that connects us between the worlds isn't this just such a gorgeous image so very beautiful so we see this depicted beautifully in the North's missile mythology so here we have you'd Raziel now why in the world they pick nine planets or planes I have no idea but Asgard was said to be sort of the highest one it's up here and that's where if you've been watching the wonderful Marvel movies with Thor I love you know Chris helmsworth is what a weird gorgeous guy and a great sense of humor he is you know he comes from Asgard as does Odin and if you remember the Thor movies there first attracted by the frost giants Besant the Nephilim down here the ice the land of ice and missed the next time there attract they're attacked by the Dark Elves and the Dark Elves are said that over here snortin hime they're said to be really good with technology that's in the second Thor movie and then they kind of went off of course but notice here this is the realm of the light elves uh-huh that's interesting this is a realm of intense fires okay probably like a like a volcano whirl to say this is Jotun hime this is a realm of the real the real giant so you know you can sort of see and here we are in the middle we're middle earth this is the earth now notice that there's this serpent okay in in the North's cosmology or mythology whatever we want to call it they believe that there's this serpent that when he bites through the root and that supports all of this you know basically Armageddon will take place and they call that Ragnarok so it's like hey the end days so again here's a rainbow bridge connecting the worlds from the lowest to the highest and of course they call that the Bifrost in the in the Thor movies so as you can see there have been many artists who have been depicting these these images I mean throughout time and these some of these are very modern artists here are the people down here and here are the different dimensions going up including the sages and the avatars and here's a golden path or golden road this literally going very serpent like up to the very top where the light is now it was always thought that these trees represented a doorway and that's actually an interesting thing I discovered when I was doing my research on one of my four books the one on Jesus I have a whole section on his time with the with the Druids and the Celts well the Druids the word druid comes from the word drawer drawer da you are which means doorway and it's it's literally connected with oak trees and so they looked at these trees as being doorways into the other worlds and and we see again depictions this is a Buddha one of him sitting beneath the tree and it always acts almost like a portal or a doorway into the higher worlds so the tree offers a path away if you will and so we see sometimes in these depictions this spiral path which of course if you've ever walked the spiral usually the proper spirals have seven levels like the seven planes and it said that the way we walk in is how we walk through life when we get to the center is our relationship with God or ourselves and how we walk out is what we do with that relationship and so this the Tree of Life is often connected with this spiraling path and of course what are these spirals represent the multi-dimensional planes of the universe of God which of course in our current culture it's not really even acknowledged except to say oh there's a heaven there's a hell and there's earth and you have one life and that's it you die no we have where eternal we have many many lives and there are many mansions in my father's house as Jesus told us there are many dimensions in in the universe I've always loved this I'm sure you guys have probably seen this along the way but you may not have understood exactly what it meant here is the initiate who holds the Shepherd staff he has pulled back the veils to peep beyond the third dimension to look into the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension in the sixth dimension to understand how the cosmic wheel works how is connected with the Great Central Sun here's the Sun now in his sphere as well as in all the spheres is a tree of life which is a path back home and we have the lunar energy and we have the solar energy and then we have the bright and shinies cars these are all symbols we're gonna see in hermetics as we look at the Freemason emblems some of their paintings are so beautiful but again and again we're gonna see the tree often represented as a ladder to heaven the Sun and the moon and then the bright and shining star which is kind of like the star at the top of the Christmas tree isn't it it's it's us it's it's you know what we're working to achieve is our godlike identity so the anxious saw it very much as a path to the stars and I thought it was really interesting when we look at the Milky Way how the Egyptians depicted Newt in uit Newt some will say nuts but always say Newt I love her she's so wonderful as the goddess of the heavens and they portrayed her literally as her body is filled with stars or and you know her feet her and they in the in the east and her heads in the West or vice versa but she literally is bowed over Osiris this is Osiris who was the Christ of his day thousands of years ago the Lord of Light so he's and this is Horus or raw probably raw who was Osiris his father the Lord of Light blessing him now this is actually a painting that I did a drawing that I did as you guys know with my four books I have about a hundred illustrations