Anti-bullying assembly – student comments #CareRespectSupport

(electronic zapping) – [Woman] So, when you
came into the assembly, and the bell started to ring, what did you think? – When the bell started to ring, I just didn’t know what was going on. I was just kind of, like, looking around. Like, trying to figure out, and then when everyone
started standing up, I just started to stand
up, like I just said. Because I thought it was
some social experiment, or something like that. So, I just joined in. – [Woman] When did you
know what was happening? – Well, I didn’t really know at the start, but I started to pick it up. – [Woman] When you were
standing and sitting, how did it feel? – It just felt like I was
just following everyone. I didn’t know what was going on, I was just doing what
everyone else was doing just to fit in. – [Woman] And when the message came up about bullying, did that make sense? – Yeah, it did. And it, like, hit me hard
cause I was like, whoa. Like, when you’re doing something and then you realise that
you’re actually doing that and then it tells you, you realise the impact that it has on you. – [Woman] Do you think in
the future it will make you look at your surroundings a bit more? – I think in the future,
it’s taught me a good lesson. To think about what am going to do, and if I see something bad happening, I’ll step in and help the kid out, or help the person out
that’s getting bullied. – [Woman] When the bell started to ring, what did you do at the start? – My initial reaction
when it started ringing was what was going on? Because I didn’t hear any instructions to stand up or sit down. But towards the end, everyone
started getting into it, which is when I started
standing up and sitting down, and then when the message came up, it was quite shocking. – [Woman] How did it make you feel then? – Like everyone around me
was standing and sitting for no reason after
three people started it. It was a bit surreal, sort of. Like you realise what a difference people around you can make. (upbeat music)

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