Antoine Griezmann ● Welcome to Barcelona 2019 ● Skills & Goals πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

44 thoughts on “Antoine Griezmann ● Welcome to Barcelona 2019 ● Skills & Goals πŸ‡«πŸ‡·”

    The whole point of welcome videos is to show case the skills of players that actually signed or will sign.

  2. He is just balanced now
    50/50 over and under Rated
    Some players go clock wise bad, better, good and best
    Griezi went the opposite best , better and decent now

  3. nobody want to buy him, end up still play with atletico next season
    which club want to pay 100m++ for 28yr player
    same goes to hazard…hazard keep dreaming madrid come to him…hazard 29yr now

  4. Kmt man idc if he’s a bottler in finals he’s still better imo than Suarez has been recent years as he’s faster can dribble can pass and finish as well. Valverde still needs the fucking sack tho

  5. Good player but not a fan. He has had one great year and isn’t worth Β£105m. He will do well at Barca bcos of messi. He is an irritating character that thinks he is better than he is. I was irritated by his documentary and now his announcement to leave.

  6. Griezmann is not transferring to Barca but to Bayern. Barca's striking power is not the issue with Messi, Suarez and Dembele. Ribery is leaving Bayern and will pass on the nr. 7 to Griezmann. Antoine will play behind Lewandowski, just as he plays behind Giroud in the French team. MΓΌller is currently in that position but clearly he has had a difficult season and is no longer on top of his game, so Bayern will want to dial creativity and goal chances back up with Griezmann. MΓΌller has already been dropped from the German team and he will either fade away from Bayern as well in the next season or up his game due to the competition with Griezmann. It was probably not too hard for Bayern to convince Griezmann, they already have his compatriots Coman, Tolisso, Pavard, and of course his Atleti friend Hernandez. Griezmann has been on the German's wish list for a while as he kicked Bayern out of the Champions league and Germany out of the Euro in 2016 and recently in 2018 also out of the Nations league. His price is about to drop from 200 to 120 million and Bayern sure loves a good deal.

  7. I think he will come to Bayern because Barcelona players dont want him in Barca and ManCity and PSG are broke af

  8. We need natural striker like icardi, Jesus, Kean, lacazett, rashford, piatic we don't need playmaker

  9. Man utd are better off getting Saul from atletico madrid rather than this clown…. This primadona diva is a disaster waiting to happen. Having one Pogba is enough already. We dont need new divas coming in.

  10. I could see Barcelona trying to make a swap deal plus cash for Griezmann; Umtiti being sent the other way. Atletico Madrid is in need of a world-class replacement for Godin and Umtiti on his day could fill those shoes. So maybe a swap deal could be happening.

  11. Everybody saying u need to sack valverde…..

    Why?This happens every champions league season and they sacked the last manager and still are dogshit at the champions league.Maybe they need to stop blaming the manager and look at the players

  12. Griezmann is exactly what Barça need, Suarez is not enough anymore they need someone to link with Messi in the attack.

  13. great player yet some of Barcelona fans don't want him to join the team !! people what's wrong with you ??

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