on each one because if I'm teaching her medics I obviously have to show you images and I've drawn a lot of those and this is one that hasn't wound up in one of my books yet but it really depicts the ocean of love and mercy here the cosmic egg from which we all emerge this would be called the world of emanation beyond you know the world form this is the worlds of creation the sixth and seventh dimension these are the worlds of formation the fourth and fifth dimension and these are the worlds of action where all the the third dimensional planets are so again the roots in heaven its branches connecting all the worlds and of course this is an image showing its foundation literally it's the foundation that holds up creation itself and we see at the tree you know up here in heaven but also down here and here's our friendly little serpent it looks like he might be trying to bite a root down there too so the said the tree is said to contain all polarities within it this is perhaps one of my favorite paintings of it I don't know who the artist is but I would love to meet them here we have day and night here we have childhood and youth beginning life here we have old age and death with a sickle you know here we have the old man here we have the the day the day spirit so you know the stars and the Sun so it's really just absolutely stunning but the tree is said to contain all aspects so here's the mail oh here's the female when you reverse it see that her face is here female male just beautiful light and dark lunar and solar all seasons and all times are contained within the tree itself thus of course is linked to many world saviors and the list of who is said to have died on a tree is very long from Krishna – quits a quadrille of course we know Jesus and here it is in a classic Christian Cathedral here's Buddha here's Tammuz usually depicted with a lion he's standing on a lion I know this isn't a high-resolution image it sorry to say that this is Ishtar and here's a tree and see the star over his head marking him as one of the great shepherd kings or solar lords here's both and his wife C shot and here is the Tree of Life here's the pharaoh with the white crown of the north holding the Shepherd staff all these from our hermetic symbols and those of course knew the spiritual alchemy of the lunar and the solar so we see the solar when we see the lunar and he was thought of as a lunar god but in truth he honored both let's look at sea shots headdress one two three four five six seven where have we seen seven before Oh The Tree of Life very interesting so these two were definitely very much in the know the tree is also surprisingly you may not know this link with it – my mother is the creatress of the world so you know for for thousands of years God was considered to be the great mother because everyone could see that the only one that gave birth were women or the female of every species so who would have logically birth the universe would have been the divine mother right and of course then it became the divine father and mother which the truth is it takes usually two to create a child I guess you couldn't have an immaculate conception but generally speaking you know the male and female they come together in balance and then it became the divine father mother daughter and son and then about three thousand years ago the patriarchy rose up and got rid of the son the mother the daughter we got to some about Christianity we never got the daughter back and the mother got relegated to marry the mother but when we look back in time there are cultures who preserved the Divine Feminine and much more balanced with the joy and masculine including the Vedic Hindu path now this is Lakshmi who said to be the mate of Vishnu the sustaining principle of the universe and you see she arises from the constant waters from this lotus blossom here are these two columns that we saw earlier in ancient Egypt and behind her is the tree mm-hmm a whole forest and here's the tree over sheltering her and here the Swans and the and the elephant is always about memory remembering we have to remember who we are and if we remember she throws down the blessings abundance in every form but particularly in spiritual awakening and love this is of course the Celtic and the white horse is a symbol of the goddess you see it particularly in the Celtic tradition Rhianna the goddess Triana and the goddess Epona these are horse goddesses the white horse in particular so the white horse is linked to the power of the land to the goddess and also Believe It or Not to the coming of the Christ the coming up the matreya the matreya that's said to come but you can see that the the goddess is one with the tree here here we have ancient Egypt this would be is often said to be Isis or Hathor is said to come but if we look at her headdress its Ma'at art is the goddess of cosmic truth and she wears the feather of truth so if your heart is as light as a feather going into heaven if you have a hard heart a heavy heart unforgiving heart back to the drawing board you haven't learned your lessons so Isis is actually giving blessings as being one with the Tree of Life here and here we have a Hathor doing the same thing bringing libations to spiritual emissions you might wonder what these little things are on top of their heads this has to do with them probably hats but they have to do with really the indication of the activation of a crown chakra for initiative marks these two is initiates male and female so