48 thoughts on “Anti-Abortion Activists Are Not “Pro-Life,” says Jesse Ventura”

  1. This is absolutely terrible logic it’s hilarious! Please, if you think this is good logic let me know which quotes you support the most from him and I’ll debunk the logic of it… trust me, it’s not hard

  2. I don't necessarily call myself pro life, but what I am, is against all these irresponsible, self-centered losers who wanna wait until there 6 months, 7 months pregnant, hell, even 5 months, to make a canned decision. If you're gonna do it (or not) take a few days of a week even and make that decision quickly. I promise it hurts that fetus more than it does you if you dont. I support your right to choose, but, as in all things, be responsible. So, no, you shouldn't be allowed to have one after 4 months. Believe it or not folks, but it's really and truly not all about you. Seriously. It's not. Barring those few special circumstances, there's no reason in the world that this cannot be adhered to. It's the nature and responsible thing to do. And very self-centered and egotistical to believe otherwise. If you're gonna do it, do it now. That's all. Not hard. Very simple, actually.

  3. I'll tell you why both Dems and Rep want this! It's all about the American Dollar! Another generation of borrowers from loans!!! Also include the immagrants too!!! And nobody can stop this cause we won't be fucked with! The military backs the dollar!!! Many countries use the dollar and only we can make more!!! Who's in control are the banks!!!!!!!!!!! Duh.

  4. Think about this I’m 38 states in the US you get a double homicide if you kill a pregnant women but if you kill that child with abortion it’s totally okay in these peoples minds, little bit backwards if you ask me if I put a gun to your head right now and said your gonna go to a foster home or I’m gonna blow your brains out I’m pretty sure 99.99999% of you would go to the foster home to have a chance at life

  5. This is the stupidest thing Ventura ever said, I used to support this guy all the time. There's always a social program out there, whatever. I see girls with 3 children working as a waitress, doesn't mean it's easy.
    Why don't we bring back marriage, that would be nice.

  6. Thank you, Jesse. I loved you back when i was a kid in the 80s watching wrestling and now have a world of respect for you standing up for women's rights. We need more men to be vocal on this issue. We, women, can't do it alone. There's too many men in politics who dont take our stances and concerns seriously and chew us up and spit us out simply to maintain evangelical Christian voting bloc. Thank you.

  7. Not every child is Born to leave it to beaver family but every child should be able to have a right to life

  8. And we call pro-choice Pro abortion and we want to outlaw abortion and we want to help the kids so what you’re saying makes no sense

  9. And they homeschool their kids so they don't learn social skills and the kids get lonely and that could mean suicide

  10. they’re the type of people who think getting married and having kids is the only thing to live for. we shouldn’t be having kids at all considering what we’re doing to our planet.

  11. Jesses right. Last thing we want is for people to take responsibility for their own actions. You wanna be pro life fine. Why don’t we make a law that in school we teach sex ed. And I’m that class we show a video of an abortion in real time. Him saying what he did about people who are pro life or pro birth is a little broad. I know there are people that believe that and fuck those people. Doesn’t mean people should stay on welfare till their child is 18 though. I guess he did his best to explain a complicated issue in 2 min. Just like me in 1 paragraph

  12. I personally don’t agree with abortion all the time. But in rape cases, women should have the rights to choose if they want to keep the child or not. At least I got a smart friend who is pro-life, respects the rights of women to abort in rape-related cases, and still support healthcare for the poor and working mothers. She’s truly pro-life there.

  13. Inevitably the more unwanted and impoverished children that are forced into the world, it will be VERY EASY to take away your parental rights. This is end game.

  14. I am anti abortion, pro contraception, pro responsibility, pro education, pro information on ALL choices, not just the ones that fit a particular agenda. I am not pro welfare, but am pro work so you can live as an individual and not be a slave to the government and whoever in power's political agenda. And when it comes to pregnancy, I AM pro choice. In fact, I believe in 4 choices. Abstinence, birth control, adoption and parenthood (and this goes for both men and women).

  15. Pro-punishment they are. Believers in myths still not understanding that they need to prove something about their beliefs in first time. What is the scientific evidence about that some cells in your body are a person? ah…

  16. if you don't want children, don't get pregnant. you don't get to murder your child because its an inconvenience to you. this has nothing to do with women's rights.

  17. There would be NIL Abortion Murders if woMEN took better care of themselves. You should not be creating life if you do not want the life. When your urge reaches boiling point….. Have a rub, or get someone to rub it for you, and above all else, never ever play with an erect milk dispenser. Flick your button and be done with it.

  18. Protection of life….not protection of quality of life.

    Equality of opportunity not equality of outcome.