the goddess and the tree are one just like we can say that the the saviours the world's saviors and the tree are one why because they've already journeyed up the tree and they have literally become they blended the polarities within themselves they integrated them and merge them and they offer us a path home if you think about the Divine Feminine it is divine love so to get on the tree divine love you think about the divine masculine it is divine wisdom and or to get on the tree follow the path of wisdom and love now this comes from the fountain and this is that bubble here's the bubble floating through space here's the tree on its way to the Great Central Sun and here is Q Shakman before Rachel Weisz the actors but of course he is the seeker he is the perennial and the Shenton seeker who was seeking the tree and he's seeking the goddess and she is the prize by every man and it's hidden I mean we live in a patriarchal culture we don't realize this but even the Sufis realized that at the heart of what they're seeking is the Divine Feminine even the Native Americans when they do the Sun Dance what they're seeking is the experience with white buffalo cattlemen they're seeking this connection of this regenerating principle that grants eternal life now there are two symbols that are always connected with the Tree of Life and you might guess what they are from this image I certainly I kind of chose it because it's like that wavy serpentine energy so it's the spiral and the serpent so let's take a look at what some of those things mean certainly we know that the spiral is the eternal circle of life the galaxies turn this way the solar systems turn this way the hair on the top of our head turns this way the nautilus shell turns this way when we flush the toilet it turns of the spiral this is one of the great templates for all creation is the spiral as the eternal cycle of life ever renewing and regenerating itself and this template of course is connected with the movement of the serpent moving up the tree itself now the Milky Way was often thought of as a cosmic serpent it was said that it had a mouth at either end and others say that had a mouth in the middle where the dark rift is and that as we move through our galactic alignment which is what we're in now about a thousand years where we're literally moving through the mouth of the serpent this is the cosmic serpent so you can see how the ancients thought that they could see it stretching across the sky and at nighttime serpents weren't feared I mean in our day and age because of the patriarchy we've come to fear them but in the ancient past they weren't thought of as as scarier fearful they were actually thought of as life-giving and embodying wisdom now this is one of the reasons why that the symbol of the recycling of time is called the Aurora boys and it is the serpent biting its tail and of course I have whole presentations that I've done for Neil and portal to ascension on the cycles of time and also for a wonderful company called sacred stories media where I've done four 10-hour classes and one of them is on the Egyptian mysteries and one is on the galactic cycles of time there's a lot to be said about this but we are at the end of an age now we're at the end of the Age of Pisces we're moving into the Age of Aquarius but we're also at the end of a twenty-five thousand one hundred and twenty year cycle so we are at the end of a great year and as the ancients called it and beginning a brand new cycle which is why we're crossing the Galactic equator it's also why we're probably going to have a pole shift whether it's in two years or 20 years or 150 years no one knows exactly when we're gonna have it but it's definitely coming and this is one of the reasons we have new codes coming from the Sun this is why the extraterrestrials are coming in to make contact with us and visit us or Anna where were had a whole new age being ushered in so of course this circle is what we see when we look out in the solar system it's a circular nature of time and of space when we look into the Hindu teachings we have the column of the Tree of Life and and and here we have this serpent and it said that you know these demons on one side and soras and Deb's or angels on the other side and they're having a constant tug-of-war tug-of-war dark and light dark and light which earns the cosmic ocean and allows the worlds of duality to even form and this would probably be Vishnu here the sustaining principle of the universe here in the Mayan we see the same column representing the Tree of Life and we see the serpent moving up it don't we same thing here and this looks like the vertebra doesn't it mMmmm spine hmm big clue so remember this when we get to a little later on we're gonna be explaining this one now here's the Kabbalah why in the world would they put a friendly little green garter snake very interesting question cuz they too understood that these are initiatory symbols and when we begin to connect with our higher self with a great central Sun the energy does move in a spiral here's the Greek here's the serpent around a Greek tree this is from the Isle the golden Isle of the Hesperides and here we have a priestess feeding actually a serpent so instead of stomping them into the ground and bushwhacking them and murdering them and killing them as we've been taught to do they had a completely different approach to these these critters now of course how did our approach change it really was the patriarchy that rewrote the story of this serpentine energy awakening humanity's knowledge and this other aspect that was supposed to be the Lord most high the Yahweh figure coming in and basically saying I don't want you to eat from the tree of life you've already eaten from the tree of knowledge you're getting out of the garden because I'm not sure you're gonna obey me so all this got demonized but in the past for thousands and thousands of years this serpent energy was a symbol of wisdom the wise woman or the wise man the priestesses of create Sumerian Mesopotamia here we literally see them holding two serpents in their hands well what in the Sam Hill does that represent when we look into these two serpents in in astronomy we discovered that this great healer and he said to be the thirteenth constellation because his foot actually lies along the path of the ecliptic right between Sagittarius and Scorpio and it's just about where the galactic center is the galactic center is 27 degrees of sad so the galactic center would be right here and then there's um oh I always say Oh philic us but I'm sure I'm saying it wrong Oh fie yuccas what a weird name hmm why they named him that well it's got the ratio of Phi and it doesn't it PI or fine but he's the medicine man he's the healer and he's literally holding these two serpents in his hands just exactly as we saw this priestess do what are the two serpents not just one serpent but two serpents hmm keep an eye open those are good questions now we'll look at some of the Christian artwork clearly they were initiates around that did not buy the evil serpent story because here at a beautiful stained-glass window in England we have the Holy Grail and our friendly little serpent is inside what the heck is that about I mean you know a normal traditional Christian today was certainly not put a serpent inside of the Holy Grail but somebody obviously knew more than they were telling here we have from this is from Munich Germany the Holy Grail and here's the serpent and kind of looking like a little pissy serpent kind of scary again from Munich Germany we have the Holy Grail and we have two serpents moving up mm-hmm and they're connected they're combined in the middle this is all connected with the Grail so how is this serpent The Tree of Life linked to notice the cross behind the Holy Grail here a symbol of the tree yep it was the prize not by every night we know this from mythology you know this is the time of King Arthur the 518 where the round table symbol of the feminine and thirteen Knights 12 knights plus King Arthur 13 as the number of the Divine Mother we're searching for the Holy Grail now the whole presentation on the Holy Grail the Merovingian bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in sacred stories if you look up sacred stories media or sacred stories with the courses I've done for them the whole Avenue on that but this is like a 10 hour course this is the prize by every every night the Holy Grail the Grail was the path of enlightenment and these two serpents and this rod are essential the rod and the snakes are part of the spiritual technology of enlightenment so let's decode this mystery we've been posing this is of course the caduceus brought to us by those and the original caduceus there's a circle down here you'll get a chance to see it a circle up here and they're actually seven times it crosses because in seven chakras within us this is a stained-glass window of a female in this yet mm-hmm carrying the caduceus the the single the staff with one snake was the second level of initiation the third level and the highest level of initiation was the full caduceus so the priests and priestesses of the ancient world certainly knew this and this is one of the reasons you see them again and again with serpents and my research discovered that some of these places they actually used small amounts of the venom from the serpents to put themselves into these altered states for channeling now I would not propose that we do that because we certainly don't have enough knowledge about it but they certainly did and they would extract the venom and then use it to produce trance states of consciousness here we have escalade pious the father really medicine long before Hippocrates long before the Hippocratic oath and we see him carrying the staff with one serpent moving up it escalates was the father of healing and there were temples of healing all over the ancient world I mean we didn't have x-rays they maybe had clairvoyant vision or a medical intuition but they understood the principles of energy medicine they were working with herbs they were working with light and sound and chakras and things like that they didn't have antibiotics to my knowledge but they certainly had medicine here we see that this caduceus symbol it has become the symbol universally for healing in the medical profession sometimes you'll see it with one snake but usually it's with two in zero Astra's time this is Persian we have the Tao cross upside-down we have the world and we have the cross here with you know the fruit the achievement of the fruit as we unify this with the serpent don't we here's Moses so a lot of this has sort of been hidden because as you know the patriarchy rewrote things how could they explain how Moses who was the second father Abraham being the first Moses being the second of Judaism how come he had a serpent staff what the heck was with that well of course Moses wasn't initiated he was a higher initiate maybe not