    Murder vs poverty…..apples to ceiling tiles

  19. You don't get to decide if someone else's life is worth living. That is a disgusting reason to kill an unborn child.

  20. There is a more effective way to ensure no abortion… Vasectomy… Its reversible… And the side effects are less than pills …

  21. This video is offensive and a gross misrepresentation of pro-life individuals. You demonize us and generalize us and our beliefs in order to justify the VIOLENCE that is elective abortion. The welfare state is something that has pros and cons. If you want to debate the pros and cons fairly without throwing that in our FACE every time we try to stand up for unborn children, I'm sure many of us would be happy to do that. Also, you say that we are the "evil ones" because we don't want to "help the child after they're born". That's literally the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. I can't tell you how many pro-life individuals I know that hold fundraisers and events in order to serve underprivileged families. Get off your high horse! Pro-choice individuals are NOT the only people who care about women and children. They just need to make it seem like they are to justify elective abortion. Also, remember the so terrible it was great Bill Nye video (he's an engineer, not a biologist btw) you guys released where he was literally DENYING science and said that zygotes weren't human beings at their earliest stage of development. I literally could go get my biology book from high school and prove him wrong. Big Think, why don't you make content that is less sensationalized and more fairly represents the other side?? Many pro-life people may not think welfare is the best long term solution to solving systemic poverty. But at least we don't advocate for children to be KILLED as a means to "spare them" from being "poor". Do you even realize how offensive that is to so many poor people who still have happy and loving families?! Please, do better.

  22. I’m sure firefighters are told in training, “If you save someone, you are going to be responsible for their medical costs, food, housing, and other needs. You may want to let them burn if you’re not ready for that.” Pro-life does not mean that we don’t care about them, it means we don’t want them killed because of some lame excuse of, “what if?”

  23. THANK YOU! They waster their time on this bullshit. People are starving, hurting, are homeless…. right here, right NOW, where are they to help those kids? #prochoiceforever

  24. Well, having value for human life doesn't mean I am now responsible for upbringing that life. Just BC I acknowledge that a human being starts being human at concept doesn't mean it's all of a sudden my job to provide for those babies. Two fifferent arguments entirely.

    Here's how I feel, for the exceptions like rape incest or life threat if mother, then it should b outlawed, should not b a form of birth control. Instead…and stay with me, why can't we use sex control as a form of birth control?? Like idk keep ur legs closed?? Sex is not a right it is a responsibility. If u chose a behavior or choosing the action, if I chose to get drunk then chose to drive I'm also choosing to get pulled over get an accident or possibly harm myself anf others…if I lay down with a man for "fun" thank the product of that fun is the consequence of a baby I must pay for my decision. Sex since the beginning of all life, it's only purpose has been to procreate…for thousands of years humans have known that if u have sex u get babies…period..to develop a potential life to a point u restricted it from flohrishing is heinous and inhumane.

    If I was a vegatble but I could at some point wake up, the fact that I'm a burden and cost money, the fact that I am not sentimental does not give anybody the right to kill me bc I have the potential to wake up and its Noone elses choice to decide if I wake up or not that is up to god and thr force of nature. Not me or anybody else. Just like being pregnant, that life if let be would form into a human being with thoughts and feelings. it has its own generic code

    Satin a human embryo is a life and shouldnt b allowed to be killed is not the same thing as wanting to take personal responsibility for raising that child…the child was unwanted yea but you gotta face the music of ur actions, u lay down u conceive IDC if the daddy leaves its still no excuse. u chose that man. and if u chose a shitty man why should I have to pay for that?? If a baby was truly unwanted then maybe don't have reckless sex with jo ability to grasp responsibility for that act.

    Children having children then deciding they can't do it…then don't do that very act it takes to bring a hold into the world.

  25. This is a silly argument. Women are only 1/3rd of the topic of abortion. What about the fathers right to parenthood, or the child’s right to life.

    Why should it be a woman’s choice to take the life of an individual she helped create. If she didn’t make it alone she shouldn’t have sole authority over it.

  26. Jesse is wrong. His logic doesn't follow. Imagine if we were having this discussion about the genocide of our homeless population. There is a group arguing it is wrong to murder people based on their current living arrangements. The other side responses, " well you don't want to pay for their housing, you only care about them before we gas them." ….it is still immoral to murder them. And it is not immoral to think it isn't the government's role to be a nanny state.

  27. So we should just kill babies because there’s a chance they might be born into a bad family and need welfare etc
    I don’t support welfare but I’m anti abortion if u have sex u risk having a kid and that’s a life it’s not an oops abortion that’s a life

  28. No welfare is being abuse it the parent responsibility. Now here a fact if woman and men screw up it there consequence.
    Yes we are pro conceptions stop lying

  29. That is an absolute lie! Pro-lifers are more pro-choice than these so-called pro-choicers! Pro-lifers are for both the baby and the woman. We are telling that woman with an unintended or unplanned pregnancy that she doesn't have to have an abortion. She can get help. There are crisis pregnancy centers. There are homes for unwed mothers. There are adoption services. She can get material help.