the highest but certainly a wise person in ancient Egypt he was at the temples of on which became known to the Greeks as Heliopolis the temple of the Sun and this serpent staff was one if you remember when he kind of went toe to toe with priests that were consulting the Pharaoh they would throw down their rods had turned to a snake he'd throw it on his rod turn to a snake mistake would consume theirs thanks was this real I don't know but maybe they're talking about the fact that he had achieved a Kundalini consciousness that transcended the consciousness that the priests and because he had been living out in the desert if you remember he had had a tough time of it where they had been living you know in the plush palace now some of the gods and goddesses also have these same hermetic here's the serpent with Athena she was the goddess of wisdom if you remember and here's a staff and the staffs been turned into a spear this is actually from nashville tennessee where they've made a complete replica of the Parthenon which is stunning if you haven't had a chance to go I've been to both Athens Greece and the Parthenon the real one and I've also been to Nashville and it's really wonderful and you can see the scale here here's a human person so it's like really quite big but it's extraordinary here we see our friendly little serpent on the staff okay and also the horse Pegasus and here we see the tree and she's giving blessings to this warrior Lakshmi and Vishnu the sustainer and his mate so the male and female sustainers and what are they surrounded by they're surrounded by a serpent that's actually protecting them they're sitting on sea shack called the cosmic serpent here's Shiva the transformer he has a serpent around his neck and if you notice he has light and dark light and day so literally it tells us he's one with the Tree of Life he's embodying these same principles and then he has the two serpents that have become enlightened male on this side female on this side so we're starting to get some clues about those two serpents aren't we here shiva and shakhty I mean do we really think someone walks around with a friendly little snake around their neck I don't think so these are hermetic symbols and of course even the Trident represents the middle path doesn't the middle path the male the female the light the dark in the middle path that unifies them all and those are the pearls of great wisdom that she holds in her hands now so that is probably the one who brought this to us though is you know he was the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt and he was the master initiate he wrote the Emerald tablets he wrote the core Cosmo he wrote the Egyptian Book of the Dead here at the kabali on I'm gonna actually be doing presentations later this year on the Emerald tablets for Neil for portal to ascension and also be doing them on the Egyptian mysteries I think the Egyptian mysteries is in August and so if any of you are interested in knowing more about I'm doing three more this year gypsy mysteries and more tablets and I think one is on those specifically by all means feel free to email me it's Trisha mccannon my name and it's for one's one one one one at and just say please put me on your email list and I'm happy to happy to send you a reminder about those dates so here's those and of course here is in his mercury form or Hermes form for the Greeks but his original Sumerian name was ninja Xena then means Lord or lady depends on if it's Nima it would be lady if it's ninja sh sita i don't know what Gazeta means the lord of the whatever i have no idea but it's the god this is in french the god did you see that so you can sort of see what is he one of the symbols here well this is like a lion standing up with wings and crown on and he's holding a shepherd staff doesn't have a loop at the top and then here are our friendly little snakes and this is all symbology about the great shepherd kings that i talked about in some of my other presentations here's Horus as a child and he has a winged serpent a wing at snake like the symbol of what's a quantal it is someone who's raised their kundalini and they have become free and as a child they're saying he's an enlightened one he came in and lightened he was a you know an enlightened being from the time he was born so these are all symbols meaning the awakened man or woman in this case so this caduceus as we've now begun to suspect lives within us and of course it's our job to begin to awaken our inner vision so this has been marking these symbols have been marking these individuals as ones who have awakened the third sight their third eye their inner sight now here's Jesus and I think this is so interesting here's Mary and Jesus and they are having serpent body were they shape-shifting reptilians no they were not here are the two columns that we've seen before they're in the middle telling us that they themselves embody that middle path and here they are again and if you pay attention to the hermetic headdresses he's actually wearing the feathers of my aunt and he's wearing a crown this is a crown that's like the crown of Tammuz so they're marking him as a shepherd king and she's wearing the feathers of my aunt the solar and the lunar principles the same thing so Mary and Jesus what they are trying to say is that these are Shepherd kings or Shepherd Queens there were the shepherd kings and queens these are the ones the serpent Kings come to raise the Kundalini of the entire planet what a job I mean think about how we all try to make a difference in our life you know sometimes we can only make it with our families or with our children or with our people that we teach or people that we help if we're a nurse or a doctor or a chiropractor you know imagine being given the job coming to earth and doing something that would raise the entire frequency of the planet that's job of the center of the serpent Kings here's our cow cross and they appear usually at the end of each age so Jesus came between the age of Aries and the age Pisces now we're ending Pisces and Aquarius is coming so we are due for one of these wonderful serpent kings or avatars or solar lords whatever we want to call them to come and with the world the way it is right now for heaven's sakes we need all the help we can get so the serpent Kings are avatars that come the Great Central Sun we can read it right here they come at the end and the beginning of the cycles of time they come from the from the light if you remember Jesus says I am the light I come from the light I'm one with the light there's all this stuff about the light and and so and he's not the only one I mean I think he's the one that we know about but when we go back in time we discover that we have not been forsaken every few thousand years one of these beings comes in and they come to awaken us they come to wake the planet up to a higher frequency now many aren't paying attention and many others are even if they were paying attention you know they like their you know the power that they've amassed in this dimension and that power is many times dependent on their ability to enslave others and so the more ego driven the more service to self driven the deeper many comes people become mired in the illusion and they don't choose the path but of course they are eternal Souls so eventually it might take 1 million years but you know long enough if they suffer long enough eventually they have you know multiple opportunities every few thousand years to awaken so these ancient altars were to honor these serpent Lords of wisdom and you know we can look at this and go isn't this interesting why in the world would someone have a altar with fire a friendly little golden stank making an infinity symbol with a halo around a serpent this is all hermetic code for these enlightened ones for these great serpent Lords or Shepherd kings or solar lords and so now we're going to kind of shift our conversation a little bit and we're going to look at some history we've talked about what the tree of life means you know and we're going to talk about some spiritual technology with how to work with it a bit later but now in this section we want to take a look at some of the history of how we came to learn about the Tree of Life who brought it here so the answer to that would be the Anunnaki gods and most of you may be familiar with the Anunnaki gods this is actually a picture I took from the British Museum and it's begin showing this vine light plant and we see you know literally right hand spiral light left-hand spiral light moving up here are our phones or our Leafs and here's what appears to be almost the pineal gland emerging from a pod here it's the beginning of the flower so the internal key guys were tall long live gods who nurtured humanity they were a lot taller than us and I put some images in here to kind of give you some reference points from our historical past these are grown men and this is Diana Diana or Artemis and you can see if these guys are let's say maybe this guy's six feet in this guy's you know five 10 and this guy's you know five seven I can't she's probably you know at least four feet taller right six feet seven eight nine ten she's got to be at least 10 feet tall so they're pretty tall now this is Demeter's and Persephone beside a grown man now we should say this is a youth okay maybe he's a you know sixteen year old or a 19 or 20 year old still even if he's like you know short five seven or something like that not a very tall guy five seven you know six seven seven seven you know this is going to make them about eight or nine feet tall so you know you can see they're tall now here's another one these are grown women we can see bosoms here so these aren't children okay so let's say they're 5'4 they're about half the size of these gods these are this is Persephone and damaged or her mother so in this case they would be about 9 or 10 feet tall if this is the scale this is a god over here different kind of chest this is me at the British Museum and i'm 5-4 so if this is true then the women were about 10 feet tall 9 or 10 feet tall on the men were you know another foot or two taller like maybe 12 feet 14 feet just to give you like some reference points pretty darn interesting huh now they had a level of technology that we are only just beginning to understand today and we can look at these incredibly detailed depictions I took this at the British Museum of Art incredible place so this is one of the reasons it's such good detail first off there were necklaces and so they're symbols we recognize this is kind of the maltese cross here's the the Sun disc okay I don't really know what this one this is almost like a symbol like Alpha or Omega but over here this is obviously an important symbol because it repeats same things on disk there's a crown where it looks like you know the same thing this left right and awakening in the middle and then this appears to be some kind of a flying disc of some sort now is this an