    The pro-choicers are even attacking these crisis pregnancy centers. The pro-lifers, including the crisis pregnancy centers, are telling people the truth about abortion, and the pro-choicers don't want to hear the truth about it. And the truth is this: abortion is murder! Abortion is killing an unborn baby! It is not health care! It is not a so-called "woman's choice." It is not "reproductive freedom!" It is not a "Constitutional right." Nowhere in does it say that a woman has the right to kill her unborn child!

    As far as contraceptives go, abortion and all forms of artificial birth control are clearly against the teachings of the Catholic Church! The only form of birth control that the Church allows is Natural Family Planning, and that's it!

    Talk about a "woman's right to choose/to control her own body/her own life/her own destiny:" if a woman doesn't want to have a child, she shouldn't have sex in the first place! She should "make the choice" before she lays down to have sex; not after the baby has been conceived and has already been formed in her womb! St. Paul says that our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. You don't destroy God's Temple; and that includes having an abortion!

    And this "abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor" nonsense! When a woman gets pregnant, it's everybody's business; especially God's business!

    Since 1973, over 60 million unborn babies have been murdered simply because "it's a woman's right to choose" and "a woman has the right to control her own body." What about the rights of these unborn babies? The Prophet Jeremiah said that before He formed us in the womb, God knew us!

    God is not pleased with the way that America is headed. Americans are rejecting God's laws, especially when it comes to sex, marriage, family, and relationships, and choosing to live on their own terms! It's bad enough that the Supreme Court has legalized both abortion and same-sex marriage! Now people aren't even happy with the gender that they were born with! Lord have mercy! What has happened to our society? And don't give me this "separation of church and state" nonsense either!

    And in my 62 years of life on this earth, I have never seen such utmost disrespect for our President! What I saw the night that Donald Trump elected President was a page right out of the 60's! Riots and protest marches in the streets and on college campuses and shouting out obscenities! High school students walking out of class! And a lot of these high school kids are not old enough to vote yet! These Democrats, liberals, and leftists want Donald Trump and Mike Pence out of office simply because they don't like their policies! Even Maxine Waters wants Donald Trump impeached! The ACLU even wants to sue President Trump simply because he declared a national emergency over the immigration issue! Mike Pence's wife Karen was also attacked because she teaches at a school not allow the homosexual lifestyle! They want America to accept their liberal and leftist agenda as the law of the land.

    Well I got news for them. Donald Trump isn't going anywhere! He is Our President whether we like it or not! We elected him! Hillary lost the election! He is our President until 2021! Donald Trump and Mike Pence are standing up for the rights of the unborn! Trump wants immigrants to enter this country legally and to obey our laws! That is not discrimination!

    Since these liberals and don't like Donald Trump, next year, they can vote for either Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or any other liberal and leftist candidate of their choice! I'm sticking with Donald Trump!

  30. I love this guy so much it's a real American this libertarian that looks at the whole picture logically and without bias to his own personal opinion.

  31. Damn Jesse! You are a frickin idiot!!!!! I was born to a 16 year old mother with no money or support. I know have an incredible family, education, career, and most importantly a close relationship with our Lord and Savior!!! Just because we don’t believe in welfare doesn’t mean we should support baby murdering!!! Oh yeah and Jesse….I don’t call them pro-choicest anymore…..I call them BABY MURDERERS!!!! Because that’s what they are Jessie! Go watch a live abortion on YouTube you moron! Beating heart after 18 days and fully functioning nervous system after 30 days. No abortion happens before 30 days.

  32. The more you can kill, the less you'll have to raise. Jesse BELIEVES in making an better world by committing genocide, just like Thanos.

  33. Ya guys, there life's gonna suck anyways why not murder them first and put through out of there misery. It's not like there are child abuse laws, and places poor people can get help. Maybe you should take birth control or get a job before having a child. And soldiers both have a choice and options. And Iraqis could be terrorists and mirders too don't confuse them

  34. No womb = no say.
    If you do not agree with abortion then do not have one.
    Other people have no say in the medical decisions of others.
    is a hostparasitic relationship. It is not symbiotic and in no case
    does the parasite take consideration over the host.
    If men could get pregnant then abortion on demand would not be in question.

    please show me your organ donor authorization, tissue type matching
    verification, blood donation history, the number off children you have
    adopted, AND your work against the death penalty.
    Otherwise…remain silent.

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