elevator we don't really know I mean if you could back up and see the whole thing it literally looks like he's standing in an elevator by pushing a button but we don't know we do know that they knew about DNA and we have multiple examples of it this is Nima is a very crude drawing of Nima but she's holding literally the ropes of DNA here we have the DNA spiral as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems moving up the spine and this is the same image we saw with an English Zita where it's a leopard a Leo pard a leopard a lion he's got a crown on his head and the holding this staff and here we see the Serpent's a double serpents so we all see we see all sorts of really interesting things this is nin Herta who was in littles oldest son he became known later as Zeus and he's always known as having the Thunderbolt weapons okay and he's depicted here with wings did he really have wings I don't know or was this the way our ancestors are trying to say they came down out of the sky they flew we really don't know but there plenty of beings depicted with wings so maybe they had them maybe they use them here we have what appears to be a Griffin now is the Griffin a real animal on its own it could be because there was lots of Griffin's but what is the Griffin it appears to be the body of a lion but the wings of an eagle and so it could be an animal from their planet that they brought here but there are others that we know for sure definitely look like genetic engineering these are kind of like the satyrs from the Greek mythology we see the little flower of life right here but these little dudes have quote Stefan and they clearly have human heads with beards and some kind of little ears or it could be horns but it kind of looks like ears to me pretty interesting and it's all connected with this symbol of the flying disc this emblem of the flying disc is definitely an Anunnaki symbol and we're going to see that flying disk up close in just a moment here we have again a human body with an eagle's head with wings and these were protective beings that we know guarded the Tree of Life here we have a human head with a lion's body with wings so they were definitely messing around with DNA they knew how to genetically slice things together was this a wise idea I don't think so if these are actually separate species I don't think it's a good idea for us to do it either but clearly the Anunnaki gods have how to do it we know that they knew about space travel and we have really clear depictions of some even with these conical heads and gear looks very much like our astronauts today of course they came down and discovered that the atmosphere was compatible with them so here we have literally a human being and a flying disc now for all we know it was literally a circular UFO and ork has solar panels okay could have had solar panels or it could have just been that the wings are a way of saying it flew or it could be that it was like some of our our flying machines that we have now that kind of look like hawks we have we have flying machines at the military that we call Hawks remember Black Hawk Down that movie and so we don't really know if they were round discs that flew or in fact they had panels where they were more like wicked flying machines like the ones we had this is apologize it was a little blurry but this is actually on a belt that they were wearing and here we see another one of these beings this is a her a mazda the persian god of light now this is i did not take this one so this one's a little blurry err but here's the tree of life here's one of the gods this is a god that's got a fish skin on so and here's a cylindrical spacecraft with three people in it now they knew about astronomy and a zacharias Sitchin the father really bringing this information to light from 1975 on and his birth Chronicle series has pointed out these are all depictions of the planets and you know you count one two three four five six seven I think we're the seventh planet in so they're talking about Earth so this vessel is traveling probably from at the Nibiru their planet to earth and so that's what this is depicting they also appear to know about magnetic and I think this is a very rare depiction but a being is clearly being lifted off the ground by this spacecraft and who is overseeing this or to wing it and naki so this is probably a human being being you know teleported or magnetically lifted up and we can sort of see by the wings and the hands that these are Anunnaki they knew about flying been here is a what appears to be look at the size of this guy and look at the size of this guy okay now most of us have just assumed that this was because the leaders had big egos but what if in fact this guy six feet tall this guy's 10 feet tall okay maybe they were fully Aki maybe they were and have human demigod so to speak like Hercules or Perseus so this appears to be either a human that's been lifted up or Eagle that is holding human as he's coming down for some reason and it's often said that in these battles particularly in Persia that these spacecraft would appear above the battlefield and scare the bejeebers out of the opposing army and they would flee and this is one of the ways that the whatever side that the gods are favoring would win here we have it again we have an army these normal-looking people go into war these guys bigger than these guys but could be perspective and then we have what appears to be a guy swimming through the air or flying through the air and we have a winged a disc here so these are all very perplexing to us because you know what was the technology that they were using we don't really know I didn't fly in magnetic boots like the winged sandals of Hermes could they fly there's no magnetic beam that we see here so it's it's it's a mystery we're still trying to solve here we see one of the animals very clearly with enormous detail he's plucking a fruit from the tree of life now they crush this fruit and they made it into a drink that they used to sustain eternal life and we'll be talking about that in a moment and here again we have a really good depiction of another one of these Annunaki in a ship with what appears to be landing struts and wings so the one thing that was most sacred to the Gods was in fact the tree of life and it was probably nothing more sacred to them this is why they ran Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden was because they didn't want them to drink from the tree of life it said that because they made Adam and he was the first sort of perfected man they allowed him to drink and sustain his life for a long long long time but when Gilgamesh the epic of gilgamesh he was half human half animal a demigod decided he wanted to drink from the tree of life he went after it to try to find it and eventually he did that it was stolen by a serpent when he was sleeping no was a serpent you know a real serpent or was it a one of these Anunnaki scientists because they used the term serpent and scientist or a wise person interchangeably that came and took it in tonight because they didn't want him to be able to sustain his life for thousands of years like they did and again we see the tree here this is from the British Museum you can see the tree and all its glory here and they're pulling fruit off of the tree and they made this tree almost looks like a big I know raspberry or a big sure it was nice and juicy a big strawberry or raspberry or not a strawberry raspberry or blackberry and they made it they crushed it up and made it into this soma and you can even see what we've always thought were wristwatches but really they look like bracelets that contain emblems of the flower of the Tree of Life now this elixir doubled their lifespan on their planet their planet took about 3,600 years to go all the way around our Sun so that would be one year for them so if they lived a hundred of their years a hundred years like in a perfect health maybe we would live 100 years a hundred of their years to be 360 thousand of our years so if this doubles their lifespan we're talking about 700 thousand years seven hundred and twenty thousand years that's a really long time so as you can imagine they prize this very very highly and of course this is why it was a forbidden fruit imagine if human beings that they had initially kind of created that maybe initially we lived a thousand years like Methuselah or fifteen hundred years that be acceptable but what if we started living for ten thousand years or twenty thousand you know then we would begin to vie for power and this was not something that they wanted so this is what is behind the story that we've inherited that's been changed about Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit and the forbidden tree they they woke up from the tree of knowledge and then they were driven out of the garden because they weren't allowed to eat of the tree of immortality so realizing the importance of this tree because it permeates their culture it's really a big deal temples were adorned with images of the flowers the vines and even the leaves so let's just take a look at its structure here we see again the the leaves here is the flower this is on a Greek temple from the British Museum here it is on another temple that was inside of course here is a Persian temple pretty interesting these are plates and bowls all built on the idea of the Flower of Life this is all from the British Museum this these are earrings uh-huh earrings and this is like a half-human almost like a centaur right here's a horse he's got moves and it's got a human head with almost like Pharoah head wrap but here's the flower of life isn't here we have annona and these are two lions at her feet look at all she is these are long as my gosh you know she'd be ten feet tall and here's the flower of life necklace beautiful these are buttress ornaments from the tree one two three four five six seven yep this one's more one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven hmm very interesting eleven what'd she get into hermetic she'll start counting everything is really cool okay temple decorations here's the infinity symbol and what do we find in the middle light and dark stones of the flower of life mosaic floor pans incredible so understanding the cosmic significance of the tree of our mortality cause an entire cosmology to grow up around it I hope you guys enjoyed it my website is Trisha McKenna and speaks calm if you want to email me directly and say hey Trisha please put me on your newsletter list feel free to it's my name Trisha McCarran and then one one one one four ones at and of course this is my number I always tell people I'm in Atlantis on East Coast time so you know try to call me between like 10:00 and 12:00 in the morning east coast if you can I tend to do my readings for people from about 4:00 to 8:00 so usually from that time on you won't be able to get me most of the time